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Yup. I’m still in Hungary.


I think a lot of times, when a person does ministry in a foreign place and that person is single and they come back, you hear a lot of the good. You will hear the bad but no one can ever prepare you for the emotional journey that you will take. It isn’t perfect. It has a lot of emotions and not all good. I have never felt more alone than I have since I’ve come here. I also have never felt like people wanted me out so bad too. It’s been an interesting few months to be sure. I’ll start with the bad and move to the good. Because the bad is always stuck in a person’s mind at the time.

I’m a shy person in person in real life. Like really shy. Until I am comfortable with you, it’s really tough to talk to me. So in Mid-October, the school was like “hey, you’re not doing great. We’re asking for another native speaker teacher.” That was the day before fall break. Great. That was the actually the first time that I broke down since I’ve been there. I mean, I didn’t do it at school, I came back to my place and did it. So my boss came out from Prague and got everything taken care of. It was not and is not easy to think about and deal with for me. Good thing is that I’m here for at least a while longer. That’s a very good thing. That means I can invest in the faculty and students a little bit more. I have a faculty member watching a few of my classes this week and then I’m sure after Christmas things will happen or something.

Good things: I went to Germany in October. There is a German woman who was an exchange student when I was a freshman in high school and I went to stay with her and her husband. It was a fun time. Went to Heidelberg and saw a ruined castle and just hung out and practiced my German. We had Thanksgiving for the kids the Saturday before Thanksgiving and that drained me and the other American. 20 some pound turkey and we, more like I assisted in, made all the food. It was fun. We laid out paper as a table-cloth and had kids write what they were thankful for. Some of the older kids did math on it. I took a picture because it was intense math. Stuff I don’t like doing. And I got sick after it. Not fun. We also went to someone’s flat for actual Thanksgiving and it was good. I haven’t laughed like that since I left home. And I saw a guy get kicked in the chest on the bus that night. It happened right in front of us. It was really scary. But it’s a good story. One day I’ll talk about it more in a post.

I’ve done a few museums since here like the House of Terror and the Holocaust museum. I’ve gone to a couple Christmas markets. Budapest has the best Christmas markets by far. I also went to Bratislava (in Slovakia) a week and a half ago. It was cold and rainy but still really cool. I’d go back when I had more time and it was nicer out. I also will be traveling over the holiday. Vienna, Prague and probably Kraków. I’ll be staying with people I know over Christmas so I won’t be totally alone, which is good. The holiday is going to be hard enough but to be alone would be even worse. So hopefully everything works out so I can relax and not worry about school stuff because I could totally see me worrying about school and the outcome of that whole situation. But I’m traveling. YAY!

I’ve gotten involved with a bible study, a church and a book club since I’ve been here. All are good and providing me with some community. I don’t have many people close with my company so it’s hard to get community with them. But I have friends! That’s a good thing. The school also asked me to judge an English competition for 8th graders last week and that went well. I didn’t expect that to happen. I also helped the freshman last week sing a song for the whole school. That was fun.

All is good back home. Sister is pregnant with twins girls, due in February. So my niece/nephew count will double. MJ and I are doing a lot of calming down of each other. Things happen in our lives and we know how to deal with each other. She told me that my stubbornness was getting in the way of something. I’m not stubborn. I still insist I’m not stubborn. I’m not. I’m very agreeable. Anyway, we go back and forth worrying about each other. It’s what we do. We’re pretty much family. The Atlantic Ocean makes constant communication rough for us, but we get through it. We email all the time and we complain how customs has kept her package from me for 2 months already. I was supposed to have it before I went to Germany in October and I still do not have it. Boooooooo. I miss home now over the holidays and there are things I wish I could take care of back home but I keep myself busy. Because there’s nothing I can do over here right now. I just have to wait until my time here is done. I can do this. I have this taken care of. Don’t worry.


Shoot outs Send People to Jail.


