Blood Infernal Review


Recently I found a site called Book Outlet and they have super cheap books. I recently got my first order from them and with that I got Blood Infernal by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. This is the last book of the Order of the Sanguines trilogy. The cover says series which generally means more than 3 books but with how this book ended, there can’t be more. Historically I have loved James Rollins. (I haven’t read any of Rebecca Cantrell so I don’t know.) And also have loved this series. This book did not disappoint. It’s my favorite. The only thing that I have against this book is that it’s taller than the other copies I have of this series.

So before I talk about the ending because that’s all I want to talk about, let’s start with the authors and writing. First of all, they need to write more together. Then at the beginning, Rollins dedicates the book to Cantrell and she dedicates the book to her husband and son. I’m guessing her husband isn’t James Rollins. So that could be awkward. Wondered how that happened. Then they were talking about writing groups. What the hell is a wring group? I mean I can take an educated guess at what it is but someone needs to actually sit down and tell me for sure. Here’s the other question I have. In the acknowledgments, Cantrell mentions this weird thing about a cat. What? Is that an inside joke or is it something about the lion in the book? I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking so much into the acknowledgments. The writing in this book is fantastic. I like the crossover from other Rollins books that brought the time and date and pictures. It makes me more engaged. For me the only time that I could see which author was which writing was during the intimate parts with Erin and Jordan. Rollins isn’t that good at romance. He’s awesome at thrillers, not much experience with the romance. I did wonder how they split up the writing. Chapter by chapter or they did a detailed plan and split it up? It would be interesting to find out.

In my notes, I made a comment that everything is connected. In the book it says everything is connected to Bernard. I think nothing happens without a reason. This book is planned out so that everything does connect and come to an end. And since I brought up Bernard, let’s talk about him. He does know like everything. He is the reason for Rhun’s thing at the end that made me yell in my notes. Yes, I keep notes so I can blog. Don’t judge. If I didn’t, the blog would be less interesting. Also Bernard was cray with the legion. But so was Leopold. At the end, I really didn’t like Bernard. I wanted him to redeem himself but he didn’t. He got worse. Not like Legion possessed worse but I want to punch you worse. I wrote in my notes several times how he was sly. I mean I saw it coming but I was in denial at the same time. I mean, he’s from the crusades. He has to be sly right?

We also need to talk about Rhun and Elizabeth. They are what I am drawn to. Starting with the last book, I love Elizabeth. And I am using the “English” version of her name. The last book she became more motherly and feminine which countered Rhun. In my head, Rhun is super manly in a different way than Jordan. He’s the strong silent type. (he’s like that because of Bernard. All comes back to Bernard.) But there were many times in the book where I thought how much they loved each other. It took centuries for them to get really together. It surprised me when Elizabeth joined the church. It just hasn’t been her style up to that point and then it was okay, I want to survive so I’ll do it. Whatever. I guess it was noble. But their ending was perfect. Tommy was healed so they could get together because Elizabeth wasn’t distracted. (I did get concerned about what was going to happen with Tommy at the end but they got it.) And of course the thing with Rhun’s arm. Like of course it grows back. Why wouldn’t it? Why would I even question it? Elizabeth did talk about trading one curse for another, immortality for getting older. Looking at it and working at a nursing home, I get the getting older. Older people hate getting older. Immortality would get old too.

Let’s move to Erin and Jordan. I don’t have much to say on them because I saw their ending coming. But I did kind of bring up in my head that what are the chances that those two get together in real life? It’s one thing in literature, another in real life.

Other things that came to my mind. How many times do they really have to die in this book? It’s like they’re all cats. Does them dying so many times shorten their actual lifespan? It did get a little old how many times they all died and came back. The Faust house was amazing. I loved that scene and the scene where Erin talked to Lazarus. At the end when Christian sacrificed himself, I did cry out no. It made me sad. This ending made me feel things. And I’m a little bitter about it. Xao was creepy from the get-go. Hugh was different like a hippy but Xao you could tell that there was something weird about him. And then he goes crazy. There was another point that was made in the book that being ignorant hasn’t been a service to the church. Which is true. I can talk a long time about that. And it works to be said in this situation. But being ignorant isn’t a service to anyone in any situation.

Obviously, I loved this book. It was a great ending. I’m a fan.

Things I randomly wrote down:

TOMMY! Don’t trust that Priest!

It does make me sad when they talk about Europe places I’ve been.

Sophia=nun (I forgot a lot)

I want a pet lion.

Hugh is a cult.

Rhun’s leaving! Rhun’s leaving! Because Bernard is a sly fox!


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