Behind the Highland Mist-Book Review


Couple updates. First: Nephew did great at Kindergarten yesterday. He had fun. Second: Grandma called me last night. This is the same Grandma that I talked to the other night and I posted about it. We joked about me not finding a husband and last night when she called, I was in the store and left my phone in the car so she left a message and she said “I’m not calling to check how many boyfriends you have, I called to give you information.” Gives me all the information and ends it with “All that information for free. Grandma.” I only got through the first part of the message last night before I called her back and I re-listened to it this morning and it made me laugh all over again. I changed my mind. I don’t want to be a hobo when I grow up, I want to be my Grandma Marie.

I watched most of Amish Mafia and Catfish last night. Until after college, I never had shows. Tuesday is my show night. So last night I was trying to figure out why I liked Amish Mafia……it’s because of Jolin. And that Catfish…..dun dun DUN.

I finished Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marin Moning today. You know in A Midsummer’s Night Dream there’s Puck and you kind of laugh at his antics? Yeah, you really don’t do that here do you? No. How many names can you come up with to insult Hawk, Adam? Bet I can come up with more.

Spoilers ahead.

Honestly, it wasn’t bad. I was just expecting more. Google recommended this to me for a book to read after Outlander. So since I’ve read the Outlander series and it’s a well-written series that’s not just about love, sex and how many times you can have sex I expect every time-travel novel with a Scot to be historically accurate and not all about sex. I feel like there wasn’t as much as the historical and more of the sex. So I was missing the more historic things going on because they just stayed at his abodes and you didn’t hear of wars or conflicts. Just the king and a little feel of the politics. Yeah, I said abodes. Abodes is plural. Hawk has more than one abode. I don’t even know what to call them. Are they like castles or just a really impressive house? He’s a laird so he has to have, at least, a really impressive house.

I was bothered that there wasn’t more questioning about why Adrienne spoke differently and didn’t speak Gaelic or conversations about how she was a witch or was that taken care of when that dude tried to pass her off as “Mad” Janet? I get she’s pretty and a pretty girl can be like a shiny toy to guys but that competition was ridiculous. And okay. More questions. Adam. Was he super magical so that no one probed a lot where he came from or how long he’d been there? There was the one instance but that was it. And he’s a fairy, is it legal for fairies to woo a mortal? Then the ex-lover just showing up and the other ex-lover trying to kill Adrienne and then dying. I feel like the author may have wanted to remind the reader about the sexual escapades of Hawk in the book but it kind of felt like a last-minute addition. I totally liked that Adrienne was kind of a stubborn woman and could hold her own against Hawk. That’s what he needed to be the man she deserved and that is the kind of character I like. And can we see the symbolism between the blonde, virgin woman and the black haired womanizer?

Personal moment. Being called “My Heart” or “Beauty”. I’d go with “My heart”. Neither will happen because that’d be awkward to call a cattleman’s daughter “my heart” or “beauty” but we all know that I’m not that pretty and definitely not as pretty as Adrienne so that would be silly to call my beauty so my heart it is. Both, in the book, came off as a little weird to me because these guys chased her like instantly.

Grimm. What’s with that guy? One moment I like him and then I hate him and then I have a neutral feeling towards him. And this book wouldn’t have happened without him because he wished on a star. (I did think it was cute that they had the wishing on a star thing all through the book.) Then he kept Hawk and Adrienne apart. What? I loved Lydia in this book. She was a person Adrienne needed.

Then we have to say that the paranormal influences in this book were okay. I did like that it wasn’t an overpowering feel but you still knew it was there. It was more of a folk-lore feel when the fairies were involved. That wasn’t bad.

Things I highlighted or commented on:

On page 218 the fairy king and the jester transport the girl back to her time in the middle of sex and that’s against the rules and “The king nodded emphatically as they both gestured ‘She stays’” and then transport her back to 15-whatever. I have a note that says “WHAT! you whores”. Fairies do what they want as long as it follows the rules? And since when is the middle of sex the wrong time to zap out to your own century? I would think that would be a really funny or entertaining story. I could go on but I want to keep this post PG.

Ladycrackers. My God. How genius is that? That goes on the list of things that I need to start saying. First it was Lydia saying “man banana” in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries then Ladycrackers. If you don’t catch my drift on what a ladycracker is….. I’m sorry.

“She was his dream” pg. 236. Is there any female that won’t swoon at that on the right day? I mean really.

“You mock me” “I mock everything. Don’t take it personally.” pg 82. I relate. The more I know you and am comfortable with you, the more I mock.

“Public humiliation,” she said thickly. “Never met the man who took it well” pg. 76.

There was some more “ahhhh” moments. Overall, there were some good things about the book, some bad things about the book. I think this is the book that, I don’t want to say appeals to a not a smart audience, but it is more of a fluff book than Outlander. Definitely a meh book.


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