So today, we were micro teaching and I wasn’t wanting to do it. But I put on my big girl pants and did it. I was doing a little lesson on tourism. So I put on a commercial of Medora on and we were talking about wild-west towns/tourist traps and this was to my classmates who I’ve known for the past couple of weeks. I asked them what they associated with Western towns and someone goes shooting. I go “Not anymore, because you can get arrested for shooting people and we don’t want to put people in jail overseas but I’ll put fake shoot outs.” So we laugh and I go on. I then transition into what are impolite and polite things to do. I do the polite things first and then ask about impolite things. The only guy in the class goes “Shooting people”. Yes, definitely something impolite.

The we were on a break and we started talking about Harry Potter and the same guy is talking about how he did a marathon of the first 6 movies and it was around Easter, so there was an abundance of chocolate around, and he ate the chocolate non stop. So there was a long period of time where he couldn’t see either a Harry Potter movie or a piece of chocolate and not think of the other. Oh good times in class.

So I’m now in week 3 of training and this week we only have class in the morning from 8-almost 1. My butt hurts from sitting so much. We’re going more in depth on teaching and doing some of these micro-teaching stuff. I’m not a fan of microteaching. Just got to do it right? It’ll be better when I’m there right?……Right. Next week is like an orientation for the company and then I go home for a while. School starts September 1 and I get over there a week before. So if anyone is in Budapest, I’ll be about 20 minutes out of the city center. Let me know if you’re around. I’ll be more than happy to hang out. Promise. I’ll make time for you. But there isn’t a lot of you that are in Europe, so if you’re travelling….

So MJ and I have finished the story. Or at least the first pass of it. We’re doing editing now. Since this story has been started, we’ve gotten so much more inappropriate with each other. It’s just a habit now. So many things have innuendos now. I blame MJ for that. She brings out the inappropriateness out.

Another Journey Through My Head to Get You Lost.


So I don’t know what it is about me but I think I throw people off, in all sorts of ways. One night I get asked what grade I’m in then the next day I get asked how long I’ve been married. All this without talking to me. Then I have people obsessed with my hair. Yes, I get that my hair is long and is a natural color most people would love to have. But getting the question if this is my natural hair is getting old. This whole thing is getting old. And then there’s the people who don’t catch on when I’m joking. My sarcasm is truly lost on these people. I don’t know how people don’t pick up on my sarcasm, I make it obvious. People just don’t get me. To me, I’m average looking 25-year-old, with average hair and obvious sarcasm.


This isn’t a great picture but 5th grade band. I sure hope I look older than that now. 10 cool points if you can figure out which one is me from that picture. I’ll give you a hint, it involves bangs. What was I thinking that bangs were a good idea. Can I just claim insanity. That just isn’t a good picture period. For anyone. I have to admit that I have never been good at trends. I have never been trendy. I am horrible. I can dress myself in things don’t look horrible. This is how I explain my bangs. And to explain why it’s black and white, it’s because it came from a year book and we weren’t doing our yearbook in color at that time. We do have color photos in North Dakota.

I got that picture from Facebook and one of the girls commented that her mom bought her shoes 3 sizes to big so she could grow into them and she still wears them to this day. I kind of miss the randomness that high school brought. Screw that, I just want no responsibility. I’m no good at it. I’m good at getting nothing accomplished with my life. That’s what I’m good at. I’m also really good at procrastinating. I have to speak in church on Sunday on what I’m doing with my life and I haven’t thought of what I’m going to say. If I don’t do something soon, I’ll get up there and make an inappropriate joke about male genitalia. I could totally see that happening. But we’ll see if I can prevent that. Let’s hope so.

I have this lady that her and her husband had Gelbvieh cattle just like my parents and my parents went and saw how they ran things when they started getting into the breed. Her husband got cancer and while he was in treatments, I was being born so it was nice that we’ve come full circle, us meeting when I was 23 and the being born thing. Today she was in the museum and she has a dog and she was talking about taking her dog out, she loves her dog and talks about him all the time, and she says he doesn’t like the cold and she says “well I’m not going to warm up the whole damn country for him”. I’m going to miss her. I’ve been realizing how much I’m going to miss here but also what I won’t miss here as well. This whole thing is kind of bittersweet. But I am ready to leave. I need to leave.

