Fall is Coming


Today felt like fall. Rainy, moody and cooler. Just how I like it. I only have 2 more Saturdays after today that I have to be here at work and then from October to May, I have my own life on weekends. I think I like fall/autumn so much because my dad’s a farmer and when harvest and I got a normal family again. AND sweater season is coming. I’m totally pumped about that. Funny thing is, I used to never wear sweaters, it was sweatshirts or t-shirts. Now I’m all about the sweater. So this fall that is coming……totally excited.

My friends obviously work out when to text me. MJ texts me usually from the hours of like 7-9 p.m. and my friend R texts me like 11:30 p.m. on until she falls asleep I think. I don’t have a problem with this. It makes keeping conversations easier. But what I find amusing is that R and MJ don’t know each other. At least, I’m 99% sure they don’t know each other. Last night’s topics: Jane Eyre, exchange students getting homecoming queen and blaming Florida for it, love of Pinterest, nail polish, phrases from 1995, the Civil War letters, “Full House” and hypothetical questions like what would you have done if you got kicked out of the country. I decided I wanted to be like Victor Hugo. See we talk about other things other than vodka bears. I’m still hungry for vodka bears.

Today, instead of cleaning, I watched “Sister Act” and “Sister Act:2” and finished an afghan. Now I’m organizing my patterns and trying to figure out what project is next. That’s a bigger job than I thought. Even organizing my yarn last weekend wasn’t as big of a job. Yes, I know, my weekends revolving around patterns and yarn is not the wildest of existences. But I don’t need wild, I just need stable…..and vodka bears.

I’m still quite upset with the Civil War Letter guy from yesterday. I get emotionally invested and then he gets shot in the throat during battle and dies and gets laid to rest in a ditch. All this, without my permission. How rude can that be?

Today’s a short post but I really don’t have anything else today.


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