Beautiful Creatures Review


After a few weeks of not having a way to do so, I did get a new television and dvd player. Now I don’t have to read all the time. But I probably will because I don’t watch t.v. anymore and dvds get boring after a while and I really don’t have friends anymore. So reading it is.

Recently I’ve been reading books that I haven’t truly been enjoying. It’s not that I went into them knowing that I wouldn’t like them, I legitimately hoped that I’d like them. I wouldn’t have wasted my time if I didn’t feel like there was some hope. So I was sick of not enjoying books I was reading. I decided to try a different genre. I have been reading adult novels. So I tried Y.A. It makes sense right? I read Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

I work with a few high schoolers and the one of the seniors was more excited that I was reading this book than I was. I feel like I don’t have a strong opinion about this book. For me, it was an easy read. An easy read is what I wanted and needed. It looks like a long book but with how the publishers use the page, it’s not that bad. The margins are of good size and the print is larger. I bought this at a used book store for $5 so it was a little beat up. While I was reading it, I kept looking at the cover and thinking I saw something and then dismissing it because it was a used book. Of course it was going to be a little damaged. Nope. What I thought was damage is really trees done in a charcoal so sometimes it looks like damage against the black cover. But the letters did have some marking on them so they looked like bubble letters and that just made me laugh because it didn’t fit the book.

Normally I feel like I’d be the one that complain, if only mentally, about teenagers telling each other that they love each other. I mean, what do you really know as a teenager? Yes, sometimes it works out but more often than not it doesn’t. But this book I really didn’t care. I knew that there were paranormal stuff going on the book so I knew the plot wasn’t real life and that’s probably why I didn’t really care as much. I did have times where I felt like the telepathy was a too convenient way of talking to each other. When they were actually narrating or talking about when they were together, it didn’t seem like they had a cheesy relationship but sometimes they mentioned something that made me roll my eyes like making out in between classes by their lockers. No one did that when I went to school. Did I go to weird school? I don’t know.

Favorite scene of the book would probably be the one when the uncle shows up at the disciplinary meeting. I always wish I could pull off something like that. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t pull off the snarkiness. I know here I’m full of snark and in real life people can’t tell the difference between my seriousness and my sarcasm but I couldn’t pull it off when I’m under pressure and I’m in front of a crap load of people. Am I disappointed that the uncle died? Yeah. I didn’t mind him all that bad.

This book is a book where most everyone has a secret. Was I surprised by the secrets? No. But there were secrets and I’m sure that there’s more in the series. Because I’m only like 6 years late when it comes to reading this book. It’s a Y.A. book. As an adult and someone who’s read a few books, I’m supposed to see some of that coming. It didn’t bother me to have the secrets there. Everyone has secrets and what they choose to do with them is their business. It doesn’t change in literature. At least it shouldn’t.

I don’t feel compelled to read the rest of this series. I wouldn’t turn it down but this one is a good simple book that I would read the rest if I needed a simple book. But then I’d have to buy the rest of the series. That’s a true story.


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