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I’m a Bad Blogger.


No. Seriously. I’m a bad blogger. I haven’t blogged since I first got to Hungary. Can you guys forgive me. How about forgiving me after I remind you that I’m in a new country, a new joy that is NOT EASY and I deal with a crap load of teenagers on an almost daily basis? I’ve wanted to, if that counts.

So here’s what’s going on in my life. I’m teaching high school. I’m teaching English as a second language in a Technical high school in the 21st district of Budapest Hungary. It’s October. I have about 8 months left until I go home. Now here’s the thing about going home. I haven’t hit homesickness yet. I’ve hit numbness. I had 4 people of varying importantness die in the first 2 weeks I was here, 1 since then, so a total of 5. I haven’t cried over it. I haven’t cried over not being home and seeing the kids all the time. I haven’t cried at all over anything. I’ve been a version of happy and a version of sad since I’ve been here but nothing extreme. It’ll hit me by the time I leave. Probably around the holidays. But I’m going to make it because I’m strong and I’m determined to get through this triumphantly. I’m too stubborn to give up. I’m determined to make it through this year and have a good time about it.

I have had some good times. Some of the kids are great. I have some not so great ones, but most of them are great. I’ve had kids speculate that I hate the sun because I am pale, I had a kid tell me he wants to be Batman one day because the kid next to him is named Robin. I pushed a kid off his chair today and he dramatically fell. The class applauded when I did it. So. Not all bad on the teaching front. It’s just that I’m not a trained teacher and I’ve always known it was a tough job but it’s tough. I’ve gone to Margaret Island, Fisherman’s Warf and I toured the third biggest synagogue. I live by the Danube and since my school is a technical school and I live in a property owned by the school, there are planes and helicopters in my yard. It’s interesting to be sure. I also have plans to go to Germany and Austria. I was going to Bratislava next weekend if I didn’t have to teach on SATURDAY. They have meetings on Monday so the kids have to make up the day of school on Saturday. Lame Hungary. Lame. OH and I went to a beer festival and I went to some kind of festival last weekend and had hot wine. I’ve done a lot more drinking here than I planned to. It’s not because I’m in depression. It’s because alcohol is everywhere. You can get it at the supermarket for like a dollar.

I’ve done some reading here, gotten involved with a book club, I’ve been writing with MJ. I’m actually expecting a package from her and I’ve also gotten several letters from back home. But. I will post more regularly. I promise. I’m in a beautiful city and I have an amazing opportunity. I’ll have a great amount to post from now on, if I sit down and actually right.


More Awkward Encounters.


So, why do I attract awkward situations with men? Seriously? I’m starting to blame this on the men. It’s not my fault. Let me explain. There’s this guy at work that just makes life awkward. Now, to be fair, he doesn’t have sisters, I don’t know his mom, I know he hangs out with guys a lot so he doesn’t have a reason to understand women. We have spent three shifts in a row together. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. And usually at work, there’s a point of the night very early on that I get in this zone of, don’t bother me, I’m putting people to bed or I’m getting blood pressures. I get intense. So after I feed one night, I come back on the wing and he goes “If there was an intelligent race of fighter gorillas and they ruled over an intelligent race of dogs, what would their cultures be like?” I’m supposed to follow that? Really? He knows that I’m not into sci-fi. We’ve had this discussion before. Ugh. Then that night, I’m charting or putting stuff in the computer, he comes up to me and goes, “Can I ask a personal question?” My mind goes okay, what’s going on. I’m going to turn you down if you ask me out because I’m leaving, we’re really different but then I’d feel bad for turning you down because you’re awkward and someone needs to teach you how not to be awkward. So I go. “Ask and if it’s to personal, I won’t answer. I’ll dodge the question.” (B.T.W. We’ve already had that exchange already that I’ve had to wonder if he’s asking me out. He needs a different lead in.) So he asks his question and we get into this long discussion about religion.

Move to later that night. I pop into a store room to get a drink of water. He corners me. He asks me if I can put someone to bed that he usually does. Yeah. “You okay?” “Yup. I’m fine.” “You sure? Because sometimes women say they’re fine and they’re not fine. I don’t know how to read women. They’re hard. And I don’t deal with them very often.” (The nursing home is crawling with women and very few men. He works at a place crawling with women.) “I’m fine.” (By this time we’re okay no. I’m walking to another room to fill my water and he’s following me explaining to me that women don’t always say what they mean. And he obviously doesn’t know me well because if he did, he’d know that I’m pretty straight forward. I say what I mean.” “You sure?” he asks again. I look at him, annoyed. “See this face? It’s my I’m fine face.” “Okay.” he backs off.

