DAY 12. – When Will it be Read?


DAY 12. – A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t

How much time do we have and is there a word limit on WordPress? I’m a perpetual reader so this specific list is long. I have a list of things I want to read on my blog. But in the spirit of actually talking about a book, I’ll pick one. John Adams by David McCullough would probably be a book I would choose for that.

A few years ago I read Mornings on Horseback by McCullough, which is about Theodore Roosevelt pre-presidency and I really like the book and McCullough’s style. Then I hit my senior year of college and I had to take U.S. History to 1866 (I think on the year, it was a U.S. History class I needed to graduate though) and we watched a part of the John Adams mini-series and we obviously talked about John Adams. I got single-minded in my likeness of the Adams family. So the moment I realized that McCullough did a book about the first John Adams, I got excited and I want to read this book like a boss. I haven’t heard the phrase “like a boss” in a while. I’m bringing it back.

This is not the only book I really want to read and has been on my list for a while. This is just the one I want to read really bad for years.

Anyway, I keep asking for this book for Christmas/birthday and it doesn’t happen. One day my loved ones will know that this book is all that I want. ONE DAY FAMILY. By the way, my sister just sent me a message that she started Christmas shopping and needs ideas. I don’t care. It’s October. Ask me at Thanksgiving.

Have I mentioned that my friend R has been reading Jane Eyre? I would like to now mention that she is obsessed with reading books that she says that I have “memorized”. She keeps referring to Jane going through something to the point of “Jane and I are trying to keep level-headed” and St. John is that handsome preacher and she hopes that Rochester doesn’t come back and woo them because she wants St. John and Jane to get together. Obviously the letter hasn’t gotten there.


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