Civil War and my Day.


I’m a nerd about certain things. Some pieces of literature, really cool stuff, things like that. Today we were looking something up in our genealogy files and the Great-Great Uncle of the doctor’s wife in town was in the Civil War and the uncle wrote letters and we have the typed up version of these letters. They’re not worth anything because they’re a replica but we have one of the copies of the typed up version. How epic is this? I love the language that are in these letters. It’s so lovely. Favorite quote so far, “I am in hopes to write you some gratifying news before a great while. Until then guess yourself into numerous fits of jollity”. It’s really fun to read because it’s a first hand account of things that are going on like the typhoid in this camp, the injuries, the feelings toward the government (some of this being the same feelings as people have now), the people he sees, etc.

This guy is very good-humored, I laughed several times, and a man who is torn away from his family by war. He writes a lot to his sister, Cassandra whom he calls Cassan, and begs to have her and others write to him. At the beginning he talks about being sick and seeing the wounded and I’m flipping through the pages hoping to find what happens to him, like a novel. I hit a picture of him, good-looking guy, and the next page I find out he dies in May of 1864 at Cold Harbor, Virginia at 24. I was torn up. I sat back in my chair and said “Ahhhhhh man!” really loud. Yeah, that happened. It was like Jamie and Claire from Outlander had died (and I think they will die in this next book) but this guy was real. He lived and died for what he believed in. He has a sister, brother, parents and cousins that he wrote to that he loved and loved him back. None of my cousins or siblings have been in the military so I don’t know how it feels to lose a loved one in war. I can’t imagine.

I obviously nerded out over these letters. But it’s not every day that you find stuff like this. I spent 2 hours reading these letters. I was involved with this man. We were friends. For a while, he wasn’t writing to Cassan, he was writing to ME! It’s a little for me to wrap my head around that I know people who have ancestors that fought in the Civil War and have the letters. I know that things like this are possible and probably more common on the East Coast but this is southwestern North Dakota. The only Civil War battle around here was the Battle of the Kildeer Mountains. I think.

I just started watching “The Cape” on Netflix. Can someone explain to me why no one guesses it’s Faraday? I mean, first few episodes he’s wearing just a hoodie. Please. Simplest cover up ever. I could just cut the hood off. You could un-disguise him in like 2 seconds. I never understood super heroes for that reason. No one really guesses their true identity. And how do they change so fast in their costumes? I mean, as a female, I generally take longer than a guy to get ready but by being low maintenance, it doesn’t take me long. So I want to know how Superman gets in that unitard and Batman gets in all that business. And I want to know why everyone was so quick to accuse Faraday. He was a good man. Was it because there were bad cops in the force previously? Am I overanalyzing this? Yes, they’re super heroes. I should shut up and accept their awesomeness.


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