Night Road Review


I don’t have a washer and drier at my house. I have the hook ups for them, I just can’t afford a washer and drier. Since that is the situation, I go to my parents’ house. I’m reading off and on a book about the Romanov girls. But I needed a break from them there Russians so I picked up a book that was on my childhood bookcase that my parents, or my mother, has taken over. I found a book about Kristin Hannah called Night Road. I recently read another book by her that she got published last year and I loved it so I picked up this one.

I loved, like the other one, that it isn’t necessarily a love story. There’s love involved but there’s so much going on that the romantic love isn’t in the fore front. You definitely feel the mother’s love and the romantic love is a pivotal plot device but not overpowering. I hate that when love is an overpowering device. But the love did really come into major play at the end of the book and that’s okay because it didn’t slap me in the face. It almost seemed convenient that they got together but I would have said that if Lexi would have moved too. But if Lexi had left, it would have opened the door for another book or a longer book. The book had to end somehow.

I feel like insecurity brought the girls together. Lexie wonders who would like a drug addict’s daughter and Mia says being her friend would be social suicide. Neither of them believe they’re worth being friends with. They were okay with their books. I get that. It’s a teenage girl thing. Sometimes it’s an adult girl thing too. These girls were normal. Lexi had been hurt a lot so after 3 years, she still pushed away. I would too. I felt that Mia was a little overdramatic when Lexi and Zach got together, actually through most of the book. I had to keep reminding myself that she is a teenager. Teenagers can be a little dramatic. But I was okay, as horrible as this sounds, that Mia died because she annoyed me. She couldn’t make up her mind and sometimes acted like a spoiled kid, which she was.

I felt that Lexi was an interesting character through all this. She seemed a little more mature and she took responsibility where Zach didn’t necessarily. After the accident kind of annoyed me because everyone was attacking Lexi and asking for her head but Zach wasn’t included in that. I would have asked for both. But Lexi was driving. I don’t know how she got through everyone talking about her within ear shot. I also find it interesting that Zach’s ex-girlfriend had Lexi sit by her at the funeral and then she never comes back into the picture. I also find it interesting that she thinks she’s just like her mom when she gets to jail. And I hated that she went to jail. I didn’t want her to. I think it was admirable that she gave up Grace to Zach’s family but then want her to make Grace’s life better.

I don’t want to talk about Zach because I feel like he’s not the most interesting person in the book. Jude was an interesting character though. She was overly doting. A little suffocating. Anything to not be like her mother who she did kind of turn into. But I understand that she changed because, as a woman, how do you keep yourself in tact when you lose a child. Through the book I thought about how my mother was in high school. I’m glad she wasn’t as hovering as Jude. But I also didn’t go out and party. I wasn’t that popular. But I don’t know if my mom would become Jude if one of us kids died. But I can’t say that because I don’t know.

Overall, this was a good book. I wasn’t in love with it as I was The Nightingale. Maybe if I had taken some more time between her novels, I would have liked it better. It is a good book of loss, anger, redemption, and lots of emotions. What I’ve liked about Kristin Hannah in general is that there’s emotions to an extent but you put yourself more into the emotion. For me at least. I can’t speak for the general public.


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