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The Sword of Summer Review


I recently looked at the books that I’ve read this year. I’ve read a lot of young adult. I think it’s because my mind can’t handle the hard things sometimes. Anyway, I just finished Rick Riordan’s first Magnus Chase book which is The Sword of Summer.  I debated about this book because I liked Percy Jackson. I liked it more than I thought it was going to be.

Let’s talk about the cover. It’s kind of cool. I read something where someone said the guy on the cover looks like Kurt Cobain. After that, that’s all I saw. I can’t separate the two.

I think that it’s an interesting concept that Magnus dies right away. I understand that’s what needs to happen so he can be a part of the group and the what not. But not knowing much about Norse mythology, I wouldn’t expect that would I? Which is really sad because I took a semester of Mythology in college online. I remember not liking it much and being frustrated with the author of one of the books that we were reading from. I actually have my book of myths that we used in that class and I looked back and there are four Norse stories in the whole thing. Overall, I like Magnus as a character. I like his sarcasm which I know some people say it’s way too close to Percy’s. But I did like his more modern references because Percy was written at a way different time. I also find it intriguing that he was homeless for two years. When I was overseas, especially, I would pass homeless and wonder about their stories. Magnus would have been one of those people I wondered about. The one big complaint is that I don’t like the name Magnus. I get the name choice. There’s meaning behind it. Just like with the other Riordan series I’ve read.

We should probably mention the mother figure in the book. You never see Magnus’ mother but she is talked about. I was wondering if she would be a big part of the book because in my head, I was comparing this to Percy Jackson. Magnus’ mother wasn’t in it as much as I thought she would. If her name was mentioned, I don’t remember it. And Magnus feels a little different about his father than Percy did. There isn’t as much anger. But the boys are two different ages so things are a little different. And since we are comparing Percy and Magnus, can I just say Annabeth? At first I was like, that’s not the same girl, but no, it is. I liked that connection.

There were a slew of side characters and I wondered how I was going to keep them all straight. Because not only do you have the friends when Magnus is alive but you also have the hall mates. And the thing about the hall mates, I thought they were going to be in the book longer. They weren’t. Beginning and end. It works. So that you can learn about the friends and what’s her face. I liked that there was a friend that could only communicate in sign language. This series seems to be a lot more diversified than what I have in my head from the Greek and Roman books. The uncle character is…I don’t know. From the ending I know why Magnus’ mother told him to stay away. But is he evil or is he weak?

It’s a good book. Overall story line was really good. I’m not as into it as the Roman and Greek books because I don’t know as much about Norse mythology and only mildly interested in it.