Into the Wilderness- Book Review.


I did finish Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. Which is a pen name, it’s published in the “About the Author” section of the book. Now someone has to explain to me why you say you have a pen name and then admit it and tell your real name in your book. That shakes what I know about pen names.

Google suggested this book to me for something to read after Outlander. Overall, it wasn’t bad. Being recommended to read after Outlander, I thought there was going to be more sex. I know that in the last book review I did, the sex was aggressive and now the sex was not like I wanted. No pleasing me right?

Let’s talk about the characters. I didn’t know this until I started the book but this is a continuation of The Last of the Mohicans. It mainly is about Hawkeyes son but Hawkeye is still in there. I love Hawkeye in this book. I don’t remember liking him as much as I do in this book as I did in Mohicans. He’s definitely more grandfatherly and I may or may not have pouted when his father died. His son’s name is Nathaniel and he wasn’t horrible. The one thing about this book compared to Mohicans was that it wasn’t as intense. So Nathaniel wasn’t as intense but still nice and manly. The one thing about him was that he married Sarah. There was some love there yes, but I think that they got married for the wrong reasons, which Nathaniel admits. They married each other to become more like the other’s race.

Then there was Elizabeth and her family. When they called Elizabeth’s father anything but judge, it threw me off because “judge” is what he was 95% of the book. The father was really not a good guy. If my father tried to get me to marry some random guy to pay off his debts, I’d leave and probably not look back. But my dad knows better. He doesn’t get himself in situations like the judge. The brother was a complete ass. Even on his deathbed he was an ass. Let’s talk about this. He impregnates a girl and only marries her like 2 seconds before he dies so she gets his part of the land to spite his sister. And he’s a drunk and kind of an instigator in everything. Just didn’t like the character, but there’s at least one in every book. With Elizabeth, I don’t know if it was me or if this was legitimate but I felt a definite switch with her after she fell in love with Nathaniel. She was still very independent, probably way more independent for a woman at this time, but it was like she didn’t want to be that independent anymore with a guy. I mean she was 29 and a content single. I hope I wasn’t the only one that felt like that. I also feel like right after she got there and before she was out and about, she was kind of ill-informed.

Let’s talk about Nathaniel and Elizabeth together. They had pre-marital sex. That surprised me because who does that? Obviously, I know this happens but this is a historical fiction. I did like them together for the most part. Like I said before, I feel like Elizabeth fell in love with Nathaniel and she lost some of her spunk. She did keep most of it though because she learned some survival skills and she did keep some toughness. Their love felt pretty genuine though.

Robbie, what a Scot. I loved him and loved that the dog went with him. I wish that there was more of him in this book.

Then the dreaded doctor. You get this history of him and how he was taken by the Native Americans, (I tried explaining what a Native American was to my niece and nephew this weekend, it didn’t go well) and he was raised Native American and trained as a warrior, he came back and was trained as a doctor. You get introduced to the doctor part of him. Then all this goes down between Elizabeth like wooing him and the legal stuff and whatever and he appears and he’s like Daniel Day Lewis going off to get his Cora. He was a warrior. Like I am man, hear me roar. I obviously wasn’t a fan of this man because he wouldn’t let this whole situation go with Elizabeth and he was kind of a prick but still, he does warrior and then doctor well. I’m glad all this got resolved.

Now, let’s talk about situations: I didn’t mind most of this book. I did feel like parts dragged for me. This book was over 700 pages, you could have left out some words, I’m sure. There was a lot about being proper in the beginning, which makes sense but I hate being proper.

Things I highlighted or commented on.

it’s page 26 and you can tell who’s gonna hook up. great.

(they mentioned A Vindication of the Rights of Women quite a bit in this book and here’s my reaction) I love that she busted that out.

What’s with a very attractive heroine? Impress me with an average looking one.

He’s going to be Gaston in this book isn’t he?

I was home this weekend and I saw my niece and nephew both Sunday and Monday. Sunday my niece comes up to me and whispers, “Can you drive?” yes “by yourself?” yes. “okay” and runs away. Then yesterday the kids were playing with my tablet on the couch and the niece did something while the nephew was playing and the nephew pushed her off the couch. I walked in with the niece in tears and my nephew frustrated as hell. They told me what was going on, I took the tablet away and I came in to talk to them what went wrong. I told the niece that you don’t help people on their turns and I turned to the nephew and I said “is that how you treat your sister?”, he replied and said “No, but she was bugging me”. There’s logic there, I guess?


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