The parts for my bumper are in! I’m so excited! Except with how long it takes to put on and with Christmas next week, I’ll still be driving with a broken bumper for another week. Ugh. But Yay. So many conflicting feelings. I don’t know which one to choose.

Story Time Once Again.


I decided to play catch up on stories because some of my quotes yesterday needed to be explained. P.S. Thanks for everyone that made my WordPress stats explode. I didn’t think yesterday’s post was that entertaining, but obviously it was. Well, yay for me entertaining. Welcome to newcomers…..picture a really awkward looking Megan, that’s me because now I feel I have a bunch of eyes on me.

So I did get several questions about my birth a couple posts ago. Here’s what happened. When I was being brought into this world I pooped at the most ill-advised time and there was something about the color of it and they brought in a specialist to make sure I wasn’t toxic to other life-forms and he said I was fine. And then at the bottom of your mouth where your tounge is connected, my tounge was overly connected and they had to snip it so I could at one time in life speak. Now here’s the really good story. After I was born, my mom got sick and so she went into the bathroom to throw up. So my dad’s sitting there. I’m the youngest of 3 so by the time I came along and Dad having been around cattle and horses his life, a new baby was exciting but kind of old hat by now. So Mom was puking, Dad was sitting. Nurse comes in and asks what my names was. Mom and Dad had my name planned out. If I was a boy-Joshua Lee and if a girl-Megan Jeanne and remember this was back in the late 1980’s so ultrasounds weren’t what they are now so they had their bases covered. So the question was posed. Dad goes blank. BLANK. There’s some general stuttering until my mom yells from the bathroom…”It’s Megan”. Yes, this happened and yes, I do remind him of this all the time. I feel like this set me apart from my siblings and I am the special one, making me more destined for more awesomeness. But the siblings are pretty awesome.

“Maybe you should ask your baby daddy.” Remember in the last story time the roommate also known as Megan? This story includes her. We just moved in with each other and we didn’t know each other before, the school shoved us together. I take a little while to get used to people, especially ones that I’m made to live with. But Megan and I clicked early on but were still a little distant. There was this rumor that roommate Megan was pregnant.(small college, in a small college town, what do you expect?) She wasn’t and we talked about it, we were roommates, things were going to come up. Roommate Megan was an elementary education major and that year she had to shadow a teacher and dress up for it. Can you see where this is going? So she comes to the apartment and dresses up and leaves, comes back and was going to change back into jeans. She couldn’t find a certain pair of jeans and yelled “Where are my jeans?”. First thing out of my mouth, couldn’t stop it was “Maybe you should ask your baby daddy” This came out of me, the one who hadn’t really joked with her before. Pretty sure I got her on the floor laughing with that comment. This kind of cemented our relationship and what we could and couldn’t say around each other. We still giggle about it.

I’m really struggling here. Again Roommate Megan comes into play. We were having a tough week and Roommate Megan hinges at the waist to pick something up, she can’t reach with her short arms and says “I’m really struggling here” to the floor. I was sent into a fit of giggles. This shouldn’t have been funny. She was struggling. I laughed at her struggle. I’m not usually this mean but this was my roommate, I can laugh at a roommate’s struggle. Especially when it’s said to the floor. After that, every time we struggled it was “I’m really struggling here”. Every time. I still say and laugh uncontrollably.

Are there walnuts on that Turkey Sandwich? This one is actually stolen from an MTV show. There used to be a show where people would set their friends up on really bad blind dates. I was watching this show with none other than Roommate Megan. And this woman (actress) starts freaking out about the sandwich she gotten because she’s getting sick so she’s yelling “Are there any walnuts on this turkey sandwich?” because she’s allergic. The guy is totally creeped out. This was the best thing ever in our minds. We would have a post on Facebook where all we did was quote this show. We had a ton of these quotes. This quote was always first.

