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10 Liters of Maple Syrup.


I’m home now. So I’m going to tell you about my last week of not being home and coming home because both are adventures.

So the last week I was gone was all about the company that I’m working with to go to Budapest. It was interesting. Friday they moved my roommate and I out of the campus apartments and into a dorm room. Ugh small room for 2 girls, communal showers and toilets. I’m not a fan. Give me my own bed and a bathroom I can dominate. I got home early Sunday morning and rejoiced greatly of the bed and the shower. I really did. There’s a Facebook post about it. But this past week, really month but week in general, has been draining emotionally. Lots of questioning has gone on but it’s what I’m meant to be doing and where I need to be so it’ll all be good in the end. So during this orientation, we had a breakout session about how to deal going to a foreign country and being single. We had a woman from Arkansas and a guy from Ontario leading our group. They were talking about taking things that were comforting overseas. The guy from Ontario, (which is in Canada, for those of you geographically challenged) was talking about this and how his second year to Black Forest Academy (BFA) in Germany, he had an extra suitcase. He filled this suitcase with 10 liters of Maple Syrup. That’s right. No lie, no typo. 10 liters of Maple Syrup. We all laugh at him and this one girl just loses it. She cannot get over that he took 10 liters of maple syrup and adamantly stated that she didn’t understand Canadians. This also happened on Friday when we were all lacking sleep. But then I was like don’t you complain people, there are only 4 of us that were here for a month. You have no idea how tired we are. But we pushed through and people were sympathetic to us. So that was a highlight of the week. That and being asked if I was going to join a Hungarian choir. That’s a different story all together.

I’m so glad I went through this month-long journey but I’m so relieved to be home. I saw the kids yesterday and I got a hug from both of them and they both told me that they missed me. Even the nephew. He was more connected more to me than usual too, so he missed me. but it was mutual. This month, I learned a lot, I got to prepare myself. I think I grew some as well. I met some great people and am ready to start this journey. I also met my future roommate. That was fun. I’m also glad that I have my own space right now. Living in the dorm is not what I want to do.

So I flew out on Saturday. I left the college at 11:30 and had a 2:30 boarding and 3:20 departure from O’Hare. I sat on the plane for 2 hours. There was a layover in Minneapolis and there was storm. No one was getting in or out. I didn’t leave Chicago until almost 8. I was hypothetically supposed to be in the air at 8 to be in NoDak at 8:15. So, changed my ticket to a different town and time. So we landed in Minneapolis, (B.T.W. Like the Minneapolis airport better than O’Hare) and I booked it across the airport because I had 20 minutes to catch my plane and it’s delayed. My phone magically broke and then fixed itself so I did have a phone to call home and tell them I wasn’t getting into Bismarck and not Dickinson at 12:30 a.m. My parents were already coming into town. So they went to Perkins and a movie. I provided a date night for my parents. But the nice thing about sitting and waiting to go to Bismarck, most of us were all from NoDak and from the same area so we all knew similar people. But I didn’t pee or eat all day on the first day of moodiness. I should get an award for that.

On the way to Minneapolis, I was stressed already with the situation, and they get on the intercom and tell us that we were going to go through turbulence. I wasn’t worried because it wasn’t going to be that bad. But the plane dropped majorly. And that didn’t help my nerves. I grabbed on to my belt and gripped until there was no more life in that seat belt. Not that it would have saved me if we crashed but it did make me feel better. I’m a nervous traveler. I like the flying, just the connecting from plane to plane stresses me out. Going overseas is going to treat me well, isn’t it?

Other Notes: MJ and I started another story. It’s the story of 2 of the characters in the original book. We miss our original characters though. They made life better. Family reunion over the 4th of July weekend. So I’m not even home that long. Yay! I also have visa stuff to work on. Double Yay! Stress is only going up from here.


