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Sadness and then Story Time


So today was emotionally draining. Last day at the museum. My baby of three years. People are saying good-bye and there’s been tears, an upcoming moody point in my life, and a call to my mommy. I also got a call from the state tourism board asking me to be on a panel about getting people in your museum in April, at the state conference. Booo me leaving. I really want to be on that panel and I won’t be here. I will still know everything, I can do it without be employed by the museum right? I asked mom today if this was the right decision, if leaving was the correct thing to do. Every other day, I have known that I need to do this. Today, saying goodbye to people and having this opportunity to be on this panel, I wonder if it’s the right thing. Mom just said that this is the right thing. No matter how involved with the museum I am (which has been quite a bit in the last 3 years), this is right.

So let’s talk about something lighter so I can get myself out of this funk. My car, Rhonda, is getting fixed. Rhonda got ran into by the city’s snow plow and it’s finally getting fixed. That does mean that I am on foot. But I lucked out and I have people that can drive me. I am also going out with R and her son tonight for pizza and then have a movie marathon and read and do a little drinking. Not alcoholic amount of drinking just a little to finish off what I have. I also went to “Frozen” the other night. Totally worth going to. Even as an adult. And I totally had a running commentary in my head just like I always do.

Now Story Time as Promised by the title.

I spent 2 of my 3 1/2 summers in Medora in the Ice Cream Shops. And one of the shops also had the bakery a part of it. That shop opened up early so I was up and at work at like 6:30 in the morning and being that this was a tourist town and employees like to party. There was something going on the night before so I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 in the morning. I was tired that morning when I opened up the bakery. We had an employee bathroom and if you didn’t turn on the light/fan and let the door open a crack, you could hear people come in. So there I am with hair a little disheveled, wearing my glasses, half asleep on the toilet. I reached over and put my hand on top of the toilet paper roll on the thing and then all of a sudden it crashes down and the toilet paper goes rolling out the door. The holder had fallen off in my hand, without me pushing and I had no idea how this happened. The couple that ran the shops are like my summer parents and the guy came in at like 11 and I ducked in the bathroom grabbed the holder and said “I broke it”. The guy kind of looked at me for a while and just started to laugh, like this was just another one of my antics and that it one of the random things I pulled off when I was there.

So remember the roommate I had my senior year of college? Well I had a roommate my senior year of college and she kept life fun. I’m pretty sure that I told the story about finals week where she went out drinking the night before her 8 a.m. final and brought home a guy and I almost caught a sight at his manhood. Not fun. But she also made our bathtub pink. After I cleaned it that day. PINK! It was October and a bunch of students painted themselves pink and white for breast cancer awareness and then she got drunk and she liked to lay in the tub and fall asleep in the tub when she got drunk. I had to pee at one time at the night but I dealt. The next morning I got up and didn’t put my glasses on and stumbled into the bathroom. I extra stumbled over her shoes and then my eyes were open to the pink tub. I was not pleased and not going to clean that up. Nope I didn’t. The adventures of living with roommates. Sigh.

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say today. Have a good and safe New Years.


Mermaids Reappear


I’m at a point right now where I just can’t seem to finish a post. That’s why you haven’t seen much of me lately. I just can’t focus and bust out anything that’s good. I’ve been too busy to do anything exciting and there’s just not the brain power to do anything. Yesterday I went in the library to get an audio book and the I was having trouble finding a book that had the power for me to use very little brain power and the librarian said I was being whiny. I am not whiny. I just inform people of the things that are wrong in my life. There’s a difference. And I’m tired so leave me alone. I’ll get more to post about when I go overseas and start living a more exciting life. Trust me, lots of awkward moments I can get into with a language barrier and cowboy boots.

So today I started writing things down that are in my head for the museum and I never realized how much I knew. I have one page front and back full and the start of another one and that’s just the beginning of it. There’s no stop to the knowledge I have. And honestly, I didn’t get any of the information I put down when I started here. This is me being nice even though I don’t want to be. I really just want to not leave anything and let the new person figure it out like I had to. But that would be horrible of me. Right? Do I have the justification of not leaving anything? This is a moral question that I just don’t want to deal with and let someone else not in this situation decide. One of the board stopped by today to kind of figure out all what I know and she was here for about a half hour and I really overwhelmed her. That’s what happens when you’ve been here 3 years with little help. You get to smart.