Another story about me and Roommate Megan. We played hockey in our kitchen with brooms and an ace bandage. She won because she has a bigger behind. Our R.A. lived kiddy corner from us and every once in a while him and the guy that lived next to us would come over and make sure we were okay because we would end up yelling at each other over something like kitchen hockey or yelling at a game. We were awesome neighbors. And we were classy because we had “Golden Girls” marathons. Just an FYI.

Story Time 3: College Roommate Edition.


I had this roommate my senior year of college also named Megan. There was also Courtney but she didn’t move in until after this incident. Anyway, the way the apartment was set up was you went down this hallway and her room was on the left, bathroom on the right and my room at the end of the hall. I shared a wall with both her room and the bathroom. Trust me, knowing this makes this story make more sense.

During the December finals, Megan and I were studying in our apartment. I was about done and she had a final at 8 the next morning. Megan gets a text and told me that her and one of her friends were going out to a party and she was going to take a break by having a couple of drinks and then coming home. Like I did every other time this happened I told her to text or call me if she needed me to pick her up. As she’s leaving, I’m thinking “there’s no way I’m seeing her until after her final tomorrow.”

The next morning I wake up and do you remember that wall I shared with the bathroom? I could hear people showering and peeing all the time, it was almost annoying. I looked at the clock and it was like 7:30 and I could hear someone peeing and kind of thought, “hmmmm, that doesn’t sound like a girl peeing.” Being half asleep, I open my door and started to say “Hey Megan, how was the party?”. What came out was “Hey, Me……You are not Megan, sorry” and ran back into my room. Megan had brought back a 6 foot 3, husky black guy. Megan is white and about 5 foot 7, athletic white girl. So I was a little surprised. This guy had been peeing and when I walked out, I had seen his reflection in our mirror and it’s a great thing that the mirror wasn’t full length. Because I don’t want to see anyone’s junk. I should have known by the stream I heard that it was no girl that was peeing. Live and learn right?

So I’m back in my room and I’m collecting myself. Pretty soon, it’s like quarter to 8 and Megan has a final at 8 and we lived a mile away from school and it usually took about 10 minutes to get to school. So I text her asking if she was going to her final and all of a sudden I hear a string of curse words from the next room and then “Let’s go, Slim, I got a final to take hung over”.

I’m in the living room when she gets back and I start laughing and asked how the final went. She ended up taking the final with one eye open. And the guy? Some random guy she brought back. We talk for a while longer and she goes in her room to sleep off her hangover and she comes back out and she goes, “I think I stole this from the party, I know I asked that guy for water in something with a handle and he brought this mug and I think it was at the party” I looked at it and nope, it was my A&W mug. She looks at me, looks at the mug and looks back at me and goes “I’ll clean it for you later”

This is just one of many stories I have with her and some other roommates. I kind of miss having a roommate but it’s not bad living by myself either.

Went to the rodeo last night to get a donation and it was windy and kind of cold because of the wind. I usually love going to a rodeo but last night wasn’t that fun because it was cold and windy and you couldn’t hear the announcers. Anyway, such is life.

I Ocassionally Learn Stuff.


In real life, I tend to not be dramatic. I’m usually the friend who’s giving logic to the dramatic. One friend famously asked me “Why are you so logical when I’m so dramatic?”. I have a good number of friends who are very dramatic and yes, sometimes it does rub off on me. Usually it shows up on this blog. I wasn’t the child that came home with a lot of friend problems in high school and even now. But if you ask my parents, I was the quietest child around people but the loudest child when you got me home.

Now why do I tell you this?

Because I’ve been looking at some of my posts and see how uncharacteristically dramatic I am in some of them.

I have water in my bedroom. It’s been raining a LOT in the past 2 weeks or so, which was a good thing. We were really dry but we’ve gotten close to 10 inches of rain in the past couple weeks. MAKE IT STOP! We need to get the rest of crop in and I live in a basement apartment and I don’t want to canoe my way through my apartment.

