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My Pet Peeves.


I don’t claim to get along with everyone and I don’t think that everyone likes me. But I typically think, that bar my period and a few days where I don’t get enough sleep, I am not that tough to get a long with and I can get along with the majority of people. I found some qualities in people who do bug me. With the exception of the first one, (which will make me utterly violent. Like I will take away your ability to parent children if you catch me on the wrong day.) I can be okay with these things if you had one of these qualities. It’s just when you couple them together. And these apply for people I don’t know well. If you violate this list, to many times, you won’t get to know me well.

1. Do not call me Meg. There is only a handful of people in the world that can call me Meg. And don’t assume that since you have known me for years, you can call me Meg. If I flinch when you say it, to soon. We’re very serious in my family about names. My brother is NEVER Matty (one time I let it slip because I had a classmate we called Matty and Mom backhanded me) and I am very rarely am Meg. If my immediate family, that has known me for 25 years, doesn’t use the shortened part of my name, you shouldn’t either.

2. If I give you very short answers, with little to no eye contact, stop trying and walk away. I obviously have a lot on my mind or need coffee or am trying to pay attention to something else. No matter what is going on and I’m not very attentive, just walk away and if I get done and am willing to talk, I’ll find you. I promise.

3. Don’t act like you know everything. On the off-chance you are God and you do know everything, be humble. It’s

4. Don’t overcompensate the laughter. We laugh in my family, we do. But we’re not hearty laughter. So when you come in and you have this big laugh and you laugh to loud and way to long, it bugs me. I don’t care if you’re a loud laugher, just don’t over do it.

5. Act your age. There’s a time and place and age for you to sit and play games on your phone. Don’t do it during a function when there’s a lot of people not playing games. Don’t do it after like age 10. I know I didn’t have the video games growing up, but I wasn’t allowed to separate myself and read. I had to mingle, be a good hostess.

6. Don’t just give me your opinion. If I want you’re opinion, I’ll ask for it. If I’m talking to someone and I’m asking their opinion, don’t assume I want your opinion. And if you do give me your opinion, don’t be rude and interrupt. Have manners. Manners count, I promise they do. I am also not the smartest person but I am intelligent enough that when I’m talking to someone and you’re standing there I get what they’re saying and you don’t have to reiterate what they say. I can handle small words.

Maybe it’s because I’m crabby because I have meetings tonight or just because I’m tired. Holidays wear me out and I barely do anything during them. I had 3 days at home to recuperate from Thanksgiving and I couldn’t get my shit together. I am a disappointment. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. But there’s a list. If we ever meet in person, keep this list in mind.


Day at the Rodeo.


Earlier this summer, I was so excited that at the county fair, I didn’t get burned during the parade. That’s usually the only time I get burned. Little did I know I was just waiting for another county fair to get burned. And this is the second time I got burned this summer. Actually if we’re being technical, the first burn was like end of March because when I went home for Mother’s Day, my mom laughed at me. If you get the ambition, go find that post where I go out with Paleo, that’s when I got burned. I’m failing here at life.

So I went to slack and then I went to the rodeo yesterday so I was out for like 4 hours yesterday watching rodeo, hence the sunburn. Now I have never rodeoed. I like to watch and I wish I had rodeoed. I’m not well versed on rodeo but I can follow. Just like football. I think that this love for rodeo started with my father. He used to break horses and he used to rope. He likes watching rodeo, it was a bonding thing for us.

I’ve been to more rodeos in the past 2 1/2 years than I ever have. This area of North Dakota cannot get enough rodeos. So I’ve developed a short, not complete list. These are things you will see at a rodeo.

