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Happy New Year.


So I’m working on a bottle of wine. Let’s see if I can keep this coherent and not loopy. Right? Right. And it’s New Years Eve. I can drink wine if I want to…I’m an adult. So tonight, before drinking, I had a dance party by myself, in my kitchen to music in my head. I’m a great adult. I’m not crazy. But I am fun to hang out with. I’ll probably edit this later.

The past couple weeks have been good. The last week of classes were a little pointless. I was being observed but I got through them and got told I was improving. To which I wanted to answer, “Yeah, of course. I’m obviously going to approve from week 6 of teaching.” Whatever. Some classes give teachers presents. Some of them were quite interesting. But sweet that they got me something. I went into December not expecting anything. That was great.

The last day of class, I totally watched Jim Carrey’s version of The Grinch. That was interesting because a lot of the kids hadn’t seen it before. I was out of school way before noon and that was even more epic. The other American and I went out into the city and kind of celebrated the end of what we call “hell week”. Because it’s a rough week. So we went out to eat and to the Christmas market. Side note. I have accumulated 4 Christmas market mugs. I don’t need 4 of them. But I have them. End side note and the wine. Then we went with a group and caroled at a disabled home. Then we met some people to watch The Hobbit after we went to a Mexican restaurant called Arribas. There was us 2 American teachers, 2 Hungarians and a new guy from the states. Let’s call him P. He’s the only one to my right. I’m be sarcastically humorous because, let’s face it, that’s how I am with no responsibility. We’re all talking and then I feel a tap on my right shoulder. It’s P. He taps me on the shoulder to talk. Yup. Taps me. It’s nothing important, he just wants to get to know me. But I get tapped on the shoulder. Now I don’t know if had said my name before this and I didn’t hear him but I got tapped on the shoulder. Yup. Nice guy and he’s a shoulder tapper. We went to the Hobbit and I fell asleep and made references to The Mighty Ducks, Remember the Titans and The Matrix. I think I win.

I then started traveling starting on the Sunday. I first went to Vienna. It’s only a few hour train ride so that’s good. I get off the train and I pick up a map and I go to my hostel. That’s right, I went to a hostel. It was interesting. The first night, I had the room to myself. I did take a shower. That shower, I’m convinced, was made by men. First they say take 5 minutes. That made sense because there’s many people using that shower. But I have long hair and I need time to wash it. So I hurried but the light kept going out because it was motion censored and I guess I don’t make that much motion. Then the shower kept going off, I kept having to push in the button so I could get water. Made by men, Boo. Men don’t get it.

The next day I go out and I’m walking down the street looking like a tourist. With the shoulder bag, my farm coat with my name on it and a map in my hand. I really look like a tourist. This woman comes up to me and speaks to me in German. Several things. I could tell before she spoke, she wasn’t Austrian. She spoke in German to me. Then she spoke and I go, (mentally) you’re not Austrian. You’re American. I can usually catch German or I can get the drift. Not with this woman. I look at her and say I’m American. She goes so am I and I live here and I still can’t find my way around. So, I got mistaken for German in Germany and Austrian in Austria. Vienna was really cool. I liked it. My last night there, I had 2 French Canadian roommates. They would talk to each other in French and me in English.

I then went to Prague where my boss is. I stayed with her. She showed me around and on Christmas Eve, we were invited to a church service. It was between my boss’ church and the Catholic church across the street. First it was just a service, then it was with the Catholic church then it was a Catholic mass. I’m not Catholic. I grew up in a Catholic town, but not Catholic. They also offered us communion. This makes me nervous. Catholics don’t let just anyone take communion with them. So this was a big deal. I didn’t take communion. I just was uncomfortable with it. But I was at Catholic Mass on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, after a minor breakdown on Christmas Eve, we went to someone’s house. My boss made tacos for a group of people and we went to someone else’s flat because they had more room. This person is Mennonite. We don’t have Mennonites near where I live. The closest thing we have is Hooderites, but they’re not the same. So it was interesting being there getting to know them. It was kind of funny because my boss was telling me about her and she was like “She’s a farm kid, you’ll have a lot to talk about.” Yeah. Okay. We didn’t talk farming.

