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Class Time Story Time.


I’m much calmer than I was yesterday, I promise.

I’ve run out of a lot of stories during past story times but I still have a few in me. These probably won’t be my greatest stories but I wanted something light for this post.

It’s Halloween and I don’t have a kids event at work……I don’t know if you guys realize this but I’m super excited about it. Kids events are so much more work. Being that it’s the Halloween season, I checked out the audio book versions of Frankenstein and Dracula. I read both books and Sense and Sensibility in British Literature 2 in college during the spring semester of my sophomore year (this is also the class where I announced the meaning of The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner was don’t shoot the bird. That teacher wanted to throw stuff me on a regular basis) and I sat next to this woman named Joy in that class. It was spring semester, did you get that? Well Joy didn’t like that we were reading scary stories because she is scared easily by stories. We started reading Dracula and we were discussing it and she announced that she was not reading this after the sun went down because it creeped her out so much.

To continue with the classmate stories, we’re going to talk about high school. Because we were entertaining. We had 21 kids in my class, so when I said I was in the top 10 in my class, not saying much. I mentioned this before briefly but we had class prophesies and we didn’t do the normal “most likely to succeed”. We were to legit. I was most likely to write a book. There was also most likely to get married first, most likely to save a child’s life, most likely to cut Keith Urban’s hair, most likely to be a priest on a Harley, most likely to be in the NBA, most likely to live IN the sea and the most likely to break every bone in their body. So that’s a little insight to how we think.

We were a relatively close class and we helped each other out, sometimes with homework. Our senior year we had 2 required classes, an English class and a government class. Government was right after noon hour and we all forgot that we had a worksheet due one day. So we all grab our books head to the gym and sat across the stage and started “helping” each other out on it. The teacher of the class walked in and we all slammed our books shut and being that it was in the gym, it echoed a little a bit and there were like 15 of us doing this. As you can tell, we were also very subtle.

Next couple stories revolve around one guy. Our junior year we were sitting around after class one day because we were busy not doing our homework and the boys had a basketball games and I pointed out that all the guys had the same pants but different shades of brown. This guy turns around and says “That’s because we can’t walk around in cute, little red skirts”, the immediate reply by one of the girls, “Well, you could, but it would look a little funny”.

We were sitting in government on day, everything happens in government/history class. We were actually working on an assignment and we always gave each other shit. This particular day we were giving this guy crap and we asked him if he had anything to share and he stopped and looked up and said “I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico” not what we were looking for or what we were insinuating.

During graduation we had real roses. Girls had long stem roses to carry and boys had boutonnieres. Our valedictorian, a guy, got up to give his speech. I’ve known this guy for years, our dads went to high school with each other, we rode the bus together, we practically dated in the first grade. We knew each other. So he’s doing his speech and you can tell he’s tearing up and he turns toward us and goes, damn allergies. He doesn’t have allergies so we laughed at him. Our English teacher wrote us a class poem and the girl who sat next to this guy gets up to read it and announces that this guy and her had a $2 bet about who would cry and he just lost. So she’s reading and she starts crying and she looks back at him and shakes her head and he stands up and starts clapping because they both lost the bet and he didn’t have to pay her $2.

We were also horrible people. We had this guy in our class and one time in algebra he was being stupid and his best friend counted to 3, that was our freshman year, (first time was perfectly done) and we did it until graduation. We altered this a little bit at graduation. Our junior year we had an exchange student from Sweden and she was a fan of tying sweaters around her shoulders. She was also terrified by box elder bugs. We have a lot of box elder bugs around here and they are less than harmless. So we were sitting in history class one day (again everything happens in history) and the teacher’s lecturing and I sat kiddy corner from this exchange student and the girl who sat behind her leans forward and tells her that there’s a box elder bug on her sweater. The poor girl screams and throws her sweater across the room. Us, who knew what was going on, were in mad laugher and the teacher was obviously not in the loop and asked her what was going on. Obviously nothing because she was super embarrassed. Again, we were horrible people.

Again, not my best stories, I’m running out, but it’s a post and an insight to my life. Happy Halloween!


Serious Rant.