What you will see.
Long sleeved shirts. No matter the temperature. It’s one of those things where, it’s tradition, it’s practical. If you rodeo, you pretty much have a large selection of long-sleeved shirts.
Hats Another thing that every competitor will have. They’re practical. They keep the sun out of your eyes and keeps you focused.
Wranglers Thank God for Wranglers. I appreciate the fabric of the jeans…..Can we go with that?
Boots with spurs I guess for me it makes sense why you have boots with spurs but for some people it won’t. Spurs help in an event, especially with the rough stock. (saddle bronc, bare back) Helps the score.
Alcohol. Even on a Sunday morning. Recently, I had a post when where I bust out characteristics of my friends. They’re like this too. We/they can handle alcohol.
Girls who think they’re country Let’s not talk about this. I get annoyed.
Pickups and trailers Some of those outfits are nice. More money goes in some of those outfits than I make in a year, maybe 2.

I also decided that if I rodeoed, I’d do breakaway, that’s if I stayed a woman. I would be really good at it. If I were a man, I’d be a steer wrestler. I would probably do some calf roping as well. I’ve always known that I wouldn’t date a rodeo cowboy because of the injuries and they’re generally players, but if I had to, it would be a roper or a steer wrestler. Steer Wrestlers are usually the big guys and I don’t see myself ending up with a guy who’s smaller. (I don’t mean that in a dirty way.) I said I wouldn’t date a rodeo cowboy but would totally date a rancher.

Random story that could have been a lot worse: They have these gates that you open to let the horses out after they buck and not hard to deal with they push out and they bring the gate back in. There was this really rank horse and they were going to get out of the outdoor arena and they got the horse to stop bucking and they kept going round and round and round. The gate was jammed. I haven’t ever seen a gate jam. They had 6 guys trying to get this gate open. Finally they took the pins out and they got the horse out and the gate got fixed.

Still hacking away at Into the Wilderness. I didn’t make much of a dent in it this weekend due to the fair. I’m going home this weekend and hope to get more done in the book then.

Is this a nerdy post. Yeah, I guess. But I don’t care.

I Did some Analyzing.


Yesterday I mentioned that I got invited to the elementary school teacher’s birthday supper. I was nervous because she was the only one I would know. I can recognize her roommates but that’s about it. So I show up and her and her roommates are sitting there and I go give her the card and get introduced to the roommates. I didn’t know how much alcohol there was going to be so when the lady came I go “I’ll just do water for now” I should have drank. After everyone showed up here’s how it stood. 7 teachers, 1 museum manager, 1 physical therapist and 1 dental hygienist. I think the music teacher thought I couldn’t handle teachers so she mentioned how I was around teachers like 3 times. I really don’t care. Half of my friends in college were education majors and the other half were nurses. I can deal.

Unfortunately for the blog, only one funny story and it’s not Megan related. The music teacher was going to get a steak. She had never ordered a steak before, she’s had steak but it was always made for her by someone she knew, I think. We’re sitting there and she closes her menu and we were giving her tips on how to order a steak. Waitress comes and she goes, kind of quietly “I’ll have the hot guy” and before the waitress responds or even puts a perplexed look on her face because there is no hot guy on the menu the guy across from her goes, “Did you just order a hot guy for your birthday? We thought you were going to get a rib eye”. She gets flustered and corrects herself to a rib eye. So I wasn’t awkward. Everyone be proud.

Just to set the record straight here, I’ll explain why I always say I have awkward moments. I have always been the reserved girl that never had a ton of friends and never been the popular girl. I have friends. I can make friends. I’ve had friends in a popular circle but I’ve always felt a little awkward in a situation with people my age. It’s not my parents’ fault, they tried to socialize me at an early age. I was just always better at playing in the corner by myself. Which makes me a better liver aloner. College was easier for me because there was more people there than the small school I went to in high school. Then I transferred and it was harder because as a junior in college, you all ready have your group of friends. And then I moved to a small town so when I see a new person that could potentially be a new friend I go a little crazy and sometimes forget my words. I always am amazed that I have a degree in English and I lose my words on a regular basis.

Then I started thinking about my friends. Not the random friends that I hang out with like 3-10 times a year, but the friends I hang out on a very regular basis. Here’s the characteristics of my regular basis friends.

