Throne of Glass Review.


So I changed the book that I was reading. I was having a hard time getting into Atonement. It’s not because it’s a bad book. I just have a hard time concentrating. Especially with books that take a certain brain level. I have theories for this. 1. I hung out with teenagers a lot in the past year or so. They tend to read young adult novels and I got into them. 2. There’s a lot going on in life and I can’t shut off my mind like I used to. My mind is a very interesting place the past year and a half or so. Let’s leave it at that. 3. And I work in a nursing home and it doesn’t happen every day, but I do have people that die. And like in number 2, lot going on in life. I’m emotionally drained a lot. So those are my theories. So I switched from Atonement to Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses. And it was one of the 7 books I got when I went book shopping. I had $30 in gift certificates but still paid like $90. It’s part of my Christmas present to me. That and fabric because I’m going to teach myself how to hand quilt. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I didn’t enjoy the cover and chapter pages as much as I did with A Court of Thorns and Roses. It does make sense for the book though. I hated that there were miniature book covers of the rest of the book series on the back cover. Put it on the inside flap or somewhere discrete. I get it’s a publicity thing. I just hate it. I also don’t know if it’s because the quality or what but the covers seem to be a lot more bendy. They seemed to curl pretty easy when I laid the book down open faced to save my spot. It’s a little thing to notice but it legitimately bugged me at times. I hate curled covers. There’s a little minor things that bother me like that.

The word ‘whoremonger’ was used. That made me inexplicably happy. It’s something I haven’t really heard or seen since college. It was nice. Pianoforte was also used and that also made me happy. She also said ‘I am not afraid’. I’m sure that’s what she needs to tell herself as an assassin. But it shows she has fear and I get fear. I got a wall hanging for Christmas that says ‘Hope is Stronger than Fear’. It’s been a comfort. And what’s with her being a jewel thief? Is that really going to stand up against the other guys in that competition? I don’t think so. They needed to figure out their backstory better. But obviously it was believable because it worked due to the fact that most of the champions didn’t figure it out. That or they are really dumb.

Calaena is a diverse character. She’s an orphan, assassin, likes clothes I guess, is a reader, musician. She’s got a lot going on. I wondered how she got her education in some of the things. She explains her assassin training but not how she learned how to play the piano. At one point she put together that whatever was killing the Champions and what she found out in her dream were connected and I was like, ‘well it’s about time’. I think if it were resented differently or I was in a different mood, I wouldn’t find how it went down so obvious. I did wonder if she was going to get with the prince or the chief of the guard guy. They both have their good points. The prince was obviously more of a physical thing because all she wanted to do was kiss him. And think about this, it’s a Cinderella retelling, of course she’s going to pick the prince. But there’s more than just this book in the series so it could change. And since I brought it up, I like that Maas does retellings without it being overly blatant. There are books that are very obvious that they’re retellings and that’s okay. I just like the subtlety.

There was something about these characters that I couldn’t put my finger on. I didn’t hate any of them really. There were times I did but it was all kind of fleeting. I’m not sure if I really liked them though. I’m more indifferent than anything. At times it seemed like the characters were way too aware. I’m not sure if I can accurately describe that comment. Like sometimes it was a reaction thing where they were all too aware or it was in some kind of knowledge. And it wasn’t always in benefit to the story. Like it was just a thing that they knew or did.

This book kept my interest and I could read longer than I usually have usually. So that’s been good. I’m not sold on reading the rest of the series yet. Time will tell with that. But it would be interesting to see how the series goes from here.

Merry Christmas.



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