I generally rant and rave about things that get on my nerves right? Right. It usually has to deal with things that relate to language, social media, (which to this day have been my most popular posts, for whatever reason) stupid girls and my hatred of a very specific genre or books. Things that rarely matter at the end of the day. I rarely talk about politics. I rarely will talk about race because I generally don’t see race unless that person pisses me off about something. With that said, let’s talk about North Dakota.

North Dakota is home. It doesn’t matter if when I go to Europe and I end up staying there for the rest of my life, North Dakota is home. It is where my heart is. North Dakota has always been on the conservative side, usually very quiet in our beliefs. North Dakota is also on the white side of race. We do have Native Americans, African-Americans, Aisan-Americans, Jews, and so on but there is a lot of white people here. Go through my Facebook friends and it’s easy to figure out who’s from North Dakota, pretty much all of us are white. I grew up without a lot of racial variety but in spite of that, I’m not against different races. No one I know is. You’d get a funny look if you’d bring up being racial. I think with technology, actual life and everything else, it makes people more accepting of people who are different. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Then there was Leith. A super small town south of where I grew up. (and for a NoDaker to say a super small town, it’s super small) This guy came in, bought property and intends to create a white town, an all-white town. He’s for real with Nazi flags in his yard, funny hair and he’s just the real package when it comes to crazy. Watch this video, it tells you pretty much everything you need to know and why this pisses me off.

Given that this is so close to home, everyone is talking about it. They mentioned it in the video but there was like a riotous Sunday afternoon. And that is a big deal, Sunday afternoons are nap time. People are upset about this guy. And there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t be. People wonder why people didn’t just run him out-of-town to begin with. He wasn’t hurting anyone, he just bought property and was a little creepy. But then he became crazy. Did you catch the part where he was talking about the park and he was going to build a heated pool so kids could use it in the winter. Proof he is not from North Dakota. That pool is not useable under 5 feet of snow.

It generally takes me and the majority of people to warm up to an individual and to trust them but we won’t be rude. This issue has brought out the fight in pretty much everyone I know. We are not fans of the guy. If you watched that video, you know how crazy this is. We aren’t fans of crazy. Then there was that black lady that talked over everyone really loudly. I kept wondering if she realized that you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to get your point across. I really admired that black guy that wrote the book for speaking up over her. I wouldn’t have done it because I’m to polite so he did what I wouldn’t have done. I was concerned for the host at the beginning because I don’t trust the white supremacist. I watched that video and wanted to kick him in the nards and drop him. He was also so contradicting. I don’t want blacks in my community but I didn’t say I didn’t want them there. get your story right.

The person I admire in this whole situation is Bobby and his wife. They kept their cool and are people I could hang out with. I felt bad she couldn’t mourn her mother. I also admired how Bobby stood up for her. And the supremacist just got even creepier during that part of the interview.

I don’t understand. How do you look at a person of another race and not see a person. How do you not see someone of worth? From my recollection my parents never sat me down and explained to me the concept of race, what they did teach me is respect for others no matter who it is. Who doesn’t teach their child that? Where do you get these ideas from that Bobby was his wife’s “pet”? I want to get this guy out of my state so bad but I can’t think of any place where he deserves to be. What also scares me is that this is close to where I grew up and where my brother is raising his family. I don’t want this guy anywhere near my family. There would be threats involved if he went anywhere near them. And I’m a farm kid with a cattleman as a father and a brother, I can come up with some awesome threats if I need to and would follow through with them. Lots of pain if I had to follow through with a threat.

Another thing I don’t get is the concept of living with your “own kind”. Isn’t human our own kind and if said person is different than you and looks human and you don’t consider them human, what are they? Maybe I don’t get it, maybe I grew up wrong (which I doubt), but this isn’t right.

I’m obviously upset about this and this has been brewing for some time, like this post would have been more timely 2 weeks to a month ago. But I’m so upset about this and so over this at the same time and I just don’t have any more coherent thoughts.

DAY 30. – Book you couldn’t put down.


DAY 30. – Book you couldn’t put down.

First of all last of the 30 day challenge. Yay me for finishing.

