So I’m Horrible


I promised last post I would be posting more. That was like 2 weeks ago. Sorry. Life kind of happened. I have been raising money for my trip, doctor’s appointment and now I’m in the middle of doing CNA training. Let’s break this down for a while.

So I’ve raised more money to go to the Czech. YAY! I still need more. Boo.

I went to the doctor about a week ago so I can have the go ahead to go overseas. Found out I have hypo-thyroidism. That means my thyroid isn’t putting out enough stuff. So I will be on a pill for the rest of my life. It also partially explains why I’ve gained weight like I have since college. That was also the day I went out with some of my friends from early college. That was fun. We had supper (the evening meal) and then we went night shopping and then we played a game. I haven’t seen these girls for like 6 months. And it was something I needed, something fun, something not family centered. (because I’ve seen a lot of family in the past few weeks) All three of these girls I got together with have moved in that 6 months. Two of them are raising or have raised support, the other one gets how I feel about music. She actually picked my brain a little with how you do things with trombone. We all have the same sense of humor and we can all understand each other relatively well. Here’s two of the quotes of the night. (not all said by me, don’t give me more credit than I deserve)

“I’m so smart I don’t know what you guys do without me. (I laugh) No, you don’t understand, I’ve gotten a lot smarter since you moved”

“No one understands how funny you are.” “Maybe because I’m not funny”

There was more. One of the girls started dating someone and he doesn’t have a name, he’s just boyfriend. I found that the other two want to get married as much as I do. At one point of the night, we all thought we were dying. Through new makeup, or to much food or something. I really miss those girls.

I’ve also been training to be a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and I’m in the middle of that. In the state of North Dakota, I have to have 80 hours of classroom time before I can go and orientate and then take my test. So I have another 40 hours of training and then I do 10 shifts of orientation. This is not my ideal job. But it is a job and I can live at home for not much. And I can see the niece and nephew more. I saw them yesterday. They’ve both gotten way more attached to me since then. I love those kids. It’s the nursing home that my mom works at so, that’s good and I know a good amount of the nurses and some of the other CNAs and some of the residents so all I really have to learn is procedures. Well other stuff too but it’s probably not as overwhelming as it is to others.

Then there’s the weather. It’s completely bi-polar. ugh.

So I feel bad because I want to be blogging and I can’t do it as much as I want. Just bear with me. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on.


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