Next night, he follows me into the store room and then to the water room. He comes in and I joke about him stalking me. “yup. I am…..So how you doin’? So that weather…..It keeps changing. Like how does it do that?” He jokes. Okay. That did make me laugh. We’ll give him that. He made me laugh once. ONCE! Don’t go marrying me off. And last night we got off without any awkward situations. YAY! No Awkwardness. I feel like at this point, it’s a weird, off day that I’m not having an awkward situation. Yeah, I’m that girl. Always awkward.

Book Front: I’ve been slacking but I have started and finished 2 books. Reviews to come.

I also watched the season premiere of Outlander on Starz. From my tired, after work brain, it was good. I want to watch more, not tired, to get a real opinion. Did anyone else watch that? I want to know opinions.

MJ and I are still writing our random story. I like it. I feel like it’s going to be a life saver when I leave the country…..in 2 weeks.

I’ve Been Reading Again!


I love my librarians. I walked in this afternoon and I looked for the librarian and said hello to Petra and she said, “Just the girl I wanted to see”. I’m automatically nervous when anyone says that. It makes me think I’m in trouble. But I wasn’t in trouble. I got a book…..for FREEEEEEEEE. She game me a 1932 copy of A Book of English Literature Third Edition Volume II. The reason I got it is because she knew I appreciate literature like this and she didn’t want to put the book in the book sale room because it wouldn’t sell. Free book for me! YAY! And there’s notes in the margins. I love when I find books with notes in the margins. They are another insight to a piece of work. Other insights are one thing I miss about college. It was priced at $2.80 at one time and it was in Jamestown ND at one time. That’s about 300 miles away. I have always wondered the travels and people that these books have seen.

One time, right after I declared my English Major-dom, I took British Literature 2. (I took the second part of Brit and American before the first part) We were discussing The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. We had a quick quiz on it and then we discussed the quiz. I remember this very quite clearly, I was sitting next to Joy, an older than average student, and across from the instructor. The instructor asked what the meaning of the poem was. (value every creature, big or small) First thing out my mouth before anyone else could answer “Don’t kill the bird”. Joy busted out laughing and I know the instructor wanted to laugh but she kept a straight face and almost threw a pen at me because it was a smart ass answer. I totally kept that class entertaining.

Yesterday, I had to open the museum for a group for a unguided tour and use of the meeting room. All I had to do was collect money and sit up front to answer questions. So I read. I read Lindy’s version of Beastly. It was okay. Didn’t like it as much as Beastly. I also started reading one of the Wizard of Oz books. I’m okay with reading the books but the movies aren’t good for me. I wish I had more time like this to just read.

I’m now listening to High Five by Janet Evanovich which is one of the Stephanie Plumb books. I like this series. It’s not a series that I can read or like to read all the time but their still entertaining. I like that they’re not overly complex and I know who to trust and I can figure out who the killer is and how they did it. I’ve always been good at that. Except with Panic. You couldn’t trust anyone in that book.

Entertaining family story: I called home on Saturday and was talking to my mom. We had a small fire in one of fields. Not a big deal, only a little bit of land burned. (never mind my dad got burned feet through his boots and my brother flipped the four-wheeler. They’re both fine) So we were talking about crop insurance. Now I do have a few planters with a few plants out side of my apartment and right after we talk about crop insurance I started talking my plants. My mom started laughing. Her mind didn’t flip as fast as I changed the subject and she thought I had crop insurance on my plants.

Project updates: I finished embroidering pillow cases yesterday and started another pair last night.

Boy update: No update on boy because we’re not talking. I did just describe his texts as ghetto. I can’t date a guy who I describe their texts that way. Be educated and hold a conversation. But there’s this guy at church that I kind of talked about before, a long time ago. My friend R thinks he’s stalking me, I’m not so convinced. Then I thought I saw him at the movie. False alarm. Then we had a $1 bet to see if he was in church or not. I voted not and I won. YAY!

This is the start of a few weeks that is non-stop. I’m not excited. Anyone want to come hang out and help me survive this?

French Kissed.


You guys totally thought I got lucky didn’t you? Nope, not that lucky. I finished Anna and the French Kiss last night. I’ve been getting some really good books lately. What the heck. I go on a good book drought and then BAM BAM, 2 in a row. I almost didn’t read this book but I was watching a VlogBrothers video and John Green said it was good and that tipped me over the edge. I’m glad that I was tipped.

I didn’t like this as much as The Fault in our Stars but still an admirable book that did not have a paranormal aspect. I feel like the dystopian and paranormal books are taking over y.a. and there is a need for good, normal books that don’t treat their readers like idiots like this.

