Mermaids Reappear


I’m at a point right now where I just can’t seem to finish a post. That’s why you haven’t seen much of me lately. I just can’t focus and bust out anything that’s good. I’ve been too busy to do anything exciting and there’s just not the brain power to do anything. Yesterday I went in the library to get an audio book and the I was having trouble finding a book that had the power for me to use very little brain power and the librarian said I was being whiny. I am not whiny. I just inform people of the things that are wrong in my life. There’s a difference. And I’m tired so leave me alone. I’ll get more to post about when I go overseas and start living a more exciting life. Trust me, lots of awkward moments I can get into with a language barrier and cowboy boots.

So today I started writing things down that are in my head for the museum and I never realized how much I knew. I have one page front and back full and the start of another one and that’s just the beginning of it. There’s no stop to the knowledge I have. And honestly, I didn’t get any of the information I put down when I started here. This is me being nice even though I don’t want to be. I really just want to not leave anything and let the new person figure it out like I had to. But that would be horrible of me. Right? Do I have the justification of not leaving anything? This is a moral question that I just don’t want to deal with and let someone else not in this situation decide. One of the board stopped by today to kind of figure out all what I know and she was here for about a half hour and I really overwhelmed her. That’s what happens when you’ve been here 3 years with little help. You get to smart.

When I first started here, some of the volunteers would joke that the museum has a ghost. The buzzer went off for no reason, heard things randomly, things like that would happen. I dismissed it. The building’s not that old and no way we’re haunted. Now, I totally get it. Everything they said has happened. I have had merchandise that is secure on the top shelf of a book case on the floor 6 feet away from where it should be and today, when I was totally alone in the museum and sitting up front at the desk writing, one of the pictures fell of a very secure place on the wall and broke the frame. There’s a bunch of pictures sitting on this ledge and none of them have ever fallen before and it was just one picture. On a normal basis, this picture (that was in the middle) would have taken down all the rest of the pictures. This museum has something going on. Trust me.

I also forgot to mention last post that the night R and I were drinking while using sharp tools to curate millions of years old fossils, she was telling us about her broken toilet. It runs and runs and runs. So being the toilet experts we are, Y and I told her how to fix it. And then we all huddled around a toilet or two to show her how to fix her toilet. Now here’s the thing. I went to the bathroom this morning and then went back to bed. My toilet started to run and I was too tired to realize it was my toilet and I just thought it was one of the guys upstairs taking a shower. Nope, my toilet. Not that exciting right? Well, welcome to my life. It centers around the museum and toilets.

Remember when I went on a mermaid spree a few months ago? Right, it was epic. Well that documentary was on last night again. It got me thinking about mermaids again. And don’t mess with me, mermaids could possibly exist. We don’t know, we haven’t explored everything under water. Here’s my question. What is the life span of a mermaid. R says that it’s 43.89 years because you don’t see an old, ugly, wrinkly mermaid. I asked her how many mermaids she had seen and she has seen a few. She’s older. I’m going to believe her. She then counter my questions with the question of are the baby mermaids shark bait. They have to be. No way that they couldn’t be. Sharks (with the exception of Bruce from ‘Finding Nemo’ and only because he never knew his father) aren’t friends with anyone. They eat. Hence my thought process. And since we’re talking about it, ‘The Little Mermaid’ has been on t.v. and I’ve been noticing it. Mermaids are taking over the world? Quite possibly.

I haven’t talked about this much but R and I will talk about random conspiracy theories. She thinks that Elvis is really in South Dakota on the Reservation. We, collectively, think that Big Foot is a little creepy and we don’t want to deal with him, the Loch Ness Monster is cool and we want to find him and I totally am into mermaids. R asked a guy friend of hers what he thought of the whole mermaid thing and he didn’t say that they did exist but also didn’t say they didn’t exist. He said it was possible. I’m totally taking that as he’s on my side and he is a very smart man.

Well, I totally wasn’t expecting to talk about mermaids again today but they’re stalking me. When I live in a land locked state. That doesn’t get much annual rainfall. I don’t know how they’re doing it but this is totally happening and the mermaids want me to know something. Let me tell you what mermaids. I don’t speak mermaid. I speak human. Am I obsessed… sad as this is, yes. I need a new hobby or a new obsession. Something that doesn’t involve creatures whose existence isn’t quite proven yet. One day this will happen. One day. Maybe after I move, the mermaids will leave me alone.


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