Sounding Boards


I’m in the final week of my training and I’m meeting more people with my company which is always a plus. I go home on Saturday. My phone broke as well this weekend. That’s annoying. These two things are connected. Let me lead you though a journey in my head. I have a few people that are my sounding board. There’s not many but there’s a few. I don’t like it because I always feel like I need to be the strong one but everyone’s got to have a sounding board. I’ve had a lot of stuff thrown at me in the past few weeks and I need that sounding board. I’ve had moments where I’ve doubted this journey I’ve decided to take, I’ve had funny thoughts out of tiredness that only a few people can understand. I’ve had more moments of panic in the past couple of weeks than I like. I’m also on a lot. Like there’s been a lot of small groups and one on one and I have to share my heart with people. That is not in my nature. I only do that to people that really know me. There’s a lot in my head and having no phone the past couple days has been tough. Unless it’s im’ing or email, I’m disconnected to family and friends that I do this with. I have a lot of cooped up emotion. Yes, I do have a roommate that has been here with me the past three weeks but it isn’t the same. She doesn’t know how to deal with me. She’s a lovely and sweet girl but would give me a hug when I feel bad. I don’t do hugs, or at least I don’t do hugs with a lot of people. And I’m not asking for these sounding boards to fix what’s going on with me, I just need a distraction for a while so I can reset and then deal with life.

So this makes me realize….I’m going away for about a year. I won’t have these sounding boards there either. I need to prepare myself for this separation. Which scares me. I have a tendency to close myself when I know that there’s going to be a long separation. It’s not healthy. I know this. I’m already closing myself to the people here this week that I’ve been with all month. It’s something I need to consciously change. I’m not going to make it if I don’t change it. Positive note: I did meet the girl I’m living with this next year. She’s very out-going and bubbly. I counter with my quietness quite well. But listening to her today made me draw back and not want this anymore. Is it normal that I’m not wanting this anymore? No, let me restate that. I want this but am doubting if I’m doing this at the right time. I know, I know. God’s got me. God has a plan in this. One time, I wish that God would let me in on a plan. It’s not making me happy that I don’t know if this is going to work. I know I can’t be the only one doubting my life journey but it’s tough on a planner like me.

I know that this blog has been kind of a downer lately. It’s just where life is right now. It’ll get better. I promise. On a totally different subject, I got called sarcastic again today. I feel like that’s a runny trend in life right now. People take me as sarcastic.

Shoot outs Send People to Jail.


So today, we were micro teaching and I wasn’t wanting to do it. But I put on my big girl pants and did it. I was doing a little lesson on tourism. So I put on a commercial of Medora on and we were talking about wild-west towns/tourist traps and this was to my classmates who I’ve known for the past couple of weeks. I asked them what they associated with Western towns and someone goes shooting. I go “Not anymore, because you can get arrested for shooting people and we don’t want to put people in jail overseas but I’ll put fake shoot outs.” So we laugh and I go on. I then transition into what are impolite and polite things to do. I do the polite things first and then ask about impolite things. The only guy in the class goes “Shooting people”. Yes, definitely something impolite.

The we were on a break and we started talking about Harry Potter and the same guy is talking about how he did a marathon of the first 6 movies and it was around Easter, so there was an abundance of chocolate around, and he ate the chocolate non stop. So there was a long period of time where he couldn’t see either a Harry Potter movie or a piece of chocolate and not think of the other. Oh good times in class.

So I’m now in week 3 of training and this week we only have class in the morning from 8-almost 1. My butt hurts from sitting so much. We’re going more in depth on teaching and doing some of these micro-teaching stuff. I’m not a fan of microteaching. Just got to do it right? It’ll be better when I’m there right?……Right. Next week is like an orientation for the company and then I go home for a while. School starts September 1 and I get over there a week before. So if anyone is in Budapest, I’ll be about 20 minutes out of the city center. Let me know if you’re around. I’ll be more than happy to hang out. Promise. I’ll make time for you. But there isn’t a lot of you that are in Europe, so if you’re travelling….

