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Happy New Year.


So I’m working on a bottle of wine. Let’s see if I can keep this coherent and not loopy. Right? Right. And it’s New Years Eve. I can drink wine if I want to…I’m an adult. So tonight, before drinking, I had a dance party by myself, in my kitchen to music in my head. I’m a great adult. I’m not crazy. But I am fun to hang out with. I’ll probably edit this later.

The past couple weeks have been good. The last week of classes were a little pointless. I was being observed but I got through them and got told I was improving. To which I wanted to answer, “Yeah, of course. I’m obviously going to approve from week 6 of teaching.” Whatever. Some classes give teachers presents. Some of them were quite interesting. But sweet that they got me something. I went into December not expecting anything. That was great.

The last day of class, I totally watched Jim Carrey’s version of The Grinch. That was interesting because a lot of the kids hadn’t seen it before. I was out of school way before noon and that was even more epic. The other American and I went out into the city and kind of celebrated the end of what we call “hell week”. Because it’s a rough week. So we went out to eat and to the Christmas market. Side note. I have accumulated 4 Christmas market mugs. I don’t need 4 of them. But I have them. End side note and the wine. Then we went with a group and caroled at a disabled home. Then we met some people to watch The Hobbit after we went to a Mexican restaurant called Arribas. There was us 2 American teachers, 2 Hungarians and a new guy from the states. Let’s call him P. He’s the only one to my right. I’m be sarcastically humorous because, let’s face it, that’s how I am with no responsibility. We’re all talking and then I feel a tap on my right shoulder. It’s P. He taps me on the shoulder to talk. Yup. Taps me. It’s nothing important, he just wants to get to know me. But I get tapped on the shoulder. Now I don’t know if had said my name before this and I didn’t hear him but I got tapped on the shoulder. Yup. Nice guy and he’s a shoulder tapper. We went to the Hobbit and I fell asleep and made references to The Mighty Ducks, Remember the Titans and The Matrix. I think I win.

I then started traveling starting on the Sunday. I first went to Vienna. It’s only a few hour train ride so that’s good. I get off the train and I pick up a map and I go to my hostel. That’s right, I went to a hostel. It was interesting. The first night, I had the room to myself. I did take a shower. That shower, I’m convinced, was made by men. First they say take 5 minutes. That made sense because there’s many people using that shower. But I have long hair and I need time to wash it. So I hurried but the light kept going out because it was motion censored and I guess I don’t make that much motion. Then the shower kept going off, I kept having to push in the button so I could get water. Made by men, Boo. Men don’t get it.

The next day I go out and I’m walking down the street looking like a tourist. With the shoulder bag, my farm coat with my name on it and a map in my hand. I really look like a tourist. This woman comes up to me and speaks to me in German. Several things. I could tell before she spoke, she wasn’t Austrian. She spoke in German to me. Then she spoke and I go, (mentally) you’re not Austrian. You’re American. I can usually catch German or I can get the drift. Not with this woman. I look at her and say I’m American. She goes so am I and I live here and I still can’t find my way around. So, I got mistaken for German in Germany and Austrian in Austria. Vienna was really cool. I liked it. My last night there, I had 2 French Canadian roommates. They would talk to each other in French and me in English.

I then went to Prague where my boss is. I stayed with her. She showed me around and on Christmas Eve, we were invited to a church service. It was between my boss’ church and the Catholic church across the street. First it was just a service, then it was with the Catholic church then it was a Catholic mass. I’m not Catholic. I grew up in a Catholic town, but not Catholic. They also offered us communion. This makes me nervous. Catholics don’t let just anyone take communion with them. So this was a big deal. I didn’t take communion. I just was uncomfortable with it. But I was at Catholic Mass on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, after a minor breakdown on Christmas Eve, we went to someone’s house. My boss made tacos for a group of people and we went to someone else’s flat because they had more room. This person is Mennonite. We don’t have Mennonites near where I live. The closest thing we have is Hooderites, but they’re not the same. So it was interesting being there getting to know them. It was kind of funny because my boss was telling me about her and she was like “She’s a farm kid, you’ll have a lot to talk about.” Yeah. Okay. We didn’t talk farming.

