My Stance on Writing.


I post this and there’s more posts by other bloggers about conflict in reviews and posts. Please don’t misunderstand this post as me trying to pick a fight. Take this post as me stating an opinion as a non-writer. I am not trying to be malicious.

Ned Vizzini did an interview with Goodreads and he said that to be a good writer, you have to read a lot. If that were completely true, I’d be a best-selling author. I’d like to point out that Vizzini’s facial hair is great. Which is inconceivable, I know. (Princess Bride Reference for all you hard-core fans) I haven’t read his books but his interviews were good. He read Jurassic Park in the bathroom. This reminded me of The Cutter. The Cutter hangs out in the bathroom. (Disclaimer: THE CUTTER IS NOT THE BATHROOM GUY. He is a very sane man) I can relate. I hang out in the bathroom. I was notorious in Medora for when I was working to be in the bathroom. And I wasn’t in the bathroom the whole 8 hours, I did do some work. I was really good at changing buckets.

But back to the comment about writing. I think it is imperative to be an avid reader to be a great writer. When you read, you know what you like and what kind of writing style you like. Reading teaches you what to aim for if you are a writer. For example, I’ve been around music all my life. I know what I like and it’s reflected in what I like to play. So I totally get the more you read, the better writer you are and the more stylistic you are. But I think you have to have a sort of passion and dedication for writing. I think that this blog is the where the passion and dedication goes for me for writing. I don’t plan on writing a novel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not a writer. I don’t think it’s my purpose in life. I’ll write for fun and I would severely question the editor that would want to publish my writing.

Let’s say that I would get a publisher and get something published which has a 1 in a never chance of happening. I would get an editor that is really good and isn’t afraid to tell me to re-write something. I’ve read books where the editor failed to tell the writer that their book needed to be re-wrote. For example Finding Oz: How L. Frank Baum Discovered the Great American Story by Evan I. Schwartz. That editor failed that author. I read this in college for some “fun” reading because as an English major, I didn’t read enough. Here’s what I said about the book back in September of 2009.

So…..not a big fan of this book. I really think that Schwartz is not a great writer. There were times in the book where I thought I could come out with a better paragraph. Either write well or get an excellent editor. Frank Baum was kind of interesting, but there was a lot of his mother-in-law in this book. Yes, I realize that his mother-in-law was a very influential woman and she influenced the book but there was probably a little to much of her in the book. Frank Baum had some beliefs I’m not quite sure I agree with but an interesting man all together.

And yet, people rave about this book, calling it delightful. I know that I am not one for promoting “The Wizard of Oz” but I wouldn’t randomly stand against everything that is associated with it and wouldn’t just give a bad review to a book willy nilly if I didn’t think it wasn’t a good book. But I really don’t understand the word delightful associated with writing that a college student thought they could do better than. So get your editor involved and make them use a red pen. I would, I think it would make me a better writer.

Since I’m talking about authors and writing, I’ve noticed something. I’ve heard this from one author in particular that shall remain nameless but I’ve heard it floating out there as well. An author has a dream and then turns it into a book. Okay, that is legit. What I don’t understand is that you take this dream and you write it down, great. But when that dream turns into your characters actually talking to you, I don’t understand. It makes me wonder about your mental stability. I realize that you get invested in your characters and you wrote that character in a way that you know that as a person, there’s thing they would or wouldn’t do but watch how you say that your characters are speaking to you. There’s eccentric artsy author who gets their characters and then there’s schizophrenia. (please don’t take that comment the wrong way. Characters speaking to you is a little weird to me) Present yourself and your book in a way that’s sane.

And the selfless promoting. I know you want people to read your books but don’t push your book on me. Bring it to my attention but don’t force it down my throat. Don’t ask me to review it here on the blog, especially if I don’t know you, because I won’t do it. Let me discover my favorite books by myself. I know you’re trying to sell books and doing some awesome marketing but I’m more of a free spirit when it comes to finding books I want to read. But I do appreciate when I get a book free from Goodreads and I review it, the author thanks me for my review and asks what I didn’t like about it. That’s more classy than shoving your book down my throat. This is not geared toward blogs dedicated to your writing. That’s different. What I’m talking about is when you come on my blog and post something about it or you go on Goodreads and message me about your book. I can choose to or not to read your blog post about your writing. There’s a difference.

I could talk forever about writing and things I don’t like in a book but that could take forever and I’ve done that briefly in other posts. Like an independent main female character. That’s one. So I’ll stop there before I go any farther and get on people’s nerves.

What I’m reading: Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. I may have found my new book series obsession. But I’m only on page 50 of 758 so it’s too early to tell.

New song Addiction: Actually it’s more of a group. It’s a sister group called Tigirlily. They’re a North Dakota group from north-east an hour of where I grew up. They have a country twang, the one girl kind of reminds me of a country Norah Jones and have some really good songs.

What I’m Watching: Monarch of the Glen.


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  1. I never read the Wizard of Oz book, but considering my dislike of the movie, I have no incentive to do so. Thanks for the shout out, too, but now I’m worried I’m gonna be known as “the bathroom guy.”

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