The Selfie Generation.


I think that technology is amazing. I love that technology got us from horse-drawn vehicles to motorized vehicles with heat and music. Even though I’ve ranted and raged about social media, I love social media for keeping me in touch with family and friends. I am attached to my cell phone for business and sometimes for personal reasons. But technology has made my generation and the generation younger than me, the selfie generation. We are obsessed with ourselves. I don’t know why. Let’s talk about it.

There is nothing wrong with confidence. But being confident to the point where you’re so confident that you know that people will want to look at numerous pictures of you on social media is ridiculous. Why do you need that many pictures of yourself? Did you forget what you looked like? Did you need to check your hair or your butt? Because let me tell you, there’s this really random invention called a mirror that you can use for all those things. If you can’t get to one, well that’s just tough. Deal with it.

Then there’s the duck face. You are not a duck and I don’t think you’re related to the animal and it makes you look utterly ridiculous. How did this trend start and why is it still going? I make a sort of duck face when I’m deeply thinking but it last for a whole two seconds. I don’t take a picture of it and put it on the internet to live forever. Is it attractive to some people? Is it a good form of exercise? Is the exercise to strengthen your lips for those awesome make-out sessions? I mean it’s been a while since I’ve had an awesome make-out session so I don’t remember how strong my lips should be, so maybe I need to be working on my lip stamina or is that brass group I’m in count?

One day, the people who selfie, eventually find Photoshop or another editing software. That means when I go on a social media site to catch up on other people’s lives, I see your face at least twice as much as usual because you have the original selfie and then the selfie edit(s). And it annoys me/makes me laugh when once in a great while when that person puts text in the edits and they will misspell a word. It doesn’t happen often because usually that person probably copy and pastes that text but it makes me shake my head and laugh at the same time, it’s a very confusing time for me. My best friend from high school sister does all these edits and I know a lot of things make me violent, but this definitely makes me violent. Like I love you that’s why I want to punch you in the face because I see it so much on Facebook. It’s like I live with you and I don’t want to live with every selfie enthusiast.

I honestly think that selfies are a gateway drug to posting other random things that no one wants to see. No not like porn but like recipes and inspirational pictures. That annoys me too. All I want is relevant posts to people’s lives. Your face is not necessarily one of those relevant posts. Basic info of your life please. Only give me more if I ask.

Selfie is the word of the year. It’s grown like 17,000% since last year, which, really? This seems ridiculous. I don’t understand the excessive use of selfies to begin with. One or two from a teenager is fine but when you’re an adult and you do it all the time, it ‘s a little immature, isn’t it? And does no one work anymore? (I know that’s ironic, since I’m writing this at work, but it’s slow and I don’t have anything pressing to do) Can someone explain this concept to me? Is it not as immature as I think it is? Is it over confidence is it under confidence? Is it excessive vanity? I guess I don’t like to look at myself that much to take duck-faced selfies all the time.

I know this is kind of a pointless post and, unfortunately, it’s a legitimate issue and it annoys me just as much as my talking about my love life does. But I just can’t help it. The narcissistic society needs to stop the self-love.


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