DAY 22. – Least Favourite Plot Device


DAY 22. – Least favourite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise.

Do not leave hanging at the end and make me wait for the next book. Nope. Don’t do it. The last Outlander book and the first Callie and Kayden book did that. I know they’re series but don’t make me wonder if people are going to be going 6 feet under for in the case of Outlander will be over 4 YEARS! That’s right OVER FOUR YEARS. Okay, they’re series. That’s one thing, but you write a stand alone novel and leave people wondering……..

I was tempted just to stop the post in mid sentence because that would be as annoying as a cliffhanger in a standalone novel. I will punch you in the nards cliffhanger, I will. And with series, give me a cliffhanger, I don’t care. But just a little one. Don’t leave me when Kayden is bloody on the floor or Willie storming out the door because he couldn’t see that he’s the bastard son of Jamie Fraser and Claire married Lord John and what the hell is going on? Don’t mess with my mind.

So other stories: Yesterday I had that STLF group in and they’re from Minnesota and they’re going down to Rapid City which is almost 200 miles from here and one of the leaders comes in and we’re talking and she states that they thought their next service project was only 45 minutes away and they scheduled it for 8:30 in the morning but they found out that it wasn’t 45 minutes away. I wondered to myself if the people planning this trip had looked at a map because only if you are in a racecar driving a million miles per hour are you going to make it from B town to Rapid in 45 minutes. So the leader walks away and the bus driver, who was legit, we got along great and he goes “I don’t know what they were thinking. There’s no possible legal way I’m getting them that far that fast”. Moral of the story. Get a map, do your research.


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