In the past week, I’ve gotten stuck twice, gotten my blinker replaced after it burnt out, got my car to start in -25 but not -10 and the city accidently ran into my car with the plow and broke my bumper (luckily it’s driveable and not badly broken and the guy felt horrible). There was a storm yesterday, school was let out early and I closed early, and I got to watch “The Little Mermaid”. I don’t think I’ve ever watched that movie all the way through. It was nice to have the afternoon off and just to do nothing. I want more of those. But to say that my morning started off badly is kind of a understatement.

I have realized recently that I’m completely needy. I always thought that I was a moderately independent person and with working at the museum, since it is a non-profit organization, asking for money for doing a year-long mission would be no problem. I’m finding that I’m wrong. I’m finding that I have way more of a fragile heart than I thought. A lady I’m in my sax/brass group with brought in a check and something for my silent auction today and we talk and she gives me a hug if she doesn’t see me, which she will we have our church tour on Sunday, and I look at the check and I look at the item and all of a sudden I’m overwhelmed and crying and I can’t stop crying. Actually I take that back, I stop and then I start again. And I know part of this is because I’ve been having so much car trouble and that I’m leaving in 3 weeks and because I’m being overly female this week, but I’m feeling more insignificant and humbled than ever. But I realize that this is a point in my life where I’m becoming a more independent person. Someone that can survive by myself.

You know, when I accepted this position I expected the year over there to be tough but little did I know that the months leading up would be tough. But got to cowgirl up and do this.

By the way. Sunday was my last community choir concert. Happy it’s over, sad that it was my last one. This next Sunday is my last Saxy Brass performance when we do our church tour. I also have 21 days left at the museum. Between all this and my car stuff, I’ve had a tough day and I also have my last museum board meeting tonight. No wonder I’ve been exhausted the past week.


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