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Random Thoughts.


So I’m one of those dumb people that will eat croutons for a meal. It’s not healthy I know. But I was recently looking at the ingredients. Let this be known about me. Sometimes I read labels for no reason. When I was working in Medora for the summer, when I knew I had to go but it was going to take a while, I’d grab a bottle and read while I waited. I found out one of our cleaning tablets cured AIDS but you couldn’t ingest it. I want to know what animal they tested that on to find that out. Because I assure you that it had to be tested on something to prove that it was cure for AIDS and be put on the package and why are you testing a cleaning product if it cures AIDS anyway? Were they bored one day and wondered that? OH! Were they in the bathroom? That’s where I do some good thinking along with reading labels. But back to my crouton bag. I was reading the ingredients. It says Canola and/or sunflower oil…..natural butter flavor (a milk ingredient). Let’s talk about that. Why is it and/or sunflower oil? This is a very specific brand of crouton and it’s a specific flavor of crouton. Is it because some of the sunflower oil got on some of the croutons and not the others or both? That actually makes sense to me. Maybe I just had to write it out to understand. So the butter. I just assumed that was a milk ingredient. Is that an erroneous thought? Maybe it’s just a farm girl thought. Anyway. Random thoughts of the day.


Mental Fart.


I just have a little about a lot of things to talk about. So here it is.

Thursday night was my good-bye party/silent auction at the museum. I’m not leaving now, just in a few weeks and it just worked out better to have it yesterday. I was talking to the librarian from a neighboring town and we started talking about things you do at work without realizing you do it, because it’s habit and how much you have in your brain. I really do have a lot in my brain. I didn’t realize this. It went well. It was nice and small, which is exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want big. I wanted to sit around and talk to everyone about nothing.

So last night I was working in our lab with R and Y. And there was some pizza and some alcohol last night. Just saying, but R is a bad influence on me. I had 3 Mikes last night because I couldn’t let her drink alone. Usually I keep it under 3. Drinking could lead to bad things. Bad influence. So we were sitting there and at the end of the night Y asked R if she was okay to drive home and I rolled over on a roller chair and said, “I can take you home if you are” To which the obvious answer was “You have had the exact same amount of alcohol.” I was just saying. I’m a good friend like that AND I was sober. I could have done it. I promise. I should add that R lives out near a different town, I live in town. That’s why there was concern for R and not me.

Today I went up north to finish Christmas shopping (there was no storm today and I was so excited) and my old boss was in town. We both worked at a Christopher and Banks back in the day. We got on the subject of the people we worked with and things that happened those days. I knew there was one lady that tried to set me up with her grandson and now I found out today that trying to figure out who to set me up with was like a sport to the whole store without me knowing because I’m such a nice girl and I need a man to take care of me. Really? I want to be in on the game. I know I’ve talked a lot about dating and complaining but I’m okay with where I’m at right now in my life. I just wanted to be in on their reindeer games. But that’s not happening anymore. I would have wanted to screen their ideas and give them feedback on how their guy didn’t make my cut. And I’m trying to be smart now. Starting to get in a relationship now would be inconsiderate because I’m going to be leaving for a year. Not fair of me. But it could be a fun game.

I was also texting MJ tonight and there was an article about friends who act like old married couples after a certain amount time. We do like 9 of the 17. We are an old married couple and getting older. But I like it. She can’t get rid of me no matter how hard she does. I hope she reads that sentence. Because she will agree that I will not be getting rid of her. Then she would also say that after reading the above paragraph, I am going to get married before her because we have a bet to see who gets married first. I’m not offering my opinion on this right now.

I have now listened to all five Percy Jackson books. I will probably be doing a post about this soon. I enjoyed the series overall and I would totally re-read them. Anyway, that’s for another post.

I also got a bag of books for $3. Be impressed. Let me bask in the glow of my deal getting. I am great. Now I’m done. I’m over it. We can move on with life now. I have more books than I know what to do with. I need to start reading them. But I don’t want to. I want to watch movies. That’s my life.

