It’s Winter. GAH! And Other Stuff


I have this lady that comes in the museum with her 2 young grandchildren. The boy is probably 3 or 4 and the little girl is a year and a half? So they come in today and it was -22 out when I woke up this morning so I was surprised that anyone came in and the kids had something in their hands. They got me presents because I’m leaving…..:(. Way to make me feel like a jerk for leaving. And then lady said that the little boy asked when I was coming back. That really makes me feel like a jerk. They got me little ornaments. Then the little boy gave me a little hug. We tried to get the little girl to hug me. She’s never been to sure of me and she got within a foot of me and then decided she didn’t want a hug but she did wave. That’s a moment I like my job.

So last night was “The Sound of Music Live”. Someone explain why that wasn’t live. It may have been taped live but it was not aired live. It couldn’t have. I thought Carrie’s voice was amazing but her acting could have used some work. For someone whose first job isn’t acting, it could have been a lot worse. From everyone that I’ve talked to they all have said it was okay and they were okay with watching it but wouldn’t watch it again. I thought it was cool when she went from the house right into the abbey. That was cool. I was texting MJ last night during the thing and she took lessons from someone trained in opera in high school, so she wasn’t impressed and R dvr’d it so once she started watching it, she started texting me. I fell asleep while she was texting me. When I woke up, 4 texts from her. She likes to send me these texts and by the time I start responding to the first text she sends me like 3 more. I love her, she can just over text me sometimes.

Like I said, it was -22 when I woke up this morning and that was before wind shield. Not a fan. I was running around in a sweatshirt last weekend and now I’m wearing long-sleeved shirts, yellow farm gloves, knitted hat that makes me look a little bit Russian, a large scarf my mom used in high school and my wool/fleece coat zipped up. I like cooler weather, fall and spring are my favorite but I’m all ready sick of snow and we just got our first snow that sticks. It’s going to be a long winter. I feel like an if you pushed me over I couldn’t get up and I would just roll. Not impressed weather, not impressed. I dropped my car to dropped off today and I had to walk 2 blocks. I should have worn overalls, my legs were so cold. And I had planned to wear ankle socks then put longer socks over my ankle socks and this morning I go “nah, I’ll be good”. I should have put on another pair of socks. I regret snow and cold and winter all together. I love North Dakota but I need to move somewhere warmer during the winter. After getting back from the Czech, I need to work on that.

It’s Friday. I’m excited. Last night was the first night all week that I haven’t had to address letters or be at choir practice or meetings or something. I’m going to go home and sleep very deeply. And watch t.v. tomorrow and start figuring out what I can start packing. Or maybe I’ll just watch Disney movies. That would work too.


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