Next night, we go to this place called the Tavern. Best burger I’ve had since being in Europe. Europeans generally don’t get burgers. Before we get there, boss is telling me about some of these people that will be there. She’s talking about this guy and goes, “He’s a farm kid. You can bond.” Because if you grow up on a farm, you bond. This guy did look like the bigger guy in the singing group Home Free. Nice guy, but didn’t bond. Kind of wish we did.

So I was out of Budapest for a week and decided to come back home. I get on the train and I ride for 7 hours with 3 German men. They played games the whole time so I didn’t have to talk to them much. But I understood a decent amount of what they said. I should have counted how many times they said shit in German. It was quite a bit. But I got to my temporary home. I like being home.

Past couple days I have been eating way too much. And there’s been great coffee. I love coffee. On the way home I did get Martin Short’s memoirs read. He writes exactly like he speaks. I love him. I also feel bad that he lost his wife. He loved her so deeply and I want him to have her back and I want a love like that eventually.

So I don’t have much else to say. So have a good new year and be safe.


At Least I kept it on the Road.


For the record, I haven’t always kept it on the road. I’ve been in the ditch a hand full of times and there’s always been a phenomenal reason for it. Like freezing rain without 4-wheel drive and snow and deer in the road. But most of the time, I’m a very good driver. I just don’t think that I can be a farm kid and not do some un-intentional off-roading. P.S. I’ve been making a big deal lately that I’m a farm kid in real life. What’s with that?

I went home for like 36 hours. I went, did laundry 5 million loads of laundry,(and I do my own laundry. I used to have to do my siblings’ laundry but since I’m the youngest, I don’t have anyone to do it for me, but me. My mom doesn’t even pity me) went to Bismarck for a family outing and all this without a nap. I work way better with a nap but this was worth it. Two notes on the family outing, if my brother and sister-in-law, for whatever reason, lose my niece all they have to do is have her laugh. It is a very hearty and distinguishable laugh and she laughs all the time. And I don’t realize that I am one of the few people in the world that use the words phonetics and derive in normal conversations.

I was driving home and I hit Adams County and Adams County cops are very strict on speeding. There is no speeding in their territory. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. So I pass the only town I have to go through in the county and I’m driving and this out-of-state pick-up passes me. Now, I’m going speed limit because I know how intense these cops are about picking up speeders. I slightly speed in the other 3 counties I pass through going home because I don’t see the cops in those counties like ever. Adams County is an exception. I do break the speed limit quite often because 120 miles home is a long way and I get antsy in the car. So he (and it is a man because I did get a glimpse at him while I was scowling at him for going so fast in a “don’t go fast” county) passes me and is going like 15 miles an hour faster than I am and I turn into an 80 year-old and think ” I hope he gets pulled over” and what do you know? Two miles later, he gets pulled over. First of all the sheriff was in a red pick-up. That surprised me because they’ve always been a white Impala and then they bust out a red pick-up. Then I took great joy that this guy got pulled over right before I turn to go north. I take more joy in this than I really should. Again, I turn into an 80 year-old in random times. I also get excited because this happened like a half mile before I had to turn and lose eye contact with the situation.

So I’m driving north and I have to go like 25 miles before I turn again and so I’m driving all excited this guy got pulled over and I fail to remember that this stretch of highway is like the Bird Apocalypse. There are always birds of varying sizes trying to kill you in these 25 miles. So back to driving. I’m driving, listening to the radio and there’s these pheasants crossing the road, a normal thing, and I startled them by entering their territory and they fly up, I duck and break a little and one hits my windshield and flies over my car. I didn’t crack my windshield and I’m convinced that I only knocked the bird unconscious because I have a history of knocking animals unconscious with my car. I did with a deer last fall and know I’m doing it with pheasants this year. I think God was trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be so smug when other people get caught breaking the law, even when I’m following the law at that moment.

I came back to work this morning. My dad was all ready up and had some stuff done and was sleeping again when I was going to leave at like 6 this morning. I was being responsible and was going to tell him I was leaving so he didn’t wake up and wait for me to wake up and leave before he left and I wasn’t there. So I wake him up, make eye contact and I tell him I’m leaving and he’s on his feet in a second like I had told him I was dying of a gun-shot wound. Obviously what I said didn’t translate into what it should have. I try not to laugh when I wake dad and panic him for whatever reasons, but it’s so much fun. And he gets back at me, I promise.