I’m going to start with my problems of the book. First of all ANNA, stop saying your parents deserted you, they are giving you an opportunity for a better education in a foreign country. Suck it up. Than St.Clair, my God. You knew you were in love with Anna from the beginning, so here’s what you do. You get to know her better just to make sure you’re in love, then dump your ass of a girlfriend and stop leading on Mer and you date Anna. None of this who do I really want here. Man up and commit.

Then there was the name thing. Did the first name mean a sign of affection or was it the name she calls him when she’s mad. Make up your mind woman. Then there’s some inner dialogue that I was not sure that I loved because it was very teenager. But then I reminded myself that this a book for y.a. and I probably would have had the same inner dialogue at that age. Well played, Perkins, well-played.

I liked that the novel was pretty much real. I mean I have no experience with having wealth and being sent to a boarding school but the emotions seemed real to me. I was surprised Anna didn’t encounter more snobbery. It really didn’t surprise me, the whole thing with Dave and the other girl spreading rumors about Anna. I did have this thought while reading. First St. Clair lost interest in school because of everything going on with his mom, which is understandable. Then Josh lost interest. Was that to remind us that he was there?

I could see through the whole book that St. Clair was digging Anna. But Anna, being the object of affection, doesn’t see that. The one scene during Thanksgiving break where St. Clair doesn’t want to be alone and so he ends up sleeping, not “sleeping”, with Anna entertained me. Not only did I see how much he liked and respected her but it was totally how I would have reacted to that situation. Even now I’d react to it. But I liked the little moments they had together. They were sweet.

I think I may be blind. Did St. Clair hit on Mer more than other girls? I know he’s a natural flirt but with the garden scene, Mer just flipped and I scratch my head and wondered what I missed. I didn’t think he paid that much attention to Mer.

I should probably talk about the friends back home shouldn’t I? That was horrible what they did to her. Not telling her they were dating? I’d of punched the girl to nothing. I did have to remind myself who Matthew was. He was mentioned at the beginning and then all of a sudden there at Christmas. I can see why she dated him and why they broke up. But he was a good second choice for a boyfriend. I would have dated him. I also loved that Anna called St. Clair after all this happened.

If I had to choose between St. Clair and Gus from The Fault of our Stars I’d totally choose St. Clair. I think, in part, it’s because St. Clair was written by a woman. Now John Green did a really good job of making a swoon-worthy guy but St. Clair was presented to me in a way that was more appealing. I think it was because St. Clair was always attractive. Gus was too but there was more emphasis on St. Clair. Both guys were good men. They protected their women. Even though I still have a hate thing going on with St. Clair because he was a skeeze. I’d be okay if St. Clair punched out a guy for spreading a rumor about me.

Random Story Time: One of my board members is having a birthday and this weekend they’re also burying someone and having a mini family reunion and they’re using our meeting room at the museum. I took a card for her that came in the mail back to her and I open the door and there sits a dog and dogs aren’t allowed in the main part of the museum and I look at it, I squint and think “You pee on these floors and I’ll find you dog. I’ll find you.” I make my way back up front, hear voices and I come around the corner and my part-timer is talking to this older gentleman about 72 (he said he’d been traveling for 60 years and his parents started him when he was 12. 60+12=72. Boom. College education) and he’s wearing SHORT bicycle shorts. He leaves and I look at my part-timer and say “Holy shorts Batman!” No man should wear those shorts. NO MAN! No matter his age, status or how good-looking he might look in them. NO!

In other news, I’m going through a Temptations phase again. It comes every 11 years so the next time will be when I’m 36.

What is my Mom Really Expecting from Me?


I will be talking about lit this post but a few things first.

I’m posting on my nook so if you see weirdness, it’s the nook not me.

I went surveying with the paleontology department yesterday in the Badlands (the ones in North Dakota, not South Dakota). I went out with 2 of my board members and my friend R. I found out how awesome I am sliding down a sandy hill after it rains. R and I decided 3 times I would fall down a hill and that’s what it was. And we figured out as bad as I was with hills, she’s just as bad with flat land. And a 75-year-old rancher is in better shape than me. I’m sunburned and sore. Those buttes are killers. And God was letting me know yesterday that I am not with child. If you didn’t get that reference, I’m sorry? And if you didn’t want to know well, to late. You can’t un-read But I didn’t complain because I knew I’d get so much crap and ai wouldn’t be asked back if I did. And I knew it wouldn’t help. It was a good day. It was kind of fun. Paleontology isn’t my main source of fun so I didn’t expect much.