Second of all, the book. I’m finding that I’m really going through Sara Donati’s books really fast and all I want to do is read them. She’s the one that wrote Into the Wilderness and Dawn on a Distant Shore. There have been books that I’ve been more addicted to but these are probably the most recent. They aren’t my favorite books ever but they’re books that I just want to read and read and read. I honestly don’t have an explanation why. I just want to find out what happens to the Bonners…..and Hawkeye. Because if we’re being honest, every time you say Hawkeye I get a picture of either Daniel Day-Lewis or Alan Alda. Hawkeye is a supreme source of love. The characters are developed, the situations seem pretty real. I just really like the series and I love that it’s all written so I can just read through, unlike Outlander and I have to wait a million years for a book to come out. It’s almost here. It’s just 5 months away from being released. I’m excited!

Yesterday we got maybe 1-2 inches of snow. This morning I had a chiropractor appointment and I went before work. Know what I got to do after I got my pelvis in shape? Shovel snow at work. This is a good thing for my pelvis, yeah?

And just to warn you tomorrow’s post is a rant and it’s not like my social media rant. This is actually an issue and I’m a little pissed off. The post is written pretty much just needs to be edited. I wrote it upset last night but I hate writing upset and it really needs to be edited.

DAY 29. – A book you hated.


DAY 29. – A book you hated.

Animal Farm by George Orwell. And it wasn’t because I didn’t understand it. It was because it was stupid. I didn’t like the concept of using farm animals to portray political figures. I’m kind of creeped out by talking animals. It’s the same reason why I’m having a hard time getting through Watership Down. I’m a farm kid, I have this thing about animals not talking, it just doesn’t happen.

I think another reason I didn’t like the book is because I have a hard time relating to anarchists which George Orwell was. I’m also not that politically active so reading political fables is kind of hard for me. I wouldn’t have read this book at all but it was required reading my sophomore or junior year of high school. So we discussed it at great length. I get why we did in high school but I wish we didn’t I didn’t like it. If you’re going to write about Stalin and Russia, don’t use pigs and horses, use Stalin and Russia or at least people. Talking animals have their place and it’s not portraying communism. Give me Narnia any day. I know Narnia is a parallel to the Bible but it didn’t want me wanting to punch the author or the animals.

I’ve realized that my opinion of the author totally changes how I feel about the book. I have an opinion on Stephanie Meyer and look how I’ve talked about the Twilight books. Now I’m not a big fan of Orwell and look how I feel about Animal Farm. I think if I were more politically minded, this book would be the best book ever but between the talking animals and the political meaning, I’m just not a fan. I wasn’t a fan of the movie either.

So my pelvis hates me. It has always hated me, it’s a little bit of a rebel. To explain, my pelvis never wants to stay horizontal, it wants to go vertical. Yup, it’s not comfortable. Still like 3 million steps below labor pains but a little uncomfortable. My old chiropractor was a friend of my parents and I was a friend of his oldest daughter and he told me my neck up was like my mother and below my neck was just like my father with the way I was built. Further proof I’m turning into my father and not my mother. And I’m going to the chiropractor tomorrow, first time in a year and a half. The last time I went, I had been sick puking and dry heaving and coughing and I woke up in the middle of the night with this horrific pain just below my breast-plate and I called my nurse mom in the middle of the night. Let’s just say I got in as soon as possible. There’s this thing right there (and yes, I pointed to right there when I thought that out in my head) that had gotten swollen from puking and dry heaving so much. True story, that actually happened to me.

The more I’m here at work alone during the winter hours, the more I’m convinced that I would be the perfect hobo. I’m okay with being alone, I can entertain myself, the perfect hobo. The only reason I’m not a hobo is because I like my showers. Not the being naked part of showers, just the getting clean part of showers.

I had a speaker yesterday at the museum. He looked like a Civil War soldier (good thing he’s a re-enactor) and he was late because he was at the park, looking over his notes…….What? I’ll be so excited when this speaker series is done in 2 weeks.

I’ve been really into writing and work and everything museum and I just looked out the door and it’s snowing, which prompted me saying “oh hello”. I like fall and spring but I could do with the wintery snow just on Christmas and maybe New Year’s. I need to move somewhere where there’s not as much snow.

DAY 28. – Favorite quote from a book.


DAY 28. – Favorite quote from a book.