Next night, we go to this place called the Tavern. Best burger I’ve had since being in Europe. Europeans generally don’t get burgers. Before we get there, boss is telling me about some of these people that will be there. She’s talking about this guy and goes, “He’s a farm kid. You can bond.” Because if you grow up on a farm, you bond. This guy did look like the bigger guy in the singing group Home Free. Nice guy, but didn’t bond. Kind of wish we did.

So I was out of Budapest for a week and decided to come back home. I get on the train and I ride for 7 hours with 3 German men. They played games the whole time so I didn’t have to talk to them much. But I understood a decent amount of what they said. I should have counted how many times they said shit in German. It was quite a bit. But I got to my temporary home. I like being home.

Past couple days I have been eating way too much. And there’s been great coffee. I love coffee. On the way home I did get Martin Short’s memoirs read. He writes exactly like he speaks. I love him. I also feel bad that he lost his wife. He loved her so deeply and I want him to have her back and I want a love like that eventually.

So I don’t have much else to say. So have a good new year and be safe.


More Awkward Encounters.


So, why do I attract awkward situations with men? Seriously? I’m starting to blame this on the men. It’s not my fault. Let me explain. There’s this guy at work that just makes life awkward. Now, to be fair, he doesn’t have sisters, I don’t know his mom, I know he hangs out with guys a lot so he doesn’t have a reason to understand women. We have spent three shifts in a row together. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. And usually at work, there’s a point of the night very early on that I get in this zone of, don’t bother me, I’m putting people to bed or I’m getting blood pressures. I get intense. So after I feed one night, I come back on the wing and he goes “If there was an intelligent race of fighter gorillas and they ruled over an intelligent race of dogs, what would their cultures be like?” I’m supposed to follow that? Really? He knows that I’m not into sci-fi. We’ve had this discussion before. Ugh. Then that night, I’m charting or putting stuff in the computer, he comes up to me and goes, “Can I ask a personal question?” My mind goes okay, what’s going on. I’m going to turn you down if you ask me out because I’m leaving, we’re really different but then I’d feel bad for turning you down because you’re awkward and someone needs to teach you how not to be awkward. So I go. “Ask and if it’s to personal, I won’t answer. I’ll dodge the question.” (B.T.W. We’ve already had that exchange already that I’ve had to wonder if he’s asking me out. He needs a different lead in.) So he asks his question and we get into this long discussion about religion.

Move to later that night. I pop into a store room to get a drink of water. He corners me. He asks me if I can put someone to bed that he usually does. Yeah. “You okay?” “Yup. I’m fine.” “You sure? Because sometimes women say they’re fine and they’re not fine. I don’t know how to read women. They’re hard. And I don’t deal with them very often.” (The nursing home is crawling with women and very few men. He works at a place crawling with women.) “I’m fine.” (By this time we’re okay no. I’m walking to another room to fill my water and he’s following me explaining to me that women don’t always say what they mean. And he obviously doesn’t know me well because if he did, he’d know that I’m pretty straight forward. I say what I mean.” “You sure?” he asks again. I look at him, annoyed. “See this face? It’s my I’m fine face.” “Okay.” he backs off.

Next night, he follows me into the store room and then to the water room. He comes in and I joke about him stalking me. “yup. I am…..So how you doin’? So that weather…..It keeps changing. Like how does it do that?” He jokes. Okay. That did make me laugh. We’ll give him that. He made me laugh once. ONCE! Don’t go marrying me off. And last night we got off without any awkward situations. YAY! No Awkwardness. I feel like at this point, it’s a weird, off day that I’m not having an awkward situation. Yeah, I’m that girl. Always awkward.

Book Front: I’ve been slacking but I have started and finished 2 books. Reviews to come.

I also watched the season premiere of Outlander on Starz. From my tired, after work brain, it was good. I want to watch more, not tired, to get a real opinion. Did anyone else watch that? I want to know opinions.

MJ and I are still writing our random story. I like it. I feel like it’s going to be a life saver when I leave the country… 2 weeks.

Mildly Independent.


