Serious Rant.


I generally rant and rave about things that get on my nerves right? Right. It usually has to deal with things that relate to language, social media, (which to this day have been my most popular posts, for whatever reason) stupid girls and my hatred of a very specific genre or books. Things that rarely matter at the end of the day. I rarely talk about politics. I rarely will talk about race because I generally don’t see race unless that person pisses me off about something. With that said, let’s talk about North Dakota.

North Dakota is home. It doesn’t matter if when I go to Europe and I end up staying there for the rest of my life, North Dakota is home. It is where my heart is. North Dakota has always been on the conservative side, usually very quiet in our beliefs. North Dakota is also on the white side of race. We do have Native Americans, African-Americans, Aisan-Americans, Jews, and so on but there is a lot of white people here. Go through my Facebook friends and it’s easy to figure out who’s from North Dakota, pretty much all of us are white. I grew up without a lot of racial variety but in spite of that, I’m not against different races. No one I know is. You’d get a funny look if you’d bring up being racial. I think with technology, actual life and everything else, it makes people more accepting of people who are different. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Then there was Leith. A super small town south of where I grew up. (and for a NoDaker to say a super small town, it’s super small) This guy came in, bought property and intends to create a white town, an all-white town. He’s for real with Nazi flags in his yard, funny hair and he’s just the real package when it comes to crazy. Watch this video, it tells you pretty much everything you need to know and why this pisses me off.

Given that this is so close to home, everyone is talking about it. They mentioned it in the video but there was like a riotous Sunday afternoon. And that is a big deal, Sunday afternoons are nap time. People are upset about this guy. And there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t be. People wonder why people didn’t just run him out-of-town to begin with. He wasn’t hurting anyone, he just bought property and was a little creepy. But then he became crazy. Did you catch the part where he was talking about the park and he was going to build a heated pool so kids could use it in the winter. Proof he is not from North Dakota. That pool is not useable under 5 feet of snow.

It generally takes me and the majority of people to warm up to an individual and to trust them but we won’t be rude. This issue has brought out the fight in pretty much everyone I know. We are not fans of the guy. If you watched that video, you know how crazy this is. We aren’t fans of crazy. Then there was that black lady that talked over everyone really loudly. I kept wondering if she realized that you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to get your point across. I really admired that black guy that wrote the book for speaking up over her. I wouldn’t have done it because I’m to polite so he did what I wouldn’t have done. I was concerned for the host at the beginning because I don’t trust the white supremacist. I watched that video and wanted to kick him in the nards and drop him. He was also so contradicting. I don’t want blacks in my community but I didn’t say I didn’t want them there. get your story right.

The person I admire in this whole situation is Bobby and his wife. They kept their cool and are people I could hang out with. I felt bad she couldn’t mourn her mother. I also admired how Bobby stood up for her. And the supremacist just got even creepier during that part of the interview.

I don’t understand. How do you look at a person of another race and not see a person. How do you not see someone of worth? From my recollection my parents never sat me down and explained to me the concept of race, what they did teach me is respect for others no matter who it is. Who doesn’t teach their child that? Where do you get these ideas from that Bobby was his wife’s “pet”? I want to get this guy out of my state so bad but I can’t think of any place where he deserves to be. What also scares me is that this is close to where I grew up and where my brother is raising his family. I don’t want this guy anywhere near my family. There would be threats involved if he went anywhere near them. And I’m a farm kid with a cattleman as a father and a brother, I can come up with some awesome threats if I need to and would follow through with them. Lots of pain if I had to follow through with a threat.

Another thing I don’t get is the concept of living with your “own kind”. Isn’t human our own kind and if said person is different than you and looks human and you don’t consider them human, what are they? Maybe I don’t get it, maybe I grew up wrong (which I doubt), but this isn’t right.

I’m obviously upset about this and this has been brewing for some time, like this post would have been more timely 2 weeks to a month ago. But I’m so upset about this and so over this at the same time and I just don’t have any more coherent thoughts.


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