After a week of having trouble with my car Rhonda, she’s taking a break from having trouble. I’m relieved. Now I just have to wait for a new bumper. And I’m okay with being able to drive Rhonda around because Saxy Brass has the church tour tomorrow. Yup.

Another Awkward Moment


I had this weird thing happen the other night and I’ve never had this happen before. Remember I can occasionally be a little awkward? Keep that in mind. I help with the projection at a bible study on Sunday nights and after the little video, we go in a circle and we discuss. I was sitting next to this guy. Average looking, around my age (give or take a year or two), and all around good guy. I don’t know him well and I’ve probably had 2 or three conversations with him but he’s a guy I could see hanging out with. (friend hanging out with, not hanging out, hanging out. Couldn’t see the anything but friends with this guy) So we were sitting there discussing and I raised my hand to affectionately put on his knee, like we were in a very close relationship. I saved the day from being awkward by keeping my hand moving and scratching my head. No one knew the difference. Like I said, never have had this happen before. I don’t know what came over me. Then I wasn’t even paying attention to the discussion on what we heard. I was trying to figure out what the heck I was thinking. So I was looking down and scowling because I was thinking so hard and then he would speak and I’d look up at him with this semi-confused face like I was surprised he was real. I think I was just tired. Yeah, let’s go with that.

So moving on. Last night was the Christmas Stroll and the Lion’s Christmas Party. And of course I had to be at both, making my life tough to schedule. So I ran home and figured out I need a new blinker. One of mine is out. Then I participated in the Christmas Stroll. The Christmas Stroll is a yearly thing on the first Monday of December where all the shops are open late and there are pictures with Santa at the library and hay rides. Saxy Brass, the brass group I’m in, goes to all the stores and plays a few songs and then we do hot chocolate at the coffee shop. A storm has moved in so it was cold last night and so I was wearing my thick wool coat with fleece lining. Not fun. Ugh. So after 2 hours, that’s right 2 hours, we finish up playing and I bolt and put my trombone, on top of the case, not even taking it apart, just laying it there and bolt over to the steak house for the Christmas party. I’ll almost be excited when I don’t have all these obligations to be at. But at the same time it’s going to be sad because I honestly don’t mind all the things I do.

They had a pasta bar and I figured since I was an hour late, I wasn’t going to get any food but they gave me food! To much food. There was seriously 3 Lions jumping to give me food. So I went back to the kitchen and they gave me 2 out of the 3 kinds of pasta, salad with ranch, no other veggies and then brought out the apple desert thing and a beer for me. I like to pretend that it wasn’t staff’s job to bring me stuff but they really like me. Probably not the case. And I did kind of throw it all up last night. I don’t know if I was just over full or what because the food was good, just made me puke. The President of the Lions’ board did make me announce why I was leaving. I did get the left over fudge and a plant for leaving. They didn’t plan that. They just decided that it was a good idea to give me more stuff to pack up and leave. And this doesn’t make much sense because, even though I’m a farmer’s daughter, I don’t have great luck with plants. And this is sad because this plant is a pretty plant.

Like I mentioned before, a storm moved in last night. We had about 3 inches last night and probably that much today now too. If this storm is how it’s going to be for the rest of the winter, I’m not excited because when I move home I got 17 miles into town and work. It could make for some long driving days. I need to move somewhere warm. Next life change, that’s what I’m doing.

Where I Talk About Diapers.


So my nephew’s birthday is coming up and his sister, my niece (for clarification), is a year and a half younger and yesterday I was thinking about watching them when they were babies/toddlers. Growing up, my parents didn’t have friends that had babies for me to change and when I babysat, I babysat the neighbor kids that didn’t need to be changed (though I do have a really good story about the boy when he was 4 and the shower. Another time)so when my nephew came along I watched a few times to figure it out and I got how you were supposed to change a boy. I watched him a decent amount before the niece came so I got pretty good at changing him. And after he started talking and communicating relatively well (after the niece came), he’d tell me when he needed to be changed. Most convenient thing ever. He’d lay down and say “Meggie change me”. I looked at him and got this weird look on my face and thought “Kids do that? This is for real?” This was also really helpful because I have the world’s worst sense of smell so even smelling crap is a job. Hopefully I can get a kid tell me like that one day. I’m going to put in a special order to God for that.

