DAY 26. – Book that makes you laugh out loud.


DAY 26. – Book that makes you laugh out loud.

A John Green book can do that for me. I always read it in his voice and I start reading it as fast as he talks. Then you remember that his man voice isn’t a Hazel voice.

But officially I’m going to say the Holmes on the Range books by Steve Hockensmith. Smart, funny and everything I wish I could have in a book. And I do these as audio books which make them 10 times better. Some of those lines are so much better when they’re said with a western drawl. These books aren’t as funny if you don’t like the “western” style. There’s one liners in these books that just make me laugh every time I listen to them. It’s a dry sense of humor and the other person in the scene usually takes it in a way that just makes me feel nice and happy and usually laughter comes out of me.

I have some kids from the high school come and help me at work. They are a couple kids that have a hard time keeping up with their school work and the school is not only helping them keep up but they are also taking them around to some of the non-profits like the museum and the community cupboard to help and give them practical skills. I said that I’d help out and have them come do stuff around the museum until the quarter ends. So I forgot they were coming today. But luckily, there’s always vacuuming. They were leaving and the girl who was doing it said “That’s a lot of vacuuming” Yes, child, yes it is. I have to do that every week. Welcome to my life. The other one just mumbled. Is that what happens now? Teens just grunt? And people wonder why I rant about language going down hill.


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