The Weekend.


Let’s talk about this weekend. It’s the fullest, non-work weekend I’ve had in a long time. And starting this weekend, lots of holiday stuff going on and moving and the what not.

R and I decided to go to “Catching Fire” on Friday and she texts me on Friday saying that we should go out and pre-game. And for us, pre-gaming is meeting a half hour before the movie and downing a beer at the bar next door to the theater. So we show up to the movie. I’ve realized that I am horrible to go to a movie with because I will have a running commentary. Even with movies I’ve seen before or love I have a running, sarcastic commentary. If you think some of my comments on here are sarcastic, you haven’t seen anything like me at a movie. But I did well and didn’t blurt out what came to mind. But R and I did a considerable amount of talking. At one part of the movie everyone was at the waterfront, talking about this wire that they were standing around and R turns to me and she goes “did he just say he invented water?” I thought she said wire because words get mis-translated when you whisper, so I said yes and then it hits me what she said and I start giggling. It’s a good movie, I liked it better than the first movie. I’m all ready looking forward to the next movie. But I’m sure that’s coming out when I’m overseas. Then we post-gamed. That’s the same as our pre-game, just after the movie. We sat at the other end of the bar next a guy friend of R who bought us our beers. He seemed nice. And R made fun of me for thinking about caulking my shower and she didn’t believe I could do it. That wasn’t very nice of her.

So we’re leaving the bar after 1 beer, (yes, only one because R has a little boy to get back to and we didn’t have anything to talk about in a crowded bar) and she said that her and her son were going to the high school production of “Grease” the next night and I should come along. So I did. It was a good. It obviously wasn’t a professional show but they did very well for it being a young cast. R’s little boy thought it was cool to make his empty popcorn box binoculars and use them, even though we were sitting in the second row. That’s what you do when you’re seven right?

So I was on the phone with my mom last night and she asked me what I had planned for last night and I told her I was going to caulk my shower. There was a pause and she said “you realize you can’t take a shower right after you caulk, you have to wait a few hours”. There was a disbelief in her voice that I could do this and yes, mother, I do realize I have to wait some time after I caulk. It’s on the bottle. And if you remember from just a little bit before this, R doubted me too. I can’t believe that no one thinks I can caulk my shower. Granted, it’s not professional and you can tell it’s not professionally done, but I’m handy. Remember the time I was talking screws for my towel rack to my father in my towel? Because it takes talent to do things in a towel. And the time I built bookshelves? People had a hard time believing that I could caulk my shower. I did it. Without the aid of YouTube. Just by the directions on the back of the tube. This is proof I am smart even though I’m blonde. And why did I decide to caulk my shower last night, a Sunday night? Because I had nothing else to do. I don’t have a very active social life. Everyone should know that by now. The slow Sunday did allow me to finish up my support letter for overseas.

So that was my weekend. More active and social than most. But it was entertaining. I’d do it again. Because in a few weeks, I won’t be readily near my friends. 😦 Guess I’ll deal.


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