Then my niece came along. I didn’t babysit her as much because I wasn’t home as much, makes sense right? I also think that part of it is because I didn’t go bond with her in the hospital and I did with the nephew. I was working 180 miles away or else I would have gone and bond with her. Here’s the stupid part. The first time I laid her down and open her diaper and I go “What do I do. There’s no boy parts.” Never mind that I’ve wiped my own self a zillion times so figuring out how to clean a little girl shouldn’t be that hard. But I almost panicked that day. But I couldn’t freak out because kids hate the cold wet thing that you wipe them with and if you freak out, they freak out even more and then the protective older brother (the nephew) freaks out and then it’s all out pandemonium complete with tears and screaming. Then my brother would come in from chores and I have to tell him why and how I broke his children. Luckily because I played that scenario out in my head really quick, I didn’t panic and I grew a pair and figured it out. Am I ready for children? Probably not, but I know how to change a freaking diaper one day.

Because I’m obviously a genius with children, had a belly button song where I’d go “Belly button, belly button (insert name) has a belly button”. It was entertaining and made the whole diaper changing experience better. I am so lucky that kids are so easy to entertain. If I had tried that song on an adult that does raise some questions. Like why am I changing an adult diaper and who’s that easily entertained?

I used to work in Medora, which is the main tourist trap in North Dakota, and they have this musical they have every summer and they have a featured act during the second act of the musical and the acts rotate so we have like 4 or so featured acts a summer. My second summer I was out there every performer, whether it was a comedian or funny acrobats, every performer made a joke about Depends. Like the adult diaper-y thing, Depends. The act always knew when it was a slow night and all the employees came because we ran out of things to do and hey, we got in free because we would sit there stoned face during that joke. How many jokes about adult diapers can a person handle? Depends. (see I can crack a joke about it) But it doesn’t take all summer to get sick of them.

While we’re on the subject, cloth diapers. I didn’t grow up with them, I think, pretty sure. They oddly don’t creep me out as much as the store bought diapers do. Why do store bought ones give me a little bit of the heeby jeebies? I don’t know. Maybe because they seem plastic like and I’m now used to wearing cloth on my behind? It’s a possibility.

I know this post is super lame but I just started giggling about diapers last night, for no apparent reason, and I need sleep and this post came about. I just find it entertaining that I spent over 600 words talking about diapers. Little things obviously set me off.

I Might be a Little bit of a Girl


This first part might not be for anyone of the male persuasion. It might be t.m.i. Just skip the first paragraph or two.

So I have this really cute, large plaid purse that I originally bought for a project bag because it has nice pockets for needles and things for my knitting/embroidery/crocheting stuff. Well this project bag turned into my purse. Like I said, it’s large and cute and it doesn’t zipper, clip or anything. No way of closing. And because I am a prepared individual, I always have a pad with me. Just in case my period sneaks up on me. I did this in high school too. In youth group, I was always the oldest and all the girls knew I was prepared and usually could get me alone to ask for a pad. One told me I always had my period so I always had a pad. (she didn’t mean it bad, it just came out wrong) I am a handy woman to have around. But being I have a pad in an open purse, it can get a little awkward. The pad always seems to make it’s way to the top and I would totally use a pocket but I could see myself reaching in and feeling it and wondering what it is and pulling it out and embarrassing myself even more. And I just can’t change purses because everything I need is in this bag. It’s just to convenient to keep everything in one bag and not switch it out.

I sometimes wonder how a guy would deal with taking a pad or tampon because it’s not as acceptable for a guy to carry a purse. I also sometimes wonder what would happen if gender roles were reversed for a day. Might be entertaining, might be the worse idea ever, might be a little of both.