So I’m tired and trying to keep myself awake while driving and I reach the Bird Apocalypse and I come over the hill and go down and what do I have to slam on my breaks for? Not birds. Deer. 4 of them and at least one of them was a buck. I was sleepy so I didn’t see if the other 3 had horns or not. I don’t know what it is about this area but animals love this area. It’s the corn and sun flowers they raise. It has to be. It makes for great for hunting but not great for sleepy Megans. Which is what I am right now.

I don’t even have any good parent stories from this weekend. We talked about insurance, they made fun of me having glass in my foot and looked at my battle wound and we talked about what happens to the farm after they’re gone. (hint: I’m not going back to farm. Taking part of the farm would be taking part of my brother’s lively hood and I’m not a farmer.) I was thinking today that a lot of people will tell parent stories like they tell stories about their kids. I’m totally guilty of that. But I don’t have kids.

On a non-animal related point, it’s my sister’s 7th wedding anniversary. She’s almost in double digits. But so is my high school graduation. I graduated and she got married the same year.

End Post.

Family Story Time


Story time’s back. Let’s talk about the family shall we?

My curfew in high school was midnight if I was just in town or 1 if I was a little farther out-of-town. I never broke curfew. I was a good kid. When I graduated high school, I moved out of my parents’ house exactly a week after graduation and a job like 3 days later, so I got independent fast and got used to setting my own curfew. I came home the first “independent” 4th of July and I was hanging out with my friend H and she was going through some stuff so I didn’t get home until like 2. My dad wasn’t happy. I didn’t understand because they knew where I was at and I was technically not living under their roof. I still don’t quite understand but it is my father, and so I’ll let him worry. Fast forward to this past 4th of July I had gone east of my parents’ house like an hour or so to Mandan and I didn’t get home until 1. I’m 25, so they know I’m responsible and I had called telling them I was leaving to come home. I walk in the house and my parents had fallen asleep in the living room and I walked in and my mom said groggily “Megan’s home” because she either heard me shut the door or seen my headlights coming in and dad says “yeah, she’s right there”. Mom, not being awake totally looked over and jumped out of her skin. My parents are going to be the funny old couple, I swear.

I think I’ve said this before but I’m the youngest of 3 and my brother (who’s the oldest) farms with dad. At that time, we got together a lot for birthdays or just meals. Not so much any more because I don’t live at home and everyone’s so busy. I was kind of a quiet kid but I did have a tendency to be a smart ass teen. It was bound to happen and I got away with a lot because I’m the baby. But sometimes I did get punished with random things like whisker burns (there were some actual punishments but most of the time if it was little, whisker burn). Pretty sure whisker burns hurt more than floor burns. But one time, we were celebrating my 16th birthday and I was in my pajamas, big tee-shirt and shorts, and everyone was there and I said something and I instantly knew I was in trouble. I started running. Let me tell you, there’s only so many places you can run before you get caught in that house and it’s really hard to out-run 2 men (my dad and brother) that are over 6 feet tall (6 ft. 3 and 4 and I’m 5 ft. 9) and they’re both strong farmers and both former athletes. So I got caught and they picked me up by the arms and feet because I do kick and hit and they brought me back to the kitchen. I got put into the sink and the water got turned on and made sure it went down my shorts and then the sprayer went on.

My dad and his brother are 14 years apart and so our uncle was around for a good amount of our growing up. More for my siblings and oldest cousin but still around a lot. My grandma helped watch us a lot when we were growing up so obviously, uncle was there then as well. One time my sister (age 5) didn’t say thank you and she got placed in the tall garbage by the uncle and was left there to sit.

I’ve talked about cousin E before. He’s my favorite and we’re about 6 months apart in age and we spent a lot of time together growing up. He broke my pool. We had this ledge at the house back in the day and my pool was at the bottom of this ledge, you had to walk around to get there and E threw a rock in it and put a huge hole in it. I wasn’t pleased.

Being farm kids we had some awesome hide and go seek games. We played in grandma’s trailer. That usually didn’t last long. We played in bail stacks, I got left one time in the stacks. We almost played in the barn but the barn had this weird green tile that gave it a weird green hue so that didn’t last long either.

Those are just a few stories. Not to entertaining. But still something to get through Friday.

A-Z Question Quiz.


