I Might be a Little bit of a Girl


This first part might not be for anyone of the male persuasion. It might be t.m.i. Just skip the first paragraph or two.

So I have this really cute, large plaid purse that I originally bought for a project bag because it has nice pockets for needles and things for my knitting/embroidery/crocheting stuff. Well this project bag turned into my purse. Like I said, it’s large and cute and it doesn’t zipper, clip or anything. No way of closing. And because I am a prepared individual, I always have a pad with me. Just in case my period sneaks up on me. I did this in high school too. In youth group, I was always the oldest and all the girls knew I was prepared and usually could get me alone to ask for a pad. One told me I always had my period so I always had a pad. (she didn’t mean it bad, it just came out wrong) I am a handy woman to have around. But being I have a pad in an open purse, it can get a little awkward. The pad always seems to make it’s way to the top and I would totally use a pocket but I could see myself reaching in and feeling it and wondering what it is and pulling it out and embarrassing myself even more. And I just can’t change purses because everything I need is in this bag. It’s just to convenient to keep everything in one bag and not switch it out.

I sometimes wonder how a guy would deal with taking a pad or tampon because it’s not as acceptable for a guy to carry a purse. I also sometimes wonder what would happen if gender roles were reversed for a day. Might be entertaining, might be the worse idea ever, might be a little of both.

I just started a crochet project. I think my stripes of colors are a little thicker, actually I know they are because I’m doing 2 rows a color not one. I’m using black, pumpkin and white as the colors for this. I’m a little obsessed with crocheting right now. I have always identified myself as a knitter/embroiderer but crocheting is so much easier to carry. And I’m also obsessed with making humongous blankets. Also on my things to accomplish, make a white and black checkerboard granny square blanket. I think this is way cooler in my head but I don’t care. I finished my scrap yarn granny square blanket and it looks good. I also have a set of pillowcases that I’ve been embroidering that’s been taking forever and that’s still on the agenda.

Last night I went and paid my rent. My upstairs neighbors with the kids moved in August and I have been neighbor-less since then. My landlady told me that there had been some nibbles but one had dogs and the other had a bunch of kids. Then she said “no, I’ll be nice to Megan this time”. I had to laugh. I mentioned that the kids liked to run and it annoyed me mildly and the ones before…..well, not a good situation. Two bedroom apartment and they had 23 people in there when there were supposed to be only four. I didn’t feel very safe with these people upstairs. But I told her I was leaving and she was almost more excited for me than I was for me.

I’ve been breaking out lately and I can’t control it. I’ve never had much trouble with acne until after college. I think that’s because I’ve gained a bunch of weight since then. So does anyone have a solution for me?


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