I just started a crochet project. I think my stripes of colors are a little thicker, actually I know they are because I’m doing 2 rows a color not one. I’m using black, pumpkin and white as the colors for this. I’m a little obsessed with crocheting right now. I have always identified myself as a knitter/embroiderer but crocheting is so much easier to carry. And I’m also obsessed with making humongous blankets. Also on my things to accomplish, make a white and black checkerboard granny square blanket. I think this is way cooler in my head but I don’t care. I finished my scrap yarn granny square blanket and it looks good. I also have a set of pillowcases that I’ve been embroidering that’s been taking forever and that’s still on the agenda.

Last night I went and paid my rent. My upstairs neighbors with the kids moved in August and I have been neighbor-less since then. My landlady told me that there had been some nibbles but one had dogs and the other had a bunch of kids. Then she said “no, I’ll be nice to Megan this time”. I had to laugh. I mentioned that the kids liked to run and it annoyed me mildly and the ones before…..well, not a good situation. Two bedroom apartment and they had 23 people in there when there were supposed to be only four. I didn’t feel very safe with these people upstairs. But I told her I was leaving and she was almost more excited for me than I was for me.

I’ve been breaking out lately and I can’t control it. I’ve never had much trouble with acne until after college. I think that’s because I’ve gained a bunch of weight since then. So does anyone have a solution for me?

Class Time Story Time.


I’m much calmer than I was yesterday, I promise.

I’ve run out of a lot of stories during past story times but I still have a few in me. These probably won’t be my greatest stories but I wanted something light for this post.

It’s Halloween and I don’t have a kids event at work……I don’t know if you guys realize this but I’m super excited about it. Kids events are so much more work. Being that it’s the Halloween season, I checked out the audio book versions of Frankenstein and Dracula. I read both books and Sense and Sensibility in British Literature 2 in college during the spring semester of my sophomore year (this is also the class where I announced the meaning of The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner was don’t shoot the bird. That teacher wanted to throw stuff me on a regular basis) and I sat next to this woman named Joy in that class. It was spring semester, did you get that? Well Joy didn’t like that we were reading scary stories because she is scared easily by stories. We started reading Dracula and we were discussing it and she announced that she was not reading this after the sun went down because it creeped her out so much.

To continue with the classmate stories, we’re going to talk about high school. Because we were entertaining. We had 21 kids in my class, so when I said I was in the top 10 in my class, not saying much. I mentioned this before briefly but we had class prophesies and we didn’t do the normal “most likely to succeed”. We were to legit. I was most likely to write a book. There was also most likely to get married first, most likely to save a child’s life, most likely to cut Keith Urban’s hair, most likely to be a priest on a Harley, most likely to be in the NBA, most likely to live IN the sea and the most likely to break every bone in their body. So that’s a little insight to how we think.

We were a relatively close class and we helped each other out, sometimes with homework. Our senior year we had 2 required classes, an English class and a government class. Government was right after noon hour and we all forgot that we had a worksheet due one day. So we all grab our books head to the gym and sat across the stage and started “helping” each other out on it. The teacher of the class walked in and we all slammed our books shut and being that it was in the gym, it echoed a little a bit and there were like 15 of us doing this. As you can tell, we were also very subtle.

Next couple stories revolve around one guy. Our junior year we were sitting around after class one day because we were busy not doing our homework and the boys had a basketball games and I pointed out that all the guys had the same pants but different shades of brown. This guy turns around and says “That’s because we can’t walk around in cute, little red skirts”, the immediate reply by one of the girls, “Well, you could, but it would look a little funny”.

We were sitting in government on day, everything happens in government/history class. We were actually working on an assignment and we always gave each other shit. This particular day we were giving this guy crap and we asked him if he had anything to share and he stopped and looked up and said “I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico” not what we were looking for or what we were insinuating.