When I first started here, some of the volunteers would joke that the museum has a ghost. The buzzer went off for no reason, heard things randomly, things like that would happen. I dismissed it. The building’s not that old and no way we’re haunted. Now, I totally get it. Everything they said has happened. I have had merchandise that is secure on the top shelf of a book case on the floor 6 feet away from where it should be and today, when I was totally alone in the museum and sitting up front at the desk writing, one of the pictures fell of a very secure place on the wall and broke the frame. There’s a bunch of pictures sitting on this ledge and none of them have ever fallen before and it was just one picture. On a normal basis, this picture (that was in the middle) would have taken down all the rest of the pictures. This museum has something going on. Trust me.

I also forgot to mention last post that the night R and I were drinking while using sharp tools to curate millions of years old fossils, she was telling us about her broken toilet. It runs and runs and runs. So being the toilet experts we are, Y and I told her how to fix it. And then we all huddled around a toilet or two to show her how to fix her toilet. Now here’s the thing. I went to the bathroom this morning and then went back to bed. My toilet started to run and I was too tired to realize it was my toilet and I just thought it was one of the guys upstairs taking a shower. Nope, my toilet. Not that exciting right? Well, welcome to my life. It centers around the museum and toilets.

Remember when I went on a mermaid spree a few months ago? Right, it was epic. Well that documentary was on last night again. It got me thinking about mermaids again. And don’t mess with me, mermaids could possibly exist. We don’t know, we haven’t explored everything under water. Here’s my question. What is the life span of a mermaid. R says that it’s 43.89 years because you don’t see an old, ugly, wrinkly mermaid. I asked her how many mermaids she had seen and she has seen a few. She’s older. I’m going to believe her. She then counter my questions with the question of are the baby mermaids shark bait. They have to be. No way that they couldn’t be. Sharks (with the exception of Bruce from ‘Finding Nemo’ and only because he never knew his father) aren’t friends with anyone. They eat. Hence my thought process. And since we’re talking about it, ‘The Little Mermaid’ has been on t.v. and I’ve been noticing it. Mermaids are taking over the world? Quite possibly.

I haven’t talked about this much but R and I will talk about random conspiracy theories. She thinks that Elvis is really in South Dakota on the Reservation. We, collectively, think that Big Foot is a little creepy and we don’t want to deal with him, the Loch Ness Monster is cool and we want to find him and I totally am into mermaids. R asked a guy friend of hers what he thought of the whole mermaid thing and he didn’t say that they did exist but also didn’t say they didn’t exist. He said it was possible. I’m totally taking that as he’s on my side and he is a very smart man.

Well, I totally wasn’t expecting to talk about mermaids again today but they’re stalking me. When I live in a land locked state. That doesn’t get much annual rainfall. I don’t know how they’re doing it but this is totally happening and the mermaids want me to know something. Let me tell you what mermaids. I don’t speak mermaid. I speak human. Am I obsessed… sad as this is, yes. I need a new hobby or a new obsession. Something that doesn’t involve creatures whose existence isn’t quite proven yet. One day this will happen. One day. Maybe after I move, the mermaids will leave me alone.

How many Engagements do you Need?


First- Work story: So I had a speaker at the museum on Sunday. He’s the head of the history department at my alma mater. Never had a class from him, had to deal with him once when I did my internship, but I do know who he is. So he came in on Sunday and we’re talking and there were several times where we walked to the computer or something and we were talking and he puts his hands on my shoulder and back and like does this rubbing thing. It lasts like a millisecond both times and his wife and child were watching and I don’t like to be touched unnecessarily by someone I barely know. The speaker is someone I barely know and this was unnecessary. I know that this wasn’t meant to mean anything and most likely I won’t see this man ever again in my life, but pretty sure that’s how sexual harassment starts. I know I’m overreacting. I don’t like being touched by random people. This makes one night stands really difficult, so I don’t have them. Take note everyone.

So, I have this cousin. He’s about 5 1/2 years older than me, we live in the same town, and we’ve never had much to do with each other and he’s just gotten engaged for the 3rd time. Never married, just engaged. He was engaged once when I was a senior in high school and he cheated on her so they called off the wedding, he got engaged when I moved here 2 1/2 years ago (that was about 3 1/2 years after the first engagement ended.) and they broke up, got back together and broke up and they called it quits for sure about 3 months ago and now he’s engaged to another girl. This girl is from Canada and just moved down here last week and the wedding date is for next September. I don’t know how he met her or what the situation is but call me suspicious, but I’m not going to congratulate them until I see a marriage certificate. I don’t even feel bad about being hesitant about this relationship. Most of the time, I would but not this one.

