My Pet Peeves.


I don’t claim to get along with everyone and I don’t think that everyone likes me. But I typically think, that bar my period and a few days where I don’t get enough sleep, I am not that tough to get a long with and I can get along with the majority of people. I found some qualities in people who do bug me. With the exception of the first one, (which will make me utterly violent. Like I will take away your ability to parent children if you catch me on the wrong day.) I can be okay with these things if you had one of these qualities. It’s just when you couple them together. And these apply for people I don’t know well. If you violate this list, to many times, you won’t get to know me well.

1. Do not call me Meg. There is only a handful of people in the world that can call me Meg. And don’t assume that since you have known me for years, you can call me Meg. If I flinch when you say it, to soon. We’re very serious in my family about names. My brother is NEVER Matty (one time I let it slip because I had a classmate we called Matty and Mom backhanded me) and I am very rarely am Meg. If my immediate family, that has known me for 25 years, doesn’t use the shortened part of my name, you shouldn’t either.

2. If I give you very short answers, with little to no eye contact, stop trying and walk away. I obviously have a lot on my mind or need coffee or am trying to pay attention to something else. No matter what is going on and I’m not very attentive, just walk away and if I get done and am willing to talk, I’ll find you. I promise.

3. Don’t act like you know everything. On the off-chance you are God and you do know everything, be humble. It’s

4. Don’t overcompensate the laughter. We laugh in my family, we do. But we’re not hearty laughter. So when you come in and you have this big laugh and you laugh to loud and way to long, it bugs me. I don’t care if you’re a loud laugher, just don’t over do it.

5. Act your age. There’s a time and place and age for you to sit and play games on your phone. Don’t do it during a function when there’s a lot of people not playing games. Don’t do it after like age 10. I know I didn’t have the video games growing up, but I wasn’t allowed to separate myself and read. I had to mingle, be a good hostess.

6. Don’t just give me your opinion. If I want you’re opinion, I’ll ask for it. If I’m talking to someone and I’m asking their opinion, don’t assume I want your opinion. And if you do give me your opinion, don’t be rude and interrupt. Have manners. Manners count, I promise they do. I am also not the smartest person but I am intelligent enough that when I’m talking to someone and you’re standing there I get what they’re saying and you don’t have to reiterate what they say. I can handle small words.

Maybe it’s because I’m crabby because I have meetings tonight or just because I’m tired. Holidays wear me out and I barely do anything during them. I had 3 days at home to recuperate from Thanksgiving and I couldn’t get my shit together. I am a disappointment. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. But there’s a list. If we ever meet in person, keep this list in mind.


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