Another James Rollins Book.


Innocent Blood by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell is the second book or the follow up book to another book called The Blood Gospel by the same authors. The cover of the book tells me it’s part of The Order of the Sanguines Series. So that’s why I say it’s the second book. I have talked in the past about how much I love James Rollins. Actually within the last couple months I’ve said that. Generally, he’s not an author that I generally go towards but I really like him.

So the cover is very….October. Or Halloween. Whatever you want to call it. It’s kind of creepy. The other night I watched The Blair Witch Project and looking at the cover. They go together well. And for the record, that was the first time I watched The Blair Witch Project. Part of the reason is I never was interested in it. And when it came out in ’99, I was still in the age where my parents were very hesitant about letting me watch it. And they knew that I would have nightmares from it because I was that kind of kid. And while I was looking at this cover I looked at how the authors were credited. Rollins’ name is bigger than Cantrell’s. I had a moment where I was very upset by that because the woman should have the same credit. But if you think about it, James Rollins might be the more popular author so that when you put his name bigger, it brings more people in. Honestly, that’s why I got it, because I had read some of Rollins’ other stuff. Nice publicity trick publishers…nice trick.

I will point out that there is one Hungarian phrase in this book and I got a little excited because I understood contextually what it meant. Since I brought that up, let’s talk about the Hungarian in the book. Elisabeta. She was mentioned in the last book in Rhun’s flashbacks and I thought she was horrible and I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. This book you saw more of her motherly side and it made me feel conflicted on what should happen to her ultimately. I found that with this book, some of your questions were answered very well and there were characters that were given more dimension. Elisabeta was one of them. The way she dealt with Tommy was interesting. Before Elisabeta and Tommy met, I was hesitant to ever let her near a child. Because in the book and historically, (her character was based on a real person) she killed children. You don’t trust children with a person that has killed children. But she took on a very motherly role with him.

Jordan and Erin, I felt, didn’t change much. Erin changed more and accepted who she was more but Jordan felt the same to me. It felt like that this book was a continuation of ‘let’s try and kill the humans’. Even one of the not human asks Jordan how many times Jordan had to be killed. I was panicked that Jordan was legitimately dead at one point. In like the page or so he was dead I was panicked about who Erin was going to have sex with and love and protect her and who was going to be the warrior dude and how is the series going to go on without him? But he didn’t die. Don’t worry. I did feel bad for Erin at the beginning of the book and her grad student. The college was kicking her out of there and her grad student was in love with her and didn’t want a new advisor. I get the college’s thought process especially with what happened at the beginning of the other book but I felt bad about the student. He was so devoted to Erin and then she shuns him. Booo. But she loves Jordan, what else could she do? I do like Jordan and Erin together.

Rhun I think you saw more depth. Not as much as Elisabeta but still dimension. You saw how he felt about her and how he reacted with her. I felt like he didn’t interact with the other two as much. As the trio, he should communicate more. Even if there was doubt on if Erin was in the trio or not.

Things started to come together in this book. Like you understand what the deal was with the kid and Elisabeta. The last book, I wasn’t quite understanding the connection fully. Elisabeta did make more sense in the last book because of her connection to Rhun but I didn’t get Tommy. Until this book. It makes more sense. There were several more instances in this book. It’s nice when things start coming together. And it’s well written so that makes it more interesting. The details were really cool for me. Like little parts of the world that just makes everything come together. It’s a series so you can’t give everything away. Which is nice, you build a following and you keep it for the things that are coming out in the next book. I liked the people that were in the book that had historical and/or biblical relevance. Judas, Elisabeta, Lazarus, a Romanov, Rasputin. That made the book more interesting to me. With the exception of Eisabeta, I had known of the others for years and it’s nice to see them in a fictional light. I even liked some of the new characters. I really liked Christian in this book. I don’t know if he’s going to go double agent on me. And when I say me, I mean the characters in the book.

I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the flashbacks. I skimmed a lot of the flashbacks. I know they have a relevance but I don’t care. They’re not my style in this book. In some books, yes. But in this book I was so not interested and it might come back and bite me in the behind.


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