DAY 30. – Book you couldn’t put down.


DAY 30. – Book you couldn’t put down.

First of all last of the 30 day challenge. Yay me for finishing.

Second of all, the book. I’m finding that I’m really going through Sara Donati’s books really fast and all I want to do is read them. She’s the one that wrote Into the Wilderness and Dawn on a Distant Shore. There have been books that I’ve been more addicted to but these are probably the most recent. They aren’t my favorite books ever but they’re books that I just want to read and read and read. I honestly don’t have an explanation why. I just want to find out what happens to the Bonners…..and Hawkeye. Because if we’re being honest, every time you say Hawkeye I get a picture of either Daniel Day-Lewis or Alan Alda. Hawkeye is a supreme source of love. The characters are developed, the situations seem pretty real. I just really like the series and I love that it’s all written so I can just read through, unlike Outlander and I have to wait a million years for a book to come out. It’s almost here. It’s just 5 months away from being released. I’m excited!

Yesterday we got maybe 1-2 inches of snow. This morning I had a chiropractor appointment and I went before work. Know what I got to do after I got my pelvis in shape? Shovel snow at work. This is a good thing for my pelvis, yeah?

And just to warn you tomorrow’s post is a rant and it’s not like my social media rant. This is actually an issue and I’m a little pissed off. The post is written pretty much just needs to be edited. I wrote it upset last night but I hate writing upset and it really needs to be edited.


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