During graduation we had real roses. Girls had long stem roses to carry and boys had boutonnieres. Our valedictorian, a guy, got up to give his speech. I’ve known this guy for years, our dads went to high school with each other, we rode the bus together, we practically dated in the first grade. We knew each other. So he’s doing his speech and you can tell he’s tearing up and he turns toward us and goes, damn allergies. He doesn’t have allergies so we laughed at him. Our English teacher wrote us a class poem and the girl who sat next to this guy gets up to read it and announces that this guy and her had a $2 bet about who would cry and he just lost. So she’s reading and she starts crying and she looks back at him and shakes her head and he stands up and starts clapping because they both lost the bet and he didn’t have to pay her $2.

We were also horrible people. We had this guy in our class and one time in algebra he was being stupid and his best friend counted to 3, that was our freshman year, (first time was perfectly done) and we did it until graduation. We altered this a little bit at graduation. Our junior year we had an exchange student from Sweden and she was a fan of tying sweaters around her shoulders. She was also terrified by box elder bugs. We have a lot of box elder bugs around here and they are less than harmless. So we were sitting in history class one day (again everything happens in history) and the teacher’s lecturing and I sat kiddy corner from this exchange student and the girl who sat behind her leans forward and tells her that there’s a box elder bug on her sweater. The poor girl screams and throws her sweater across the room. Us, who knew what was going on, were in mad laugher and the teacher was obviously not in the loop and asked her what was going on. Obviously nothing because she was super embarrassed. Again, we were horrible people.

Again, not my best stories, I’m running out, but it’s a post and an insight to my life. Happy Halloween!

Topic Change


It’s been a random week so I’ll be doing topic changes in this post to keep everyone informed. I’ll let you know when I change subjects.

TOPIC CHANGE:Yesterday was an interesting day. I went to the doctor. I accidentally put a piece of glass in my foot on Sunday and I went in today. They tried to take it out and we think we got it but if not, they told me it would fester out in like a month or so. Then they reprimanded me for not coming in earlier. I didn’t want to. I wanted to get this glass out myself. I can’t help that I’m an independent person. If I don’t have to go to the doctor, I don’t. Yesterday was the first time I’ve been to the doctor since spring break of my senior year of college.

TOPIC CHANGE: I had my interview to teach over seas yesterday. I think I’m more nervous about the situation now than I was 2 days ago. I realized yesterday that this is a bigger decision than just a change of job. I haven’t talked much about this but I’ve applied to a Christian organization to teach over in the Czech Republic for a year. I’m all for this idea. I’m at a point right now where I’m ready to transition to another job, I’m single and it would be a great opportunity. Reasons I wouldn’t want to go: it’s scary and it’s far away from the family. With how young the kids are, I’d miss a lot of their lives. I want to be a part of their lives. But I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least apply for this program. With technology I can still be a part of the kids’ lives. At the same time, I’m kind of excited because this chance doesn’t come around all the time. I asked my sister how she felt about it when I first brought it up and she was okay with it because of the experience but was worried about the Russian mob or getting raped. I’m not as worried about it. I know when to keep my head down and when not to go somewhere by myself.

TOPIC CHANGE: I think I’ve said it before but Paleontologists get on my nerves just a little. Ninety four percent of the paleos I’ve met are a little full of themselves. that 94% makes me want to run out of the room and puke or stay and puke on their hiking boots. We have this paleo professor that showed up today and he might be in the 6% that might be decent. But who am I to judge. I know I’m a little harsh but I can’t help it. I’m an English major with a disdain for paleontologists. I can’t even say I dislike them for being dirty because I’m a farm kid and I was dirty most of my childhood.

TOPIC CHANGE: I’ve been tired a lot lately and it’s because I choose to get too much sleep. Yes, that’s right, too much sleep. I didn’t think it true, but obviously, there is such a thing as too much sleep and I’m getting it and it’s making me tired. While I’m thinking about it, I started working out, which leads me to going to sleep early. That’s my excuse.

TOPIC CHANGE: I feel bad I haven’t had a good post lately. I haven’t ranted, I haven’t done much in the way of books, nothing. I apologize. I’ll try to bust one out soon.