1. They use big words. I’ve had several people say that part of the reason they like hanging out with me more than other friends is because I understand them if they use big words.

2. They can usually talk about books. It’s because of my degree isn’t it? I get hit up for book recommendations all the time. And then there’s the book discussions. I usually have an opinion on those book things so it’s not a dull discussion.

3. They usually are super smart. If you couldn’t tell from the first 2 points. Most of them have a college degree but there’s others that are just read all the time. My dad is one of the smartest guys I know and he only had a year of college. (Grandpa told him he had to go to this Christian college in Edmonton in Canada or else he couldn’t come back to the farm and so Dad went and played basketball for a year at this college)

4. There’s usually a nerd factor. You could also call this passionate. Most of the time they have this factor with a book but there’s other things like “The Golden Girls” or “Pocahontas”.

5. They understand farming culture. For me it’s amazing to watch myself from when I’m living in town and am doing museum stuff or non-agriculture stuff to when I’m on the farm or talking farming. My posture changes and how I speak changes. I have friends that do the same thing. We sit there like old farmers with our boots and if we’re sitting we have our arm slung over another chair or if we’re standing our hands are in our pockets. My nephew has all ready learned this. And then we end up talking about livestock or crops or equipment or rodeos. And for those of you who think farmers aren’t smart and are lazy, because I know you people exist (you’ve said it to me and watched my blood pressure raise), you are wrong. The farmers I know, because I grew up around farmers in a farming community, are some of the smartest, hardworking people I know. Go work on a farm for a day. You’ll learn.

6. There is a fundamental belief in God Not all of my friends believe in God but my really good ones do. For me, I think that the friends that don’t believe in God or a higher power don’t understand me as well. The ones that believe in God understand where I’m coming from and that’s the nice thing about living in a small community, everyone believes in God or a higher power.

7. They’re sarcastic. I usually have a response for them and they have one right back. It’s what keeps the romance alive. Or the friendship, whatever you want to call it.

8. Most of them don’t dance…..well We just don’t.

9. They’re Loyal Self-explanatory.

10. We’re okay with going out to the bar We do believe in God but we don’t have anything against going out and having a few drinks. We don’t drink to excess, just go out grab a few beers and try to dance. We know that getting drunk isn’t good because we have to go to work the next day and earn our paychecks. That’s the way it goes.

For me it’s very revealing about who I am to think of how my friends are. The ones that are around probably aren’t going anywhere.

Other news. Last community band practice of the year tonight:(. This makes me sad. I like going to practice.

For Your Next Trip


I think that we should all take a moment of silence because the last community band practice of the year was last night and last performance will be on Thursday….. Now what will I do on Monday nights? Oh yeah, Lion’s club and Chamber meetings. And Saxy Brass starts Wednesdays in October. That’s 2 months away. I was just putting together my report for my board and I put on that we need to talk about the Halloween event because if we do it, I need to start planning it. That makes me nervous. It’s not supposed to be August yet.

So today was a busy day. I’ve worked in tourism for a while. I’ve been around tourism on and off since 2007. I definitely have pet peeves for tourists. Here’s my list.

1. When you walk in and the attendant says “How may I help you today?” Do not reply with “is this the museum?”. Because you never know if you’re going to hit a bad day and the attendant will answer “No, we just put up a sign saying we’re a museum. It’s a cover for our drug and prostitution business.”

2. Make sure you know where your animals are allowed. Some hotels don’t allow animals, I don’t let animals in my museum. People just assume that pets are allowed everywhere. They aren’t.

3. Children. They are a blessing and I want some one day. But there are certain ways you and your children act in public. I could tell you stories where I gave children the death stare and was almost successful. They shouldn’t be touching all the merchandise and they shouldn’t be yelling. There’s cute and then there’s hellion. Fine line people, fine line.

4. You know that employee that looks like they’re on their break or just getting off work? Like they’re untucking or unbuttoning their shirt and they look a little bit more relaxed? That probably means they are, in fact, on their break or getting off work. Don’t bother them. Dealing with tourists is tough. That smile isn’t always genuine. And if it’s a tourist town, that employee is probably going to get drunk. You are infringing on their “fun” time.

