Oh Dudley.


I had Dudley Doright on at work today. The one with Brendan Fraser in it. I remember seeing this when it first came out. It’s not the best movie but I was reminded today that I was in love with Brendan because of this movie. Especially the scene where they have the sting version of “Born to be Wild”. And it was oddly attractive that he rode horse well. I don’t know why because I haven’t rode in 14 years. And he’s kind of nerdy so that’s attractive.

I used recluse in a text today. I was describing myself. And in all actuality, I am a recluse except that a recluse is typically secluded for religious reasons. I just don’t have a life. It’s only going to get worse from here. At least I have support raising to keep me occupied. I am, however, going to “Catching Fire” tonight with R. I’m excited. I haven’t ever talked much about movies and my opinion of them. Or I haven’t talked about them to the extent I have books. But I do like movies. Maybe I should start doing movie reviews. I probably will just start doing them after this movie. We’ll see how I feel about life after tonight.

Since I brought up movies, have I ever talked about my love/hate relationship with movie theater popcorn? Well I am now. My sophomore year of college I worked at a 15 screen theater, in concessions. There were times where I worked 32 hours in 3 days. Not fun. Lot’s of popcorn popping around me. I have a horrible sense of smell but I can smell popcorn like nothing else. There are still times, even now, where I lose my appetite to have popcorn. Not every time, just sometimes. It was worse right after I left.

I also had to wear a skirt to this job. I’m not a skirt person. And every girl wore pants under her skirt during the winter. We were classy. It was also the only job where I had to work on Christmas day. It was good for the free movies I got but the popcorn smell……ew. And if you have ever worked at a movie theater you know what I mean when I say you can feel like a popcorn kernel. It’s true.


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