His dad, my mom’s adopted brother, wasn’t great at relationships either until recently so I’ve tried to give him some slack but it’s so hard not to be critical of a guy that’s been engaged 3 times. And usually I’m a sucker for love. I’m the first to admit that my head and heart get ahead of me when it comes to relationships but I’m a little disillusioned by this situation. I know I get ahead of myself but I never get engaged. Let alone 3 times to 3 different people in under a decade. At least they didn’t

And just for the record, I’m not being critical of him because he’s family, I’m being critical because I feel like this is a little bit of ridiculousness. You would think that after the second time of being “heartbroken”, you’d wait and take things slow with a girl. And I know that the last girl he described as his soul mate and this girl is his soul mate too. I’m confused. How many soul mates do you get in your life and where’s mine? Or do I have to wait until this cousin finds his to get mine? Because that isn’t fair, I want mine. Because if we go to the other side of the family, we have so far gotten engaged chronologically and it’s my turn. Let’s get going.

We were talking about this at work and my part timer goes “That’d be expensive, with all those engagement rings. Unless he just asked for the ring back”, to which response was “oh HELLLLL NO!” really loudly. That would be just sketchy and no one that I am related to is going to be sketchy. Just saying. But wouldn’t that be an awkward conversation, getting that ring back? I think I’d punch the guy that asked for the engagement ring back because once it’s going on, it’s not coming off. My opinion, but obviously not what everyone adheres to.

I didn’t have anything really. I just needed a rant because this is just ridiculous, get your life in order and pick the right girl before you get engaged.

Reading Bubble


Small Rant: I deal with people all the time. Tourists, museum board members, staff and volunteers, city and county commissioners, random people on the street, the media, vendors, family and friends among many other people. I can handle most people. If I can’t, I usually get myself out of the situation. But the one kind of person that I can’t get away from EVER is the slow talker. I know you want to think before you speak and how you speak but hurry up with it. I can keep up with you, I promise. If I don’t I’ll ask you to repeat what you said. If only people would talk and respond as fast as my brain worked, we wouldn’t have this problem of me getting annoyed. Rant over.

I have another fair to be at this weekend. 😦 I dread county fairs.

Funny Story: My nephew had his first music class in school the other day and he told his mom, my sister-in-law, that they got to dance and sing but not play any instruments. His mom said that they probably wouldn’t be playing any instruments for a while to which the reply was “What? We have to be 14 to play?” No, just in the 4th grade to be in band. I feel like he’s going to continue the grand tradition of our family being involved in music. We all thought my niece would hit that stage before he would but surprise, he’s interested.

I have this problem. I read a book and I’m really into this book and I’m in the middle of a reading marathon and then the character is addicted to coffee and I look up and go “Coffee”. I then crave coffee for like a week. And I was just weaning myself off of coffee. Sigh. I suppose I should be glad this happened with coffee and not something horrible like heroin. I don’t just do this with coffee. I’ll be reading a contemporary piece and they’ll be at a café, eating a burger and I’ll go “mmmmmm. Cheeseburger”. Books can lead me to crave random things and dream ridiculousness. It’s like pregnancy.

I’ve noticed some interesting things about myself when I’m reading. I don’t necessarily eat (I’ll crave things but not eat), I forget to drink if I have a drink by me. These things just are a distraction. I usually look homeless when I’m reading (remember my laundry attire? same thing) and it’s seriously like being in a bubble. When I go Book Marathoning, nothing can be going on. No television, no music, no speaking. Just me, the actual silence and the words (honestly words can be noisy enough). It’s weird to me that I do that with literature. I do that with nothing else. Not with music, not with work (let’s face it, I have to pay attention to 300 million things at work. I can’t be in a bubble). What makes my life so bad that I have to block it out, get lost in someone else’s life and read? Nothing. I have it good compared to some characters that I read about. Can anyone say Jamie Fraser’s jail experience?