5. Don’t forget your manners. Oh my GOD. This is a huge thing with me. I get that traveling is tough and that vacation with some families is even tougher. But don’t take it out on me. I didn’t do anything to you but ask how I can help.

6. What kind of cash are you carrying? If it’s early in the morning or it’s a small little institution on your way to somewhere, chances are they aren’t going to be able to break a $50 or $100. And when you make us break it, it makes us flipping crabby and then if it’s a place where the attendant is alone, they have to shut down business to run to the bank. Make sure you have tens or twenties.

7. Be specific. You walk into an ice cream/fudge store and you say I want chocolate. Well is that cone (cake or waffle, single or double), dish (single or double), malt, shake, one of the chocolate fudges? Do you need a cot in your hotel room? Ask for it. Make sure you know what you want and that people know that you want it.

8. Do NOT trash your hotel room. Someone that isn’t your mother cleans that room. And don’t forget your underwear. You want that and I don’t want to touch the clothing that touched your privates. And those broken condoms? Loved touching that. I didn’t puke in my mouth at all. That was sarcasm….if you couldn’t tell.

9. I know this one is hard but do you really have to touch glass? Just come in the building and see what’s in it. We have to clean that glass. I’m sure just walking into a building could get you into trouble especially if you don’t look at the signs (see #1) but honestly. Get your crap together.

10. Check hours. Why would a small town museum be open until 6? Really? Did you not realize that small towns close up early? It’s rude to stay late and the employees probably have plans after work because even though there isn’t much going on, there are still things to do and people to see or meetings to attend. Remember my 5:35 meetings? Yeah.

Well that’s the list. For now.

Books I DO Like


I read a lot. I really do. I should stop reading for a while. No, I shouldn’t because reading keeps me sharp. And I learn stuff from it. Anyway, it’s just fair that since I talked about books that I didn’t like, I should talk about books I do like right? Right. Of course I’m right. Because I’m a fair person.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I promised that I would have a post specifically about this book. I promise that’s coming. I do. I promise but I’m having a hard time forming the words to make it happen and I have a large opinion of the book so I don’t what direction to go with. But I love Jane and I tolerate Mr. Rochester. Let’s be honest, he’s kind of a jerk. I was okay that he was blinded at the end and then the got together. I mean, I thought it was fitting. I love that Jane’s so independent and gets stronger through the book.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This is a surprise right? It’s like I never talk about this series. I got the first one for fifty cents at a book sale. I’m so glad I did. I don’t want to say this book changed my life but it did start me reading books that were a lot smarter. This series expects more of me than just a pretty face. But a pretty face helps. But Jamie and Claire, Ian and Jenny, Young Ian and what’s her face and then for real with Rachel, Roger and Brianna. This series expects a lot out of me but it also expects a lot out of my future husband and our sex lives. No they don’t go over board with the sex. They talk about it enough and they’re all married. So it’s cool. It’s more about their lives. And LeWhore (not her real name, just what I call her) I’ve wanted to punch her since book one. She’s like a mosquito that doesn’t die. Then Frank and his ancestor that can’t keep it in his pants around men. Arg. Another book/series I could talk forever about.