Since this all happened out in the Badlands, can I just say that the Badlands have a special little place in my heart. I spent summers in college working in the Badlands in Medora which is just on the cuff of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I have good memories out there, it’s beautiful and it captures my heart every time. Never fails. It’s like my heart forgets and then falls just as deep in love with the area every time I set foot in those buttes. (If you ever get the chance, go. We, my friends and I, always say it’s the place of lovers. So go.) And just for the record I love my prairie too, the Badlands are a different kind of love.

At Easter we had this woman out from church and she’s a little older than me and just broke up with her boyfriend……six months ago. I heard about it then and I heard about it now. I was talking to my mom tonight and we got on this subject and I said “She needs to pull up her pants and grow up and stop pining after him.” My mom pauses and goes “you’re right but did you just say pull up you pants?” Why yes mother, I did. She was kind of amused by that. I don’t know why she doesn’t expect phrases like that to fall out of my mouth. Cousin E and I are famous (or infamous) for doing stuff like that. We’re really good and we keep the family entertained. Back to the subject. I’ve known this guy for years. The family farms not far from us and I hung out with his brothers in high school. This guy isn’t worth pining over. Especially for 6 months. Trust me. I know him. Probably better than I want to.

I’m still reading A Game of Thrones. That book is a monster. I don’t know why I’m struggling so much with it but it’s kicking me in the pants just like those buttes did yesterday. (At least it was good exercise.) I like that the chapters aren’t long and the that it keeps moving. The pace is fantastic, I think anyway. I’m just having a hard connecting and I really want to like this book. I do. I like that each chapter you get a different character. It keeps my mind moving which is good.

Last night, okay let’s face it, it was this morning because I was sleeping like a baby last night. So this morning I finished Till Death do us Part by Lurlene McDaniel. What the heck was this book? This girl gets hit on while trying to figure out what’s wrong with her and then finds out that the guy has Cystic Fibrosis and that she has this brain cancer, they start dating, get engaged (all within a few months. Oh and she’s like 17 and he turns 22) Then before the wedding, he’s racing a car, gets in an accident, develops pneumonia and dies after seeing her in her wedding dress. She’s obviously is devastated. There’s also a follow-up book. Grrrr. Such a Romeo and Juliet like book. And I thought those two were dumb too.

I know that Lurlene McDaniel is a y.a. author and I shouldn’t be upset about it, especially reading it for mindless entertainment. I don’t understand how this would really stack up. I know it’s young love and they both could have died at any time but still have them date and be super in love. I’m sure things like this happen in real life and I’d still be suspicious about it. Unless falling in love that quickly and that deep happened to me, I don’t believe it would or could happen. Am I crazy.

It wasn’t bad. It was a nice book to read after a day out in the Badlands.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

A Few Things


I apologize for blogging so scarcely but the past few weekends have been hectic. To put life in a better light, I didn’t make a deer unconscious this weekend and I get my headlight fixed this weekend.

Here is a few things a learned this week.

1. Yelling at me makes me shut down and pisses me off. Let’s just leave it at that.

2. My dad likes me a lot. Last weekend I went home and my dad had gotten headcheese because he likes it and liver-sausage because I like it. He will randomly do things like that. Stuff like that comes when I need to be reminded to appreciate my dad. He’s the strong silent type and I’m his little girl.

3. I have started to realize that my dad really is the type of man I want to marry. I was thinking about getting married the other day and I was thinking about the kind of guy I really needed. I then started to think of what kind of guy my dad is. He’s a gentlemen cowboy. With that he holds open doors and takes care you without being obvious about it. That’s what I need.

4. Running a kids event takes a lot of a person. Ah, I’m so tired from our kids event 2 days ago. It’s ridiculous.

5. I’m not doing a Halloween event ever again. It’s so much work for so little people that come, it’s not worth the stress and me being tired. The Easter Event is worth it, but not this.

6. I need more than a 3 day weekend. It’s because of this kid’s event. So it’s my fault since I think these events are good ideas.

7. October is almost over. Yup, just realized that.

8. I want to go back to school. I miss the intellectual discussions and the nonstop reading. I don’t miss being told what to read necessarily but I miss the discussions and literature being my life. Whereas now, it’s a hobby and passion.

9. Going back to school scares me. It would be a new beginning and new beginnings are scary, even a new job would scare me.

10. My apartment isn’t wide enough for both fleece and furniture. I tried. My furniture has to be moved or I have to find somewhere else to make a fleece tie blanket.

That’s what I’ve done. I’m still reading/listening to The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. It’s super good and there will be a post about it when I get done with it. I’ll be a while since I’m only like a third of the way through it.

I’ll try to start posting more now that my life has slowed down hypothetically.