A Truth Univerally Acknowledged?


I had to get out of the house tonight. Right after a man with a fortune wanting a wife, getting out of the house every once in a while is a truth universally acknowledged. My old high school does random musicals that no one’s ever heard of in the spring and that’s what I did. Super exciting right? That’s what you do in a small town, you go to high school stuff. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite good either. I don’t know how to explain it though. It was good to talk to my former English teacher/drama coach/speech coach. There are worse things.

Tonight after I got back I heated some leftovers up and was talking to my parents. We started talking about something that happened in the 1980’s and being born in 1988, I sure do remember this. So I mentioned that when I was alive in the ’80’s I was kind of preoccupied with pooping, eating and sleeping. My father asked if anything had changed. “Not really, I pooped before, I’m eating now and I’m thinking about going to bed.” It’s kind of true. All I kind of want is to poop, eat and sleep. It must be tough being an infant. Maybe that should be my truth universally acknowledged. I need to center life around sleeping, eating and pooping.

Book Front: I’m trying to get through John Adams. It’s not that it’s a bad book, it’s just that with working at the home and working at home, I’m tired and need mindless entertainment or the afore mentioned sleep. I like sleep. It might be a love thing going on. I’m to tired to tell.

MJ and I are still email writing. We’re up to 74 emails and a lot of pages and words and sentences. (which is what writing and emails are generally made up of….generally?) Here’s an excerpt from my portion:

They walked down the board walk in what now was a comfortable silence. Jane didn’t know why but it bothered her that she didn’t tell Brad that she broke up with Edward. She had to tell him. “Brad, I skipped a confession back at the pizza place. I broke up with Edward after I found out he was working with Jenny.” Brad sighed and patted her hand as they walked arm in arm. He all of a sudden dropped her hand and ran into one of the stores that were scattered along the boardwalk and came out with something small. It was a small Ariel from the “Little Mermaid” doll and he handed it to her. It was Jane’s favorite movie and she loved the doll. Brad leaned in and said, “It’ll help you tread water in the hard times”. Jane was touched. They quietly walked around and finally decided to go back to the house.

Okay, granted, probably not my best writing and it probably needs to fleshed out and corrected, but give me a break. It’s my fun writing that I don’t necessarily have to flesh out and I think I can convince MJ to let me flesh this out later. Right MJ? Because I have a feeling you’re reading this. Email me MJ.

We did talk about showers and how I need a portable shower bench because when I come home from work and need a shower, I don’t want a bath but I don’t want to stand for a shower. I don’t think that portable shower benches exist. She tells me that they do. Someone research that for me so you can prove right.

I do apologize for my posts being random and not having a cohesive thought to them. But that’s my life.


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