I like to consider myself mildly independent. I can handle things on my own and know when to call for help. I can check my oil, can take the car in when it needs oil, I can fill a mildly low tire with air. I can do things for myself. It’s what being an adult is right? That’s what I’ve heard at least. Isn’t being an adult completely overrated? Like one day, I’m just enjoying some Disney VHSs and a juice box and the next day I’m deciding how much to pay back on my student loan and planning to travel half way across the world by myself. And let’s be honest, that has been my life. I do watch Disney VHSs and drink juice boxes and I am paying back my student loans and traveling by myself. And a person is never to old to enjoy a nice refreshing juice box. If there hasn’t been one invented, someone should invent little boxed alcohol. I know there’s boxed wine but seriously, other alcohol in travel size. I’m not an alcoholic. It’s just a thought. And talking about adult things, being married came up again the other night at work. Now, I’m single. I’m okay with that at this point because I have a lot going on. Ask me again in like 2 months, my opinion might change. But honestly, this is like the fourth time this, and by “this” I mean marriage, has come up at work in the past 2 months. Yeah, overkill on the subject? Yes. That averages a marriage bring up every 2 weeks. Who says I’m adult enough for marriage? Not me, most the time I’m kind of like a 5-year-old at home. Didn’t you just read about my juice box and Disney binges? My sarcasm sometimes suggests other ages. So in all honesty, my age is up for debate.

Anyway, last night, I get off of work at like 9:30 and I’m pumped to be leaving work that early and so I walk out to my car, turn it on, make sure my music isn’t to loud to wake the dead and I pull away. Almost immediately I know I have a flat tire. And not just a flat tire that can be fixed with a little air, a majorly flat tire that would demand me to put a lot of air in it. I know that I live in a small town, with not so many options, I call my parents. There’s a reason for me not just filling the tire. I know it needs to fixed and because I don’t know how to change a tire. This is the second time that this has happened since I moved home so I called mom and dad and told them what was going on and where I was parked. So okay, they’re on their way to help me. Now I was expecting my mom to pop in with the car to help me. Nope, it was my daddy with the pickum-up-truck. Or the pickup, which ever you want to call it. And he changes my tire. Not only do my father and I share a sense of humor, he comes and saves the day by changing my tire. And to top it all off, it started to rain, making life that more dramatic. Because let’s face it, rain makes things dramatic. Even if it is just a sprinkle.

I know that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and not everyone knows how to change a tire, but in a weird way it feels like my mild independence is gone. I have survived out of my parents’ house for almost 8 years and then I need help with getting a tire off and replace it. Even though, I live in a very small town, I should have figured out a different solution or figured out how to change it myself….but my mommy and daddy like me…..

So this morning I dyed Easter eggs. Pretty excited about that. For no reason because most of those eggs are going into a potato salad my mother has all ready made. So there was no joy other than spending time with the niece and nephew this morning in this. No cracking the shell or anything. Disappointing. The other day my nephew was here and was going to leave. I asked for a hug. “Yeah, first Grandpa, then Grandma and then you. Save the best for last.” If only I could love that child a little more. I also came to the conclusion that even though I love the niece to bits, she is a loud child. Like you can’t hear yourself think when she’s in the vicinity. Did not get that from my side of the family. Those kids do keep me young. Maybe that’s why there’s such a debate on my age in my head.

Story Time: Self Edition


All of these stories are recent.

A week or so ago, there was a night that was a bad sleeping night due to pain. I don’t want to talk about it. It’s finger related. Not the point.(but my finger does…point…did you get that?) All you need to know is my finger is okay and not falling off and I slept in until 9 that next morning. One of the local stations has like a mini-talk show put on by the news sation. Sometimes they have local bands and yesterday they had a local band on. I kept looking at the lead singer and wondering why he looked so familiar. It was because I sat next to him my freshman year of college in band and I had a crush on him. Several things about this, because if you’re like me, this brings up some thoughts.

Last time I saw this guy was 2007, how did I still remember this guy? What did I see in him? He isn’t the greatest looking guy. Was it because he was better than me in band? Is playing in a band his job now? I mean he’s almost 30 so what’s with this? Is this why I’m still single? I choose random non-dateable guys? More on that later, on a different post.

So recently I was in Barnes and Noble buying David McCullough’s John Adams and first the guy behind me acted surprised that I even knew who the author was buy even had read one of McCullough’s pieces. I have a theory that he was surprised because I look young. THEN the sales girl checking me out looks at it and was like this is a good book and she looks my age. Us young’uns do read books, how about that.

So the best thing about working at a nursing home, I’ve decided, is that random things come out of them. Not just crap but like words and actions that come are funny. Like kicking and throwing stuff at aids, and “when I get mad, shit is going to hit the fan” and “We’ll boil the shit out of it”. They do talk about shit a lot. I found out, no, I take that back. My feelings have been affirmed that I will not be in health care for the rest of my life.

