DAY 7. – A Guilty Pleasure Book.


DAY 7. – A guilty pleasure book.

I feel like these questions are oddly very similar. But for this one I think I’d have to go with Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Monning. I know there’s a lot of questions I asked in my review.

I think that this is my “guilty” pleasure book because it really is the smuttiest book I didn’t completely hate. I could have easily said other books that I talk way to much about but that wouldn’t be a “guilty” pleasure book, that would just be a “pleasure” book. It’s definitely not a book that I pull out a lot, but a book that I think about a lot more than I would like to admit to myself. Why? Mmmmm not sure. I do have a theory now that I’m doing this 30 days thing. I have noticed that I appreciate strong, real characters. The characters in this book are close to being real. I felt a tinge of non-reality because of the situations but still strong characters. Like I said before, a little bit smuttier than I usually do. There’s not mind-blowing writing but there are lines of potential in the writing. I have no plans on reading Monning’s other stuff but it’s decent. I feel like I’ve put this book down a lot in this post but it’s one of those books I can’t explain why I like or enjoy but I do.

I have to kind of go down a different rabbit hole here. I’ve noticed this video going around on Facebook. The link is for women but there’s one for men to. I started watching it and not expecting it to resonate because it was titled something like Every woman should watch this. I’m always so skeptical when I see a title like this. What happened though is it was something I needed to hear. One forgets, especially at this stage and point in a girl’s life, that you are special and God has a plan. I appreciated it, don’t know if everyone will though. And the guy who is in these videos isn’t unfortunate looking either. I ended up watching all the videos they have out.


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