Strike Me Down did this, it’s a good idea and I didn’t have anything to post today (not even random news) so we’re doing this. And you will read all of this because I said so.

A: What are your favourite smells?
Rain, babies, coffee. Pretty sure if I had it my way, my babies would be coffee addicts born on a rainy day.

B: Can you go a whole day without caffeine?
Yeah, probably not. I could try but it probably wouldn’t be pleasant.

C: Who knows more about you than anyone else?
I don’t know. My mom? I really don’t confide everything or a lot to people. It just depends on what it is. So that’s a really tough question.

D: What song did you last listen to?
Frozen by Tigirlily

E: Do you have a crush on anybody?
No. I’m pretty much a hermit that doesn’t want to be a hermit so I really don’t get out so I don’t see anyone of the other sex or my own sex, for that matter. There’s just no sex going on in any way, shape or form. I did talk about boy a while ago but that wasn’t a crush, that was just someone I talked to.

Unless…..we’re talking fictional character crushes. But I’m guessing those don’t count. Fictional characters can’t give me coffee addicted babies that I push out of me in the rain.

F: Do you like The Beatles?

G: If you could choose one colour to wear for the whole year, what colour would you choose?
gray/grey. I kind of like shades of gray. Not the book. Haven’t read it and don’t plan to.

H: Do you cook often?
Relatively often. It gives me leftovers for a while. I wish I didn’t have as many leftovers as I do. I had to learn at an early age to cook because I had to make meals for the guys in the summer. I think I was in charge of the noon meal at 11? 12 for sure. I got really good at tator-tot hot dish. And I’m used to cooking for like 3 or 4 so it’s weird for me to cook just for me.

I: What was the last film you watched? Did you like it?

In movie theaters? The Heat. Yes, I liked it. But if we’re not talking theaters, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It’s decent.

J: Can you sew?
I can embroider and I can fix holes in clothing but I can’t make my own clothes.

K: What is your favourite fruit?

L: Are you health-conscious?
HAHAHAHAHA. Whoever asked this question hasn’t met me.

M: Go do the Kinsey scale test. What number result did you receive?
0. Yup. I like guys. Could have told you that.

N: Do you curse a lot?
I’m mild compared to most. I curse more in my mind than out loud. I guess it was just ingrained in me not to curse growing up because it was inappropriate. I did accidently curse in church once. It was only me and my friend H, picking out music for worship, and she pointed and laughed.

O: When was the last time you had a pint of beer?It’s been a while. A month ago? It was with R before we went to the movie. I’m okay with not drinking, I don’t depend on it so I go far between drinking because, as I said before, I’m a hermit and drinking alone makes me think of alcoholics and it’s funner with a group of people.

P: Are you Pro Life or Pro Choice?
By definition, I’m Pro-life but with the choice of not keeping the child in your custody if you are not the best parent or in the best situation. It’s complicated because I have this weird thing about not wanting the government telling me what to do with my body. It’s a grey area.

Q: Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason?
popcorn puffs with milk.

R: What was the last book you purchased?
Into the Wilderness on my Nook

S: Where was your last vacation?
Vacation? I don’t know what that is. I went home for 24 hours on the 4th of July. I’m going home this weekend for a while. But actually going somewhere fun with someone, yeah I don’t do that.

T: Do you shave your pits.
Yup. I also shave my legs but not as often. I hate shaving my legs. It also helps that I don’t have anyone to impress with my legs so they’re covered up all the time so I don’t have to shave all the time.

U: Did you ever play Seven Minutes in Heaven?
No. I was always above that……..I actually never wanted to play and I was never somewhere where we played Seven Minutes in Heaven.

V: Girls, when was the last time you went without a bra?Like in public? never. But I sleep braless…..sorry t.m.i. Guess you can’t unread.

W: Guys, when was the last time you went shirtless in public?Some guys shouldn’t

X: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen?
Yup, I fell off a horse and broke my wrist. I had a good 14 year run of being the only one of us 3 kids to break a bone and then my brother got caught on loose gravel and flipped the 4-wheeler and he broke his wrist. But moral of the story is that there’s a difference between breaking your wrist at 11 and at 32.

Y: How do you like your eggs?
omelet. I’m not normally a big fan of just eggs, but omelets at Perkins are usually good.