So my car is having tire problems and I’ve been driving one of our pick ups. I’ve enjoyed every single second of it. I was driving home tonight and I wasn’t out of town and I drive by the cemetery, (which is on one side of town) and the cops like to sit there, nothing new, they’ve sat there for years. Even when I was in high school that was where they sat. The cop pulled me over for a headlight that was out. First I couldn’t find the button to roll the window down, so I just opened the door, then I didn’t have my seat belt on but I made up a story that I needed to reach over for the cubby hole and the stuff that was in it. The insurance wasn’t current, I’m about 90% the registration was current, on the verge of speeding and I didn’t have my seat belt on. I didn’t get a ticket. I was floored. First thing out of my mouth when I got home (I had called and told them what was going on) was how surprised I was that I didn’t get a ticket. I also had horn problems with this pickup today, so it was a full day of pickup today.

So I’m full of stuff going on. Those were just the highlights.

Sadness and then Story Time


So today was emotionally draining. Last day at the museum. My baby of three years. People are saying good-bye and there’s been tears, an upcoming moody point in my life, and a call to my mommy. I also got a call from the state tourism board asking me to be on a panel about getting people in your museum in April, at the state conference. Booo me leaving. I really want to be on that panel and I won’t be here. I will still know everything, I can do it without be employed by the museum right? I asked mom today if this was the right decision, if leaving was the correct thing to do. Every other day, I have known that I need to do this. Today, saying goodbye to people and having this opportunity to be on this panel, I wonder if it’s the right thing. Mom just said that this is the right thing. No matter how involved with the museum I am (which has been quite a bit in the last 3 years), this is right.

So let’s talk about something lighter so I can get myself out of this funk. My car, Rhonda, is getting fixed. Rhonda got ran into by the city’s snow plow and it’s finally getting fixed. That does mean that I am on foot. But I lucked out and I have people that can drive me. I am also going out with R and her son tonight for pizza and then have a movie marathon and read and do a little drinking. Not alcoholic amount of drinking just a little to finish off what I have. I also went to “Frozen” the other night. Totally worth going to. Even as an adult. And I totally had a running commentary in my head just like I always do.

Now Story Time as Promised by the title.

I spent 2 of my 3 1/2 summers in Medora in the Ice Cream Shops. And one of the shops also had the bakery a part of it. That shop opened up early so I was up and at work at like 6:30 in the morning and being that this was a tourist town and employees like to party. There was something going on the night before so I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 in the morning. I was tired that morning when I opened up the bakery. We had an employee bathroom and if you didn’t turn on the light/fan and let the door open a crack, you could hear people come in. So there I am with hair a little disheveled, wearing my glasses, half asleep on the toilet. I reached over and put my hand on top of the toilet paper roll on the thing and then all of a sudden it crashes down and the toilet paper goes rolling out the door. The holder had fallen off in my hand, without me pushing and I had no idea how this happened. The couple that ran the shops are like my summer parents and the guy came in at like 11 and I ducked in the bathroom grabbed the holder and said “I broke it”. The guy kind of looked at me for a while and just started to laugh, like this was just another one of my antics and that it one of the random things I pulled off when I was there.

So remember the roommate I had my senior year of college? Well I had a roommate my senior year of college and she kept life fun. I’m pretty sure that I told the story about finals week where she went out drinking the night before her 8 a.m. final and brought home a guy and I almost caught a sight at his manhood. Not fun. But she also made our bathtub pink. After I cleaned it that day. PINK! It was October and a bunch of students painted themselves pink and white for breast cancer awareness and then she got drunk and she liked to lay in the tub and fall asleep in the tub when she got drunk. I had to pee at one time at the night but I dealt. The next morning I got up and didn’t put my glasses on and stumbled into the bathroom. I extra stumbled over her shoes and then my eyes were open to the pink tub. I was not pleased and not going to clean that up. Nope I didn’t. The adventures of living with roommates. Sigh.

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say today. Have a good and safe New Years.

Class Time Story Time.


I’m much calmer than I was yesterday, I promise.

I’ve run out of a lot of stories during past story times but I still have a few in me. These probably won’t be my greatest stories but I wanted something light for this post.

