DAY 16. – Most thought-provoking book.


DAY 16. – Most thought-provoking book.

This Much I Know is True by Wally Lamb. I think I may have talked about this before but here’s the story behind this book. Between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college I lived with my sister and her then fiancé. So my sister and I have the same tastes in hobbies like reading, knitting and crocheting. So we talk about books and she read Jane Eyre that summer and she made me read this Wally Lamb book. Before I talk more about it, here’s what GoodReads says about it if you haven’t heard about this book.

On the afternoon of October 12, 1990, my twin brother, Thomas, entered the Three Rivers, Connecticut, public library, retreated to one of the rear study carrels, and prayed to God the sacrifice he was about to commit would be deemed acceptable. . . .

One of the most acclaimed novels of our time, Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much Is True is a story of alienation and connection, devastation and renewal, at once joyous, heartbreaking, poignant, mystical, and powerfully, profoundly human.

This book was the most adult book I had read up to this point. It deals with schizophrenia and the caretaker of a schizophrenic. Before this point, I had read a lot of easy literature. This book is written well and deals with a subject that I haven’t seen approached since. This book made me realize that I was on the verge of adulthood. At 18, I was still a kid. I still feel like a kid at 25, pushing 26. I had a rant where I went off about being called ma’am, so obviously avoiding adulthood. But this book kind of opened my eyes a little for what some people have to deal with. I know a few people that are schizophrenic and know very little of what their caretakers have to deal with and this book, which is fiction, is a good reminder there are people in the world that aren’t you and don’t deal with the same situations as you do. I think that’s really important for a young person to not only realize but understand. You can realize that something is a certain way but not totally understand. And I don’t claim to fully understand schizophrenia but I understand that living and taking care of someone with a condition like that isn’t easy.

Side note. So everyone knows I have a slight obsession with the Outlander series. I had a Scottish couple in the museum today. I about swooned with the accents. Even the woman I kind of swooned with the accent. I love listening to people with great voices and these people had great voices.


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