Night Circus Review


Okay, yes. It’s 4:00 in the morning and I’m posting. Don’t judge. I can’t sleep. I’m angry that I can’t sleep and therefore makes me even more awake. It’s a vicious cycle.

There’s books in my book room, (yes I said book room. I live in a three bedroom house. What am I supposed to do with 2 extra bedrooms? Turn one into a book room where you have a stack of your extra blankets and pillows.) that sit there and I just never know when they’re going to get read. They’re just not a high priority. Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is one of them.

I kind of enjoyed this cover. I got this book at a used book store and it’s in great condition and I looked at it in the store and I kind of nodded and kind of was intrigued by it. They have it with a shiny silver cast on it of two people and stars and the such and I really liked that. I like that you open to the sub-cover or whatever you call it and you get a great picture, or at least an interesting picture. Let’s go with interesting picture. I like that better. The thing that bothered me is that there’s a hole that lets you see part of the picture from the sub-cover. I kept accidently hooking my fingers in it. Not cool. I like how they differentiated the parts with the one side like the sun and the other side like the night with stars. I do wonder how much that one dark page for each part cost them. It can’t be cheap to have like 7 (because they don’t just separate the parts) mostly black pages and then another page for each black page to be a grey. And then I think back to when I worked at a newspaper. I would physically put things like grocery store sales in the paper and how black my arms would get from the ink and then I think if all of them were black like this and how many copies there was and if I worked with them, how black I’d be.

This book was not what I expected. I thought it would concentrate more on the relationship between Celia and Marco. There was a lot more other stuff going on. There was a lot going on and about half way through the book I was wondering when the whole battle between Celia and Marco was going to begin. I felt like you didn’t see those two together enough. At one point, I was so confused on what was going on. I wanted them to be in love from like the get go. I was pretty much ready for the ending at the beginning. I think that this book might have been more of their demise more than anything. And demise could be taken very lightly. It depends on your interpretation of the book.

I did like that they hid the name of the boy and the man with the grey suit at first. It gave an air of mystery and it made me wonder. Celia calls the man in the grey suit out early and says his name isn’t what he says it is. I like that she’s perceptive.

I did find that I did have to pay attention to dates. But if you’ve read this book, it’s easy to figure out when they go to 1902 for a chapter and then go back to where they were. The first time they went forward in time I got a few chapters away from it and then had to go back and look at what the dates were on the chapters. But it’s not that hard. I also didn’t quite understand why the author did this until the end. At the end, all the pieces came together and it made so much sense.

I did like that they had the part where it was like you were walking through the circus. I like how they tied things together. They were tying strings together until the last moment and then you totally get it. You get why you, as the reader, are walking through the circus. You get why they tell you the boy’s story and why you need all his details. I did wonder it was the original Bailey at the end of the book as it is during the rest of book. I’m pretty sure it was the original because as they point out in the book, no one has children and everything seems to stay the same. Oh and the contortionist. I didn’t see her role in the story coming. I do like it. But it took the characters long enough to figure it out. I feel that if I can’t figure out what’s going on with someone, the characters should know more than me and then reason out why something is what it is and then I can go, ‘oh that was dumb of me not to see’. Yeah, didn’t get that in this book. On anything. I didn’t see many of the ends being tied up like they were.

I don’t think I’ll pick this book again. I liked it, I enjoyed it about 78%. It’s just not a book I normally read. The writing isn’t bad because there were times I was very intrigued but I found myself wondering when the point was going to be there and I feel like I waited so long for answers. And normally that’s not a bad thing, I’m just impatient lately.


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