I’m Alive


So, I haven’t blogged in a while because of life in general. So let me share what I’ve done with my life.

I’m done at the museum, I’ve moved home and somewhat settled at home. In 12 hours my dad jokingly told me I had lice and I freaked out and my mom said she was going to hit me. (it was my fault she wanted to hit me, I promise. Any one else would have hit me.) Tonight I asked mom if she could handle me 24/7. Then I paused and said “I’m kind of a hand full, so probably not” and she laughed. Then we were playing a matching game and she asked how I remembered some of this and to which I replied “There’s not much else going on up there right now, so why not?”. I was just on fire tonight getting to laugh.

When I moved, they didn’t plow in front of my apartment so that was fun. I got my bumper fixed. Now I’m writing thank you cards for those who have been a supporter so far to this crazy trip I’m going on. Note to self, don’t write thank you notes to those you love when you have your time of the month. It does not end well. There’s tears and a weird self-deprecating thing.

We had extended family Christmas the Saturday after Christmas. All 6 kids (me and my 2 siblings and 3 cousins and okay, there were some spouses and kids there too) hung out downstairs. I don’t remember the last time all of us hung out in the same room, now that all of us are adults and 2/3 of us are married. I did accidentally kick Cousin E in the face. Let me explain. He was laying on the floor and I was folded up in a chair and my foot was hanging over the edge and he tickled my foot and said “tickle, tickle” and my reflexes said, “INTRUDER! INTRUDER” and my foot flew and I somewhat gently kicked him in the face. Or not somewhat gently kicked him in the face. I felt bad because I didn’t mean to do it and it was the last holiday we had together before he moves to Texas. He moved like 3 days ago. This makes me sad. Favorite quote of the night “My heart is in it but my legs aren’t” and of course the ever-present “FAMILY NAP TIME” after dinner or lunch.

I survived, or everyone survived, the Polar Vortex. With wind shield it was -56 in some places in ND. Booooo. But I didn’t have to go out. But my dad and brother did to go feed. I didn’t have to put shoes on for about a week and I put my boots on and I started going down stairs to go to my car to go get my hair cut and I almost fell down because I don’t know how to walk in shoes anymore. That’ll change once I start working again. I also do not want another Polar Vortex, even though it is kind of fun to say.

I babysat the nephew last week. It was just us and my mom has these water guns that he plays with and we were giving them super powers and I said one could shoot mud and the nephew gives me a look and I asked if that was lame and he didn’t know what that was so I said not cool and he goes “that wasn’t cool” and walks away. Then I was explaining that I was going to be around at grandma and grandpa’s for a while and I was going to be here until he was done with school (meaning end of the school year in my head) and he goes “until I graduate?”. Close, wish I could, not happening.

My mom’s side of the family is organizing a family reunion for right before I leave and I’m totally excited because the last time that happened, I was like 5.

So that is what’s going on in life now. I’ll try to get back into blogging more, but I can’t guarantee anything.


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