I think I do this reading bubble thing because I lived far from my friends growing up. When you live 17-20 miles from the majority of your real friends growing up, you need a substitute. Books were my substitute. I’ve gotten very good at making myself a reading bubble and not letting anyone in. It also makes me an awesome speed reader. Reading was my highest score on my ACTs.

Someone said this before but they transform into the characters when they start reading and really get into a book. They start worrying about the character’s worries and start thinking about the characters. I do this too. Because I sure have to worry about the Jacobite uprising or if Mr. Wickham will ruin my family. I almost develop an accent when reading a book.

These reasons are part of the reason I am really good at living alone.

Speaking about reading, still reading Into the Wilderness. I have some notes on it all ready and it should be interesting how this all pans out. It’s interesting to read or listen to reviews on this book. People generally love it but there are a few that don’t like it for whatever reasons. I almost like reading the negative reviews more because it’s easy to love a book but when flaws are pointed out, it’s easier for me to read it with a clearer head.

Dear Southern Men…….Why?


I’ve seriously been struggling for a post lately. I have 4 started and can’t seem to finish any of them. I haven’t finished any good books lately, because let’s face it: It’s summer and tourist season. I don’t even have funny tourist stories right now. I don’t have a rant or a list. I’m dry for funny stories period. I’ve just been going to meetings, work and working on an embroidery commission. Last night “The Time Traveler’s Wife” was on television. Did they screw up that movie or what? That’s a book that’s good on paper but can’t translate on the screen. There’s too much that defines the couple and too many little things that make time-travel complicated.

I’m slowly making my way through Biblical Women and who they Hooked up with by Susan McGeown. It has a lot of interesting points and there will probably be a post on it when I finally make it through it. It’s not one of those books you can read 5 chapters of in a night. There’s a lot of things to think about when reading. Some things I haven’t ever thought of before or never knew.

So this morning was laundry day. The usual attire for laundry day for me is yoga pants pulled up a little to high (give me a break, pulling them up makes them look normal), tee-shirt, hair in a pony tail or messy bun (usually I haven’t combed my hair before laundry), my teeth aren’t brushed (which is weird, not brushing my teeth usually bothers me to no end) and glasses. It’s laundry, why do I have to look good? It’s because I have to do laundry, I don’t look good. So I get to the laundry mat and park behind this Nebraska pickup. I automatically think that the owner is oilfield. Not a stupid assumption since I live on the cusp of oil country and that will turn into oil country in a few years. So I walk in and there’s two guys sorting laundry. I don’t really look at them because it’s Saturday and I look not great and I’m caught in my own little world. So all of a sudden I hear “How are you today ma’am?”. I look around and see there’s no other female there. I always think that when someone calls me ma’am, they’re really making a mistake and they mean someone else. I’m 25, not a ma’am. So I answer and I look at the guy. He’s tall, wearing Levis (not Wranglers but the next closest thing) and not unfortunate looking. And for those of you wondering, there wasn’t much of a conversation after this because I was a little fugly looking.

I’ve noticed a random thing about guys from the north and the guys from the south (and yes, I’m calling Nebraska south because I’m from North Dakota. Everything is south from here). Guys from the south use ma’am for every female. It’s a manners thing, I get that. Manners are different here in the north than the south. But I’m not a ma’am. I’m 25. I don’t feel old enough for ma’am. My mother is a ma’am. But I’m also not a miss. So this does put a southern man in a little bit of a pickle. You use a sign of respect for a female so what do you use for people like me?

I’ve also noticed more a chivalry thing with Southern men. Not necessarily a bad thing but I can seat myself. I will let a man open my door for me though. There also seems to be a more protective nature of Southern men, you just take care of a woman, even if she isn’t yours. Why is this? I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, it’s just I haven’t been around males in a while because I’m kind of a loner because all I do is work so I’m not used to it. And I do have to admit, a mild southern accent with the right guy is okay.

If you want to discuss these differences or explain things to me, please do. And don’t think that since I’m talking about Southern men, I don’t like Northern men. I do like Northern men, I’m super used to them, I grew up with them.

End Post.

Questions I Have.


I really don’t have the energy to keep on one subject so here’s questions I have for the universe.

Does someone want to explain to me what the lure of mason jars are? People are using them for weddings and utensils. To me, yeah, they’re useful but I’m not going to decorate a wedding with them. To me, why use them at a wedding unless you live in the mountains or a forest, not if you live in a city. Mason jars aren’t that great. Thanks.