Blind Your Ponies by Stanley Gordon West. This one takes place in Montana and is named after an actual event. The book is fiction but one of my librarians lived in the area that book takes place and she was telling me about how this incident actually happened and just hearing about it made me pout. It’s a sports book. I normally don’t read sports books and I don’t watch sports movies like “Remember the Titans” because they all end the same. The book did end the same as all of this genre but it was a good and interesting read. I think part of the reason I liked it was because I live so close to Montana that I know a lot of the places that are mentioned in the book. The writing doesn’t suck either. I think I really connected with the characters in this book. The best one is the foreign exchange student. He’s my favorite. I want one of my own.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green. Yay John Green. I talked about this not so long ago. I really was impressed that for a man he did a very good job of narrating from a 16-year-old girl’s point of view. I’m probably most impressed with that. It didn’t necessarily end the way I wanted it to but that’s okay. I like the monkey wrench. Read it. Read it. Read it. It’s sweet, it’s very much how teenagers with cancers would be. Not that I know any teens with cancer but you get the point, right?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I like the different narrators and the different voices. The voices are very distinct and I think the author did a good job of distinguishing the different sections. I did the audio book after I watched the movie and I’m glad that I did it. This is the first book that dealt with civil rights during this period. I have read books that took place in the civil war and there are slaves during like the Outlander series, but never during this point of MLK or any of the great civil rights leaders. I’m really glad I picked up the book.

The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. This is a short book and I’m kind of liking the thought of it. I don’t think you actually meet only 5 people in Heaven, I think you meet more but it does make me think of who I would meet and who’s life I am involved in. I like that it’s the kind of book that really makes you think.

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers. I had to read this for English my junior year of high school. It’s about this guy who goes and fights in Vietnam. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve read the book but I remember it just capturing my attention. Until then, Vietnam was something that happened and something I couldn’t relate to. This book brought it to life a little bit more for me. It’s a young adult novel but I would recommend it to like 15-16. You know, I feel like I didn’t have a normal reading list in high school. I didn’t read many of the classics. I didn’t read Of Mice and Men, I did get Animal Farm. I didn’t like that book.

That’s a list of my top books.

Funny Facebook Friend Post: Up until I was eight years old or so, I honestly thought that strip malls were malls where people would go shopping naked. I never really questioned it. I just figured adulthood was really weird and kinda confusing like that. The guy who said that is really entertaining and I used to work with him and we’d pick on him and always revoke his man card. We may have been a little mean to him. But he’s a winner.

So my FedEx man kind of looks like and definitely sounds like Josh Turner. He came in this morning. I’m surprised I’m not in a puddle by the door. That voice…….sigh. He’s a good-looking guy but it’s all about the voice. If you heard him, you’d understand. I would totally ask him to hang out but pretty sure he’d want to bring his wife that I think he has and I don’t want to deal with that.

More Boy Stuff, but the Fun Stuff.


I know after yesterday that people will not want to hear me talk about guys. But I found a list via one of my Facebook friends and I couldn’t resist. It’s The 22 All-Time Hottest Hunks of PBS. PBS was the majority of what I watched when I was at Grandma’s house. Let’s talk about certain people on this list.

16. Bill Nye Yup, the Science Guy. He got a 7/10 and it wasn’t higher because they said it was like crushing on your seventh-grade chemistry teacher. I looked at the picture for a while and tilted my head and put it back straight and yeah. Bill Nye, you got something going on.

14. Jason Isaacs Otherwise known as Malfoy’s dad in the Harry Potter series. I seriously didn’t recognize him as a brunette. He need to have long blonde hair for me to recognize him instantly.

13. Levar Burton Heck to the yes. I tweeted recently that I would totally do his job on “The Reading Rainbow” but he is an attractive man and I think he’s getting better with age. I loved that show when I was little.

6. Fred Rogers How did Mr. Rogers rank higher than Bill Nye and Levar Burton? I don’t agree. There’s other men more enjoyable to look at. Here’s what they said: “Don’t even front like you wouldn’t hit that.” It’s not a front, no pretending, no lying. I wouldn’t hit that. The idea of hitting that makes me grimace a little bit, honestly. It’s because of his association with the puppet things on the show. They scared the crap out of me when I was little. He’s also old enough to be my grandpa. It wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have the picture of him being grandfatherly in my head, but I do. And I don’t think he’s that good-looking. Bill Nye and Levar Burton are both better looking. Let’s be honest.

5.Benedict Cumberbatch He’s Sherlock. That gives him more of an appeal. It made Robert Downey Jr. more attractive to me.