It’s Halloween and I don’t have a kids event at work……I don’t know if you guys realize this but I’m super excited about it. Kids events are so much more work. Being that it’s the Halloween season, I checked out the audio book versions of Frankenstein and Dracula. I read both books and Sense and Sensibility in British Literature 2 in college during the spring semester of my sophomore year (this is also the class where I announced the meaning of The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner was don’t shoot the bird. That teacher wanted to throw stuff me on a regular basis) and I sat next to this woman named Joy in that class. It was spring semester, did you get that? Well Joy didn’t like that we were reading scary stories because she is scared easily by stories. We started reading Dracula and we were discussing it and she announced that she was not reading this after the sun went down because it creeped her out so much.

To continue with the classmate stories, we’re going to talk about high school. Because we were entertaining. We had 21 kids in my class, so when I said I was in the top 10 in my class, not saying much. I mentioned this before briefly but we had class prophesies and we didn’t do the normal “most likely to succeed”. We were to legit. I was most likely to write a book. There was also most likely to get married first, most likely to save a child’s life, most likely to cut Keith Urban’s hair, most likely to be a priest on a Harley, most likely to be in the NBA, most likely to live IN the sea and the most likely to break every bone in their body. So that’s a little insight to how we think.

We were a relatively close class and we helped each other out, sometimes with homework. Our senior year we had 2 required classes, an English class and a government class. Government was right after noon hour and we all forgot that we had a worksheet due one day. So we all grab our books head to the gym and sat across the stage and started “helping” each other out on it. The teacher of the class walked in and we all slammed our books shut and being that it was in the gym, it echoed a little a bit and there were like 15 of us doing this. As you can tell, we were also very subtle.

Next couple stories revolve around one guy. Our junior year we were sitting around after class one day because we were busy not doing our homework and the boys had a basketball games and I pointed out that all the guys had the same pants but different shades of brown. This guy turns around and says “That’s because we can’t walk around in cute, little red skirts”, the immediate reply by one of the girls, “Well, you could, but it would look a little funny”.

We were sitting in government on day, everything happens in government/history class. We were actually working on an assignment and we always gave each other shit. This particular day we were giving this guy crap and we asked him if he had anything to share and he stopped and looked up and said “I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico” not what we were looking for or what we were insinuating.

During graduation we had real roses. Girls had long stem roses to carry and boys had boutonnieres. Our valedictorian, a guy, got up to give his speech. I’ve known this guy for years, our dads went to high school with each other, we rode the bus together, we practically dated in the first grade. We knew each other. So he’s doing his speech and you can tell he’s tearing up and he turns toward us and goes, damn allergies. He doesn’t have allergies so we laughed at him. Our English teacher wrote us a class poem and the girl who sat next to this guy gets up to read it and announces that this guy and her had a $2 bet about who would cry and he just lost. So she’s reading and she starts crying and she looks back at him and shakes her head and he stands up and starts clapping because they both lost the bet and he didn’t have to pay her $2.

We were also horrible people. We had this guy in our class and one time in algebra he was being stupid and his best friend counted to 3, that was our freshman year, (first time was perfectly done) and we did it until graduation. We altered this a little bit at graduation. Our junior year we had an exchange student from Sweden and she was a fan of tying sweaters around her shoulders. She was also terrified by box elder bugs. We have a lot of box elder bugs around here and they are less than harmless. So we were sitting in history class one day (again everything happens in history) and the teacher’s lecturing and I sat kiddy corner from this exchange student and the girl who sat behind her leans forward and tells her that there’s a box elder bug on her sweater. The poor girl screams and throws her sweater across the room. Us, who knew what was going on, were in mad laugher and the teacher was obviously not in the loop and asked her what was going on. Obviously nothing because she was super embarrassed. Again, we were horrible people.

Again, not my best stories, I’m running out, but it’s a post and an insight to my life. Happy Halloween!

Just a Quick Break.


So this morning, I got on WordPress and checked my stats and to write a post and someone used the search term “moms been reading again” and came up with my blog…….When did I become a moms? I didn’t realize I pushed out a child or got a pet that I’m overly attached to.

Today was laundry day. Know what that means? I looked like I was homeless to get clean clothes. I showed up like 2 hours later than usual because I liked my bed to much and there was a steady stream of men through that laundry mat. I almost didn’t feel safe with all these men I didn’t know there. I counted 7 at one time in that building. There’s never that many people in there. Ever. Maybe it’s because of the storm yesterday. But I was a little uneasy.