“I hope the last page will bring me greater certainty than the first” Elie Wiesel All Rivers Run to the Sea

As a reader, that’s kind of a big deal for a quote. I always want to be more certain about what I feel about a book with every page. This quote is from the biography of Weisel. If you haven’t read anything by him here’s what the low down is. He wrote this book called Night about his experiences in a WWII concentration camp and then wrote a book about right after the liberation. All Rivers Run to the Sea is about his life after liberation. It doesn’t really sound like it would be good because he’s just reliving his life during tough periods and then just telling about himself but he’s lead a great life. I appreciate his opinions and he wrote that line and I was like “Oh my God that’s my life!”

I don’t think that this can be limited to just reading. If you’re being all cheesy like you can totally relate that to life and each day or stage in your life is a page and you have more certainty about everything at the end of your life. That could be really morbid but could be done. I give you permission to steal that idea and that idea alone.

I just recently watched a movie adaptation of a book. I won’t say which book because I rant about this enough so it would be overkill, but it was a movie that made me want to puke. It wasn’t good. I was sitting on my couch shaking my head and saying why did I Netflix this especially if I wasn’t a fan of the book? Another movie should be in my mailbox today and I don’t have high hopes for this movie adaptation either. Where is my judgment right?

I’m super bored today. I thought about going home to mom and dad’s but then I’d have to turn right around and come back. What do I do?

I’m listening to The Lightning Thief the first Percy Jackson book by Rick Riordan. I’m reading Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati and I recently finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. There will be reviews after I’m done with this 30 day thing.

DAY 27. – Book on my TBR list the Longest and Hair


DAY 27. – Book that has been on your “to read” list the longest.

I have a lot books on my TBR list but I would have to say Watership Down by Richard Adams. It has been on my list for forever. I know that this is supposed to be a great classic but I can’t get through it. Lots of people, including my sister, love this book. I don’t get it. Talking animals? Why talking animals? What’s the metaphor? I don’t get the lure of this book. What’s the truth is, I technically have read this all the way through before but I really don’t remember much and didn’t get anything out of it so I say I haven’t read it. I think I react to this book like I do because of Animal Farm. It gave me a healthy fear of talking animals so I just randomly have issues with talking animal books. But I am determined to read this book and get it and potentially like it. I have it in my mind. I really do. Has anyone read this book and not liked it? What didn’t you like about it. If you liked it, what did you like about it? Has Adams written anything else of note?

P.S. I’m almost done with my 30 days. Is anyone excited for me to post about normal things? I do have a couple of books I need to review so that’ll be coming up after this is all done. This includes a John Green book and a Sara Donati book. And I’m trying to create a life to make for better posts.

So I did my hair today. That includes lots of hair product. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: That hole in the ozone layer is probably my fault. My hair doesn’t hold curl well. Here’s the process I go through for curly hair. Shower, mousse in hair, blow dried almost dry, French braid my hair, sleep, braid out, lots of hair spray and product. Then it should stay to about 4 in the afternoon. And my hair was offensive this morning. It was downright rude. I have never gotten it this curly and out of control before. I like when I have curly hair, I just am not ready for the consequences of curly hair.

DAY 26. – Book that makes you laugh out loud.


DAY 26. – Book that makes you laugh out loud.

A John Green book can do that for me. I always read it in his voice and I start reading it as fast as he talks. Then you remember that his man voice isn’t a Hazel voice.

But officially I’m going to say the Holmes on the Range books by Steve Hockensmith. Smart, funny and everything I wish I could have in a book. And I do these as audio books which make them 10 times better. Some of those lines are so much better when they’re said with a western drawl. These books aren’t as funny if you don’t like the “western” style. There’s one liners in these books that just make me laugh every time I listen to them. It’s a dry sense of humor and the other person in the scene usually takes it in a way that just makes me feel nice and happy and usually laughter comes out of me.

I have some kids from the high school come and help me at work. They are a couple kids that have a hard time keeping up with their school work and the school is not only helping them keep up but they are also taking them around to some of the non-profits like the museum and the community cupboard to help and give them practical skills. I said that I’d help out and have them come do stuff around the museum until the quarter ends. So I forgot they were coming today. But luckily, there’s always vacuuming. They were leaving and the girl who was doing it said “That’s a lot of vacuuming” Yes, child, yes it is. I have to do that every week. Welcome to my life. The other one just mumbled. Is that what happens now? Teens just grunt? And people wonder why I rant about language going down hill.