2. Jeremy Irons + Anthony Andrews Okay, yes, both attractive men. But why both at number 2. One has to be better than the other. Why can’t there be 23 on the list. 22 is a weird enough number so 23 isn’t much worse. Can I just point out that Jeremy Irons was Scar in “The Lion King” and I didn’t put it together until recently. And he Irons was in “Eragon”. Wasn’t a great movie but he was good. Still attractive. I’m not a hundred percent sure who Andrews is or else I’d have an opinion on him.

Yeah that’s about all I have for an opinion today.

Just One More Day + More!


I know this week has been super exciting and you are all hyped up on mermaids but we need to calm the heck down. But get through this first part and then I’ll talk about something else other than theories.

I feel like this week I have spent a lot of time talking about theories and maybe making fun of them a little. I’m pretty sure that I have a love affair with conspiracy theories.

Last night my friend R and I were texting back and forth planning on what we’re going to do for her birthday. (going to the Monsters University BTW) Then we started talking about Elvis and she thinks he’s alive, I’m not all that positive. If I remember right, that’s about 36 years of being in hiding. Long time to hide right? Here are some ideas that we came up with.

He’s hiding in the reservation by Mount Rushmore with a Native American wife and reliving his glory days there, also making him a polygamist.

The mermaids have him.

Mexico (yup, the whole country) is holding him hostage and the government doesn’t want to pay the ransom because Elvis has military secrets from when he was in the military in WWII.

Now here’s another question for people to think about. Was there a shooter on the grassy knoll to shoot Kennedy? Here’s my history minor opinion. I think that there may have been someone on the grassy knoll BUT they weren’t working with Oswald because from what I know of Oswald, he would work alone. Now, everything happened with Oswald so that IF there was a grassy knoll guy, they wouldn’t be able to get off a shot because everyone was running around panicked. Win for me. If I remember right, Oswald had some involvement with Russian Communists and probably Cuban Communists but I don’t think that he was working with either of them with this. I think he was just extreme.


First speaker of the year this Sunday! He’s a guy that does all these different historical figures and he’s doing a buffalo hunter on Sunday. Can’t wait!

It’s another coffee day. I was kind of dragging so I got coffee…….I have an addiction. And who lets me get coffee, seriously? I mean it’s the same result, every time. EVERY TIME! Abundance in energy and 300,000 words a minute out of my mouth.

I’m not reading anything right now because I can’t decide what to read. I have a lot on my list and I do have a book jar but everything that comes out just doesn’t seem good. Talking about that, last night after almost 2 1/2 years of living in my apartment I realized that a lamp next to my bed would maximize my reading non-nook books greatly. Luckily, I had a lamp in my living room I could steal and bring in my room. Why did this take me that long to realize this?

AND now that my work day is over at the museum, I can go home, put my hair up, get ugly and do nothing. Other than make cookies, maybe.

Section I debated about putting in and then put on my big girl pants and just did it because this might be an ongoing topic.

So the last post, post before (?) I talked briefly about actively looking for a significant other. I did sign up for Christian Mingle and started emailing this guy through the site. I totally expected a conversation. Nope. Once again, I expect to much. Yup. I have a habit of doing that. It was me trying to get to know him and him just answering. Now, I’m not really sure because it’s been a while since I’ve been in a get-to-know-you situation but aren’t you supposed to get to know each other through a series of questions going back and forth? I figured he wanted to get to know me since he was the one that initiated it. Ugh. The struggles of being single in a small town. Boo. This would not be so hard if I lived in a more populated place.

I’ve been thinking about doing Christian Mingle for a while because I live in the middle of no where. If you don’t believe me, look for Bowman North Dakota on a map and then see the scarce amount of towns around it. But since I’ve been thinking about it, Christian Mingle ads everywhere. Television, internet, everywhere. So I’m thinking God is trying to give me a hint. I’m not very good at hints so God decided to hit me with a bunch of ads. Well, hopefully this won’t come back to bite me in the behind.