So MJ and I have finished the story. Or at least the first pass of it. We’re doing editing now. Since this story has been started, we’ve gotten so much more inappropriate with each other. It’s just a habit now. So many things have innuendos now. I blame MJ for that. She brings out the inappropriateness out.



I tell decent stories right? Let me tell you more.

The other day, we came back from dinner/noon meal and I was like I need to go. So I walk over to the bathrooms. You know how usually, in a hall, the woman’s bathroom is first because woman tend to have to pee bad all the time? Not in this hall. So I walk in the men’s bathroom and I look around and I was confused because there used to be more stalls. I looked over and there’s urinals, thankfully no one was in the bathroom. I did jet out of the bathroom though without being caught.

A group of us went to ‘Godzilla’ last Tuesday. Yeah, not my kind of movie. We also went to go see ‘The Fault in our Stars’ on Sunday. That was good.

My roommate and I went to Chicago and The Art Institute. That was fun and then we went to get pizza and then to the river. The air was funny smelling and tasting but the pizza was good. So it evened out.

Thing that’s been bugging me is that people hear I’m from North Dakota and they’re like Mt. Rushmore, Laura Ingalls Wilder. NO! That’s lame-o South Dakota. (I do love SD. Just not home.) Then they go well they’re the same thing anyway. NO! THEY’RE NOT! NORTH Dakota. NORTH! Get it right. There’s a difference.

I talked about grammar all week. BOOOOOOO! I was excited at the beginning of the week. By the end, I hated it. Two weeks left of my training. Halfway through. I can do this right. BTW, if anyone has anything fun to do in the Chicago area on weekends. Let me know.

MJ and I decided we’re not dating this year. That’s kind of unfortunate because the town I’m in now is a very nice biking/running community and there’s a bunch of shirtless guys. And every time I see one I’m walking and look unattractive and don’t say anything back because they’re friendly here. Like one waved to me when he was getting in his car and I was like ‘is he shirtless?’ he was and one guy was biking when we were going to class and he was like ‘have a good day in class’ and I was totally like ‘what?’ Makes me an awkward interacter right? But we have been talking about guys a lot lately. Tonight I was walking and they’re doing some work in this parking lot so there’s a pile of cement and I look over and there’s a guy sitting there. I’m glad I’m not that awkward.

So I don’t know if I’ve announced this but I’m not going to the Czech anymore. I’m going to Hungary. I’m sort of excited, sort of not. It’s a work in progress. I just want to get through this month in one piece.

Random thought. Juliet bothers me. She was like 14. What does she know?



Dear People who made Godzilla:

I went to your movie tonight and I would like to know how many times you would shoot at a monster before you realized that it wasn’t working? What did Godzilla breathe there at the end? And who was that main actor? We really want to know. What’s the deal with this movie? Thanks.


We’re Not on the Farm Anymore


As the title implies, I am not at mom and dad’s anymore. I’m in the lovely community of Wheaton, Illinois, suburb of Chicago I think to the south, with a college. I’m sitting in my campus apartment and I’m going to start my training to be an ESL instructor this month. Scary right? Normally, I’d agree but I’ve been up since 2:30 this morning. This community is super pretty. I was surprised. Not that Dickinson and Bismarck, where I went to college, were ugly towns but this town is a step up. I’m assuming, don’t know for sure, but these people make money here. That’s probably a blatent assumption. I shouldn’t do that.

I’m waiting for the new roommate. I’m a little nervous because I haven’t really lived with anyone in 4 years. Not excited. And I’m living in town. And I’ll be going to school again. This is an adjustment. I don’t want an adjustment!

So today was my first plane ride alone and second in my life. Last time I was in a plane I was 18, senior in high school and with a group. I’m glad to announce that I made it through in one piece. Now to get through getting home at the end of the month and going overseas. UGH!

So that’s where I’m at with life.