If Wishes Were Horses Review


Recently, I have needed simple books. Smart books are just too much right now. I can’t do it. I need super simple or something I don’t need to figure out. I read If Wishes Were Horses by Robert Barclay. How could you not see where this book was going to end up? Please, the back of the book pretty much ruins it for you.

Totally think that this could be a Hallmark Channel movie. All these characters seem to be pretty stereotypical. I mean Wyatt’s attractive, rich, has a ranch and charms like everyone. Then there’s the beautiful schoolteacher. Then there’s the other woman who completes the love triangle. Though I feel like the triangle wasn’t really developed. The gruff father that has an illness. I did like the father. He was very direct and I like that. Though, I think in real life I may have more issue with it. Not only were the characters stereotypical, the plot was stereotypical. I would be retelling the whole story if I told all the stereotypical plot points. Like of course Wyatt knows the principal and is friends with him and could get in the school during school hours. That’s how everything works in real life. Also, how dangerous and big is this school that it needs security and has that many kids that are troubled.

One thing that I didn’t expect was that it took place in Florida. I don’t think of Florida when I think of Equestrian therapy and ranches. I think of something more west than Florida. I also thought that as much as they talked about crocodiles, they would be more part of the story like they killed the prized horse. But they weren’t. Wyatt’s just really good at shooting them.

They didn’t fight the feelings too much did they? I’m a little disappointment. Wyatt and Gabby didn’t even have that epic of fights and didn’t stay mad at each other that long. There was no real yelling. And I’m not just talking about the adults with hiding the feelings, the kid didn’t either. Guess he’s not as harden as would be expected. I thought in five years he would rebel a lot more than was said in the book. But I don’t know. I’ve never been in that kind of situation. I did like that he lost his temper with Ram and stayed mad for a while and then apologized.

I was a little troubled about how the author wrote descriptions. It is obvious that it was written by a man. Every description of a woman included something about her body. And it was like the same description. I also have an issue with the publishers when it comes to the author page. They put the man’s name in all caps like I couldn’t figure out who the author was or who they were talking about. I mean his picture is only on the page. I guess I really didn’t earn that college degree.

I know it seems like I hated this book. It wasn’t a bad book. It’s a fast read. It’s one of those books you read when you want a nice, simple romance. And it didn’t halt though I did wonder why the pastor was in the book. Guess they needed someone to set them up. But honestly I would read it again if I needed something easy.


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