The Fortune Hunter Review


So this book took me forever. I have been so unmotivated to read. I have looked at my GoodReads challenge and been like, I’m good, I’m far enough ahead that I don’t have to rush. This book ate up some time and it’s not even that long of a book. A while ago, I read The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin and I think I liked it more than The Fortune Hunter.

First of all, I love that these characters were based off of real characters. And I know that this book is heavily fictionalized. The author says so in the interview at the end of the book. I also found that Goodwin was ‘obsessed’ with Sissy from an early age. And looking into the Empress of Austria, I understand why. She was interesting character. The Empress relates very well to Hungarians and speaks Hungarian very well. The first one make me love her and the second makes me admire her because Hungarian is hard. They even mentioned that in the book. But she was, I want to say, eccentric. She put meat on her face when she slept so she would be young, she hung her hair when she slept. She was, in my head, very vain. In the book, she was very against having her picture taken and the way she describes it, I get it. This book almost makes me want to know more about her. And what’s more interesting is that one of my kids from Hungary posted an event that’s in her honor. I don’t know all the details because I am not fluent in Hungarian but it’s definitely something about her.

Bay is lame. Let’s talk about him for a second. In real life, he was associated with Sissy (the Empresses’ nickname) for much longer and he did actually marry Charlotte. In the book and I’m sure in real life, he was known as a ladies man and was looking for a fortune. Which makes him not honorable. At the beginning of the book I grew to like him and then he had that tryst with the Empress and I’m like I want to hurt your manhood and then I grew to not mind him at the end of the book. I wish I had a set opinion of him for all of the book. I don’t always say that but with him I do. Like make me like him all the way through the book or hate him and then make me hate Charlotte at the end because she was with him. Tell me what I think in this case. Sometimes I want that.

Charlotte got a little feistier at the end. She spent a long time being, or being close to being, a good English lady. But that was also a product of who she was around. Charlotte got a lot bolder, in my opinion, after she started hanging out with the American. The American I felt was very stereotypical but I didn’t mind. Like he was lippy in a way that was okay and natural for him. I almost wish that Charlotte had ended up with him. But back to Charlotte. She had a lot of development through the book. Bay did too but I liked her development more. I always like watching girls become more independent.

One thing that bothered me is that they used the word stuff at the beginning of the book and it took me out of the book. I hate when that happens. I felt like stuff is not a word they would have used weather they did or not. I am still obsessing over it. Sometimes I do that.

Overall, it’s not a bad book. For what I was looking for, it was weak. I wanted something a little bit….stronger. Like I get the reason how this book was written. It was because of the manners of the time. But this book did take me a long time to read. Like 3 weeks. It’s been a long time coming. I’m excited to pick up another book and something that will keep my attention and I keep reading at a decent pace.


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