DAY 23. – Best Book in the Past Year


DAY 23. – Best book you’ve read in the last 12 months.

I definitely have had a lot of books I WASN’T crazy about this past year and I’m having one of those days where everything that I’ve read hasn’t been great and I don’t want anything to be the best books I’ve read. But since I’m making myself make a decision, The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon. I know I talk about Gabaldon a lot but I really enjoyed it and I don’t say that about Lord John books very often.

The thing about Gabaldon’s books that I appreciate is that she can tell a story from different points of view and you don’t really feel like you’re getting whip lash. It also doesn’t hurt that I really like Jamie Fraser. It also shows the time when Jamie was Clairless. I have always been interested in the 20 years when they were apart. I never got enough of that time. This book also forces me to get to know Lord John. I was never a fan of L.J. and I’m still not but I have more respect for him. I like the action, the private moments.

Is this book the best I’ve read? Probably not but I do love me a tall, strong, red-headed Scot. Last weekend when I got out of town and had dinner with my best friend from high school and she knows that I have a thing for cowboys. And I was talking about some show with a British guy and he was really attractive and she asks me about the cowboy hat and I said “who bloody cares, he’s British”. That made her laugh because she knows I’ll end up with a farmer/rancher/cowboy. We all know that.

Boy front. (since I mentioned my future husband) There are no boys in my life and at this point, I’m okay with that. If I’m leaving for a year, I don’t need the distraction and a guy would be a distraction. I have to keep my mind on that.


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