Monkey, Bison, Fair, Monkey.


This morning I talked to my nephew. He is still upset that he couldn’t play instruments in music because he’s really good at playing drums. At 5 he knows how to play all ready….I guess. Don’t know where he picked that skill up. He hasn’t seen me since the 4th of July and won’t see me until the 22nd of September and he asked how many days until he sees me and I told him and he goes, which is always what he says “Wow, that’s a long time”. Then he told me he made friends with this kid and he had freckles on the face and he couldn’t remember the kids name. And then there was something about monkeys. Yup. This kid is definitely related to me. Because it always leads back to the monkey.

I’m always the friend that people are excited to show off their vocabulary off to. I’m not sure why because I don’t see me having a larger vocabulary than most people, but I may understand a little bit more. So anyway. This leads me to texting my friend R today. There’s this potluck tomorrow after church and she asked me if I would be there because we’re kind of inseparable at church stuff. I told her no, do I have to be and she goes “Yeah, it’s hard to be the 2 marketeers when one is gone” and then asked what marketeers were because that’s what her phone autocorrected musketeers to be. I looked it up on because I had an idea what it was and was just curious if I was right, I was. I texted her back and told her and she knows me well enough to know that I would just pull an answer out of thin air and tell her so she asked if I were shitting her. Nope. And then there was a discussion about us being marketeers and how it sounded super hero like and there’s going to be capes and no masks or tights. Because that’s not how we roll.

Fair has been going well. I think I know more people at this fair than the county fair of the county I live in. It’s more laid back than the fair in July. It’s also not as air-conditioned as in July, as it not air-conditioned at all. I have to go 25 miles to get to this fair and I was driving this morning and there’s this place north of town that has buffalo (bison) and the buffalo (bison) are mostly always where you can see them. There were people, pulled to the side of the road taking pictures of them. I wouldn’t do that. Not because I’m used to seeing buffalo (bison) or I’m also slightly terrified of them but they’re dangerous. They’re fast and they have horns. They will kill you. And I’m not being dramatic. I had a friend whose dad had buffalo and they weren’t allowed to go to the corrals themselves and they’d severely damage their young. I’m not being dramatic about them. But I guess since there’s a fence they were safe…….hahaha.

I made a dent in Into the Wilderness last night. I actually stopped reading about 1 this morning and was up at 8 getting ready to go to the fair. (was going to do an all nighter but I’m getting to old for that.) It’s really good so far. It’s like a continuation of The Last of the Mohicans. I have a lot of opinions on it and there’s a lot of highlighting going on. That’s a good thing about an e-reader. You can highlight easily and you don’t have to decipher scrunched words in the margins.



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