And since we’re talking about weddings, what’s with the pouring sand in a jar. Yes, I get what it symbolizes but really? Let’s get the vows, short biblical story/message, rings, kiss the wench and we’re done. None of this extra stuff.

Why is phonetic not spelled phonetically? Phonetics doesn’t help me like ever making dictionaries like table levelers.

Why are decisions so hard? I don’t like them. They should be nice and soft and squishy. And I should call him squishy and he will be my squishy.

Where did the phrase “Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place” come from?

Why can’t I get a day off?

Who wants to come with me and steal Diana Gabaldon’s copy of her new novel that’s coming out next year? We can’t do that, no matter how desperate I am to continue the heroic saga of Jamie and Claire.

Does someone want to give me a fake beard and moooooooustache? I’m breaking out and I feel like a fake beard and moooooooustache would help my self-confidence right now. Which brings me to the question of: Who’s played Moustache bingo? If you haven’t played Moustache bingo, here’s how you play. You put a moustache on a random place on the television, where you normally wouldn’t have a moustache and whenever it hits the appropriate spot you yell BINGO. We used to play that at the bar of the Pizza Parlor in Medora and tourists thought we were crazy.

I can’t get my hair to keep curl. I have board hair. I put mousse in my hair and then I douse my hair with hair spray, like that hole, in the ozone layer, might be my fault and it’s still looks like a warped board at the end of the day. How does one keep curls or waves in one’s hair all day? I totally blame my father for this problem.

Who lets me drink juice by myself from something other than a sippie cup? I always dribble. You would think that at 25 I could drink without spilling juice through that hole in my mouth. I can’t. I’m failing at being an adult. First: I spill fluid out of my mouth and Second: I find out that fluid is non-spiked juice-a very not adult drink.

I lost a subscriber. Where’d you go. Come back. Let’s not break up. I’ll try harder to be a good….blogger. Yeah, probably not. But come BACK!

That’s all the questions I really have. Answer……………now.

More Boy Stuff, but the Fun Stuff.


I know after yesterday that people will not want to hear me talk about guys. But I found a list via one of my Facebook friends and I couldn’t resist. It’s The 22 All-Time Hottest Hunks of PBS. PBS was the majority of what I watched when I was at Grandma’s house. Let’s talk about certain people on this list.

16. Bill Nye Yup, the Science Guy. He got a 7/10 and it wasn’t higher because they said it was like crushing on your seventh-grade chemistry teacher. I looked at the picture for a while and tilted my head and put it back straight and yeah. Bill Nye, you got something going on.

14. Jason Isaacs Otherwise known as Malfoy’s dad in the Harry Potter series. I seriously didn’t recognize him as a brunette. He need to have long blonde hair for me to recognize him instantly.

13. Levar Burton Heck to the yes. I tweeted recently that I would totally do his job on “The Reading Rainbow” but he is an attractive man and I think he’s getting better with age. I loved that show when I was little.

6. Fred Rogers How did Mr. Rogers rank higher than Bill Nye and Levar Burton? I don’t agree. There’s other men more enjoyable to look at. Here’s what they said: “Don’t even front like you wouldn’t hit that.” It’s not a front, no pretending, no lying. I wouldn’t hit that. The idea of hitting that makes me grimace a little bit, honestly. It’s because of his association with the puppet things on the show. They scared the crap out of me when I was little. He’s also old enough to be my grandpa. It wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have the picture of him being grandfatherly in my head, but I do. And I don’t think he’s that good-looking. Bill Nye and Levar Burton are both better looking. Let’s be honest.

5.Benedict Cumberbatch He’s Sherlock. That gives him more of an appeal. It made Robert Downey Jr. more attractive to me.

2. Jeremy Irons + Anthony Andrews Okay, yes, both attractive men. But why both at number 2. One has to be better than the other. Why can’t there be 23 on the list. 22 is a weird enough number so 23 isn’t much worse. Can I just point out that Jeremy Irons was Scar in “The Lion King” and I didn’t put it together until recently. And he Irons was in “Eragon”. Wasn’t a great movie but he was good. Still attractive. I’m not a hundred percent sure who Andrews is or else I’d have an opinion on him.

Yeah that’s about all I have for an opinion today.