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These Broken Stars Review


As is prevalent in posts, I am not afraid to read a Young Adult novel. I enjoy them….for the most part. I recently read These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.

As a disclaimer, this isn’t a bad book, for someone else. I may be one of the only people in the world that didn’t care for this book. First, unnecessary letters in people’s names annoy me. Maybe because my name is Megan and I get asked a lot if it’s the normal way to spell it. We wouldn’t have this problem if people weren’t creative. I know that’s not a book thing, that’s a personal pet peeve. Moving on. The end. I hate that they have book previews at the end. If the book is good enough, you don’t need the previews to the next books in the series. I hate when books have previews. I know some people do, but I don’t need recommendations. I have enough on my shelves. And I know I don’t have to read them. It’s just a thing I have.

I’ve seen a lot about this book and have always admired the cover. The cover is freaking gorgeous. That’s the one thing I love about this book yet, is the cover. There were times where I was annoyed at the writers for their style. Most of the time their writing styles flowed but sometimes I could tell one of them, or maybe both, wanted to be way more eloquent than needed and it didn’t come off just right. This book was too easy to be eloquent. For me, with this book, they needed to choose. Be an easy book or be eloquent? It also brings into question what a young adult novel is for an adult reader. Because I do read young adult for a mindless pleasure. I think it’s a matter of taste and where your reading life is at. I’m a little beyond this book. It’s too immature for me. Now, I don’t want to insult people by that. I just am talking about where I’m at right now.

One random thing I didn’t think about before but did in this book is the concept of space ship sickness. I wouldn’t have thought about it and to put it in the book. I did find it interesting what was going on in the book and I like the interview between chapters. It was just that dang writing. I wonder again how two writers deal with writing one book. This book you could almost feel the shift in writers.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about these characters. At one point, I liked one or another character. Then it would switch. And what is the relationship and where did it change? How do they really feel about each other? Some of the themes may have been too advanced for the writing. I just really didn’t care for this book. I respect people who do but I am not one. This is why I only gave this book 2 stars.


A Court of Mist and Fury Review


I love a deep book I do. I love a book that will make me think. But at the right time. But I’m also a fan of easy reading. I’m a fan of books that don’t take me long and books that I can just put on a shelf and not take any thought after. I feel Sarah J. Maas is one of those authors who right those books for me. I recently read and finished A Court of Mist and Fury between weddings and work.

I made the decision that this book or series is more mature than Maas’ other series. Feyre is I don’t want to say more level headed but she’s less jaded and more adult like. Obviously you’re not going to write two characters in two different series exactly the same. You can definitely draw parallels between Feyre and Caelena. I like Feyre better but this is only the second book in the series and there’s room to mess up. I liked Caelena a lot too in the second book and then I just lost a lot of respect for her. But I have a lot of respect for Feyre right now. She’s someone I would hang out with.

Let’s talk about Rhys and Tamlin as lovers. In the first book, I was completely a Team Tamlin and anti-Rhys. In this book, I completely changed teams. I wanted to remove Tamlin’s danglies. How do you not see the woman that you say you love waste away. Feyre is an admirable person but she can’t be locked away. How do you not see that and do something? Lucien wasn’t any better because I felt he didn’t try to help Feyre and she was supposed to be his friend. Rhys turned into a guy who could read Feyre and could adjust things so that things were good. He wasn’t as vain as I thought but he still is vain.

I also found it interesting between Rhys’ and Tamlin’s inner circle. Tamlin had Lucien and Rhys had a slew of people in comparison. I like to think that it’s the lack of variety of opinion versus the variety of opinion. The variety of opinion can be a bad thing, but in this case, it’s good. It keeps Rhys level headed. Lucien didn’t have that group telling him he’s being a jerk. There could be a whole post about sidekicks and if they’re good for whomever they’re supporting. But this is not that post.

I like the differences between the two sisters. They complement each other very well. I can understand why Feyre felt like the odd man out at times because the sisters complement each other so well there was no room for Feyre. But the ending with the eldest sister was interesting. I kind of liked it. I didn’t see it coming. I find the next book will be interesting with that dynamic between her and Lucien. AND Lucien didn’t believe Feyre at the end. He knows. HE KNOWS! Oh, Tamlin. You’re oblivious and need to be taken down a notch. I feel like Tamlin changed some from the first book. I didn’t like him as much and feel like he was oblivious. Like how do you not notice what’s going on at the end? I mean you were engaged to her and you should notice where her loyalties lie. But if he noticed, no other books.

There was a decent amount of action in this book and some down time. It was paced relatively well and introduced new characters at a pretty good pace. You could tell who was who and they all had their own personalities.

I think this is one of Maas’ better books. I liked the writing and the characters. There was depth to the characters and some character growth. Good read.