Now to some literature. Or me learning about literature.

I had a professor in college that kind of looks like a bag lady. No one was a big fan of her. I had to have her for 2 classes. Brit Lit 1 and Comp 3. She told me she thought I had a learning disability. I’m pretty sure that learning disability was her. All my friends dreaded taking her classes. Anyway she made me read some literature that I wasn’t fond of. Piers Plowman by William Langland and Doctor Faustas by Christopher Marlow. Now both were written before my desired period, early to mid-nineteenth century women British writers.

Now I had 2 other professors. One I had American Lit 1 with. He had awesome ties. There were 4 or 5 of us girls that sat in the back by the door (I had Brit Lit 2 right after this) and we’d talk about his ties and take bets on which ones he would wear. He’d also use my last name when he called on me in class. The other one I had Lit Crit. (hardest English class I have ever taken), Victorian Lit (I loved that class) and she was my senior project advisor. I loved these professors.

My question: if one of the professors I liked had taught Plowman or Faustas, would I like them more? Would I like them more now if I read them by myself? A teacher can do a lot to influence someone’s interest by how they teach.

My freshman year I took Western Civ. I and II. I again sat in the back near the door because I needed to jet after class across campus to another class. (do you see a habit of me sitting in the back. I will always sit in the back. Why? I don’t know.) Mind you, this was before I declared History as my minor. It was taught by an older teacher. He came in the class every day humming (he’s part of a singing group in the BisMan area) and he has this kind of funny walk and he had a sense of humor not everyone gets. But I loved it. I got so much out of those classes, inspiring me to get a minor in history. I used to work in a little tourist trap and his singing group would come in the summer and he recognized me even 3 years after his class and he goes “still working here huh?” “yup, I’m a lifer” “Yeah that’s okay too.” I once got a higher grade on a paper in his class than my band friend Seth and he read his book and I didn’t and Seth was so mad about me getting a higher grade.

I often wonder what would have happened if I didn’t have the teachers that influenced me one way or the other. What would I have done if I didn’t get a degree in English? Would I have finished my bachelors? Would I have gotten a degree in music, which was my second choice? Or education? Heaven forbid if it were education. I wouldn’t last long teaching high school or elementary. But I totally respect teachers.

Funny story. Pastor asked in church on Sunday how long the dotted yellow lines were in the middle of the road and I answered 10 feet and I was right because I learned that in Drivers Ed. Boom.

Ugh, Social Media AGAIN!


A while ago, I talked. Wait, no. I RANTED on social media. I was so upset at social media that day. I still have resentment toward the monster of social media.

Today, I was on social media. Facebook to be exact. I had a friend that posted an article entitled “How Social Media Made me a Better Person”. I never thought that I’d run into an article that made a case for social media. Everyone seems to bash social media. Maybe that’s all I come into contact with. And really this is how you as a person can make it better.

So here’s what they talked about. (There are Christian themes to this)

Don’t be envious. Yeah, okay, so we see others doing better be grateful for what you have.

We need the accountability of the crowd This is true, everyone needs to be accepted and to be held accountable and where else to be reminded of something but on Facebook? No where.

We can’t wax a rusty Ford I didn’t get this one. We’re insufficient?

Live Better so you have something to talk about Yup, I don’t want to talk about getting drunk and passing out and I don’t want to hear about other people doing it.

Facebook helps us love others better I have a hard time loving more. I just get angry. Angry at spelling. Angry at other’s stupid mistakes and there the mistakes are on Facebook. Nope, good try. Not loving much more.

So that’s my thoughts. I went to my alma matter’s graduation this weekend because I have friends that graduated and it makes me glad that I didn’t sit through my graduation because it was so long. I did have to be at 2 of my junior college’s graduations because I was in band both years I was there and we had to play. So enough graduations. Stop doing your graduations friends. I’m not coming.

So until next time.