I Didn’t Realize I Had an Opinion on This.


There were 3 summers that I went to this fine arts camp up at the Peace Gardens on the border of the U.S. and Canada. It was fun, really nerdy and wish I could go back as a student. I was carousing the website today and they were talking about U.S. kids coming to camp and leaving and they said: “You will need a birth certificate and you MUST return to your home country.” Is that a problem? Did we go back to fighting in Vietnam and people run away to Canada? Or do they run to the closest airport and run to a different country like England? I was looking at the required scales and the stuff that you have for the private lessons and the schedule and I wonder how I did it. That camp is intense. Honestly. Even when I was playing every day, I could do like half the scales.

Last night I got invited to go out tonight to the elementary school’s music teacher’s birthday supper with her and a group. I just know her and probably no one else in the group so I feel like this supper will provide endless Megan’s being awkward stories. I’m sure I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Ashton Kutcher won a Teen Choice Award. So he had to give a speech. I’m so glad he made this speech at this award show. If he would have made this speech at an “adult” award show, it would have been a rant. But here, at the Teen Choice, it was wisdom. I have a lot more respect for him now.

Kutcher made a very good point in this speech when he said that being sexy is being smart. I have never really understood our culture’s need for physical sexiness. I get being physically attracted to people and the need for physical sexiness in an intimate, mature, long-lasting relationship. I do see the need in sexiness. What I don’t get is the random sexiness. Young girls feel like they need to be attractive and sexy. There was a 9 year-old in the museum the other day and she had make-up on, and it surprised me. How young are we starting? Why is there a need for short skirts and low-cut tops?

What makes the girls that wear hardly anything attractive? It’s the confidence. If you put some clothes on a girl and she has the confidence when she carries herself, she’s attractive. But also, like Kutcher said, being smart is sexy and everything else is crap. I’m more attracted to a guy that can hold a conversation with me than a set of cute dimples. Though the dimples do help. which reminds me. I know how dating site pet peeves. I should post about that…..eventually. We’ll see.

What frustrates me is, that there are the guys who are pretty good-looking guys and they get the physically sexy girl and the girl is an ass and treats him horribly and he lets her and that’s the kind of girl he always gets. Then there’s the girls like me who don’t completely suck in the looks department but not necessarily sexy and are the best friends and they tell that guy to not date that girl because she’s crappy and not smart and doesn’t get the random references he throws out. That situation makes me mad every time. After the second or third time of telling you that this girl is no good, believe us. We’re the smart ones. We can see the bull shit from 80 miles away.

And since we’re talking about the smart is a sexy thing. I want a smart guy. I want a guy that can keep a conversation with me. Tell me that Mr. Rochester is a stupid ass and that his name is really Darcy. If he can’t talk intelligently, it will never work. I promise that. And if I were a guy, I’d want a smart girl. Just saying.

So, anyway. Ashton Kutcher, you are a classy broad. Wait…..What do you tell a classy guy? Do you just say he’s a classy guy? I kind of like calling Kutcher a classy broad, I feel like he would handle that well and have a smart comeback.


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