Z: What was your last argument about and who with?
A board member. It lasted like 5 seconds. I was on the phone talking to someone and she cut in and was like that’s not right. I go leave me alone and she kept talking while I was on the phone. I’m pretty sure she overreacted. But that’s my opinion.

Roommate Story Time Part 2 Plus Other Stuff


Last night at the last night of VBS I was hanging upstairs in the craft area and there’s little cut out for if you want to sit up there during service and then you can see and hear what’s going on. I sat there and immediately wanted to find a Nerf gun and start shooting random people with the Nerf gun things, not the kids, just the adults. How much fun would that be on a Sunday morning? I wonder if Pastor will let me do it. Is this normal? I totally would be all ninja about it and hide behind the pew they have up there and aim and be a sniper ninja, which is probably the most dangerous ninja ever.

Here’s another random question to the blogosphere. What’s with all the racial slurs being thrown around by well-known people lately? What did Paula Deen start? Honestly. I know that Paula Deen is probably a lovely person and she isn’t the first person to say something racial, but that’s when I started noticing all this going on. I also realize that the racial insults probably won’t stop anytime soon, unfortunately. There’s always going to be someone who’s scared of a different culture, skin color, belief so even though they don’t say it out loud, it will be going on in minds. Which I find really sad. Get over yourself.

I was thinking about the roommates I’ve had starting in college. My first one, A, was pretty memorable. Here’s some entertaining stories about her.

There’s a height difference between us. She’s 4 foot 11 and 3/4, I’m 5 foot 9. So obviously that comes with some obvious statements. Like I can’t wear her clothes and I need to move the seat back if I drive after her. Our freshman year of college, I tried defying both of these obvious statements.

Clothes: We had this thing where we wouldn’t talk all night and then all of a sudden, lights went out and we started talking non-stop. One night we’re up until midnight and we fall asleep. A couple of hours later a sit up and remember I was conscious of and sober for all of this. I sit up and I look down and I go “Why am I wearing A’s coat?” I wasn’t. I start to panic and because I didn’t know what time it was or I was worried A was going to wake up seeing me wear her coat. So pull my shirt over my head and throw it, what I thought, across the room. The rest of the night I kept waking up and making sure I had my shorts on but then I was like, my shoulders are cold, that’s weird. Because being shirtless, I should be warm. I wake up later when A went to go take a shower. I wake up and I lift my blanket and hmmmm, no shirt. I look and there was my shirt laying right next to my bed. Needless to say, I got my shirt on pretty quick. She comes back and I ask her if she saw anything weird and she didn’t and she bullied me into telling her the story about how I was sober and stripped. This was our friends’ favorite story.

Cars: Again our freshman year we decided to go to this drive through restaurant called Big Boy. She goes, “if you drive, we’ll take my car”, I can deal with that. So we go down 3 flights of stairs, me in heels (no matter what heels I’m wearing and that isn’t often, I’m always close to 6 feet tall) and her in flats, and we get to her car and I try and get into her car without moving the seat and I got stuck. Yup, stuck. Who would think that you would have to move the seat before you got in? I’m used to getting in a vehicle after my mom but mom is only like 5 inches shorter than me, not almost a foot.

Our sophomore year, during Halloween, she went out and I stayed in and I dosed off and she comes in and I wake up and yell at her to get out of our room and she told me she lived there. I also made some awesome short jokes with her. I’m really good at those.

Then the next few instances were after I transferred to another school and I came back to see her. The first time was after my first year at DSU and I came back to Bismarck to do some shopping and I made plans with A to get something to eat and she goes “meet me at the north Wal-Mart and we’ll go to mine and M’s (her then boyfriend) place and I’ll make us something”. She proceeds to tell me about what she’s making and she used Mexican about 5 times describing this dish. I go “wait, I’m confused. Is this……. Mexican?” She gets excited and goes “YES!” I started laughing and she doesn’t get it. We meet up at Wal-Mart and she goes “I hate you, I figured out why you were laughing”.

My senior year I was hanging out with her and her boyfriend before everyone got there to celebrate the New Year. First New Year’s that a lot of us could legally drink so it was a big deal. She was making mac and cheese with mini wieners and she dropped a wiener on the floor and her boyfriend was giving her crap and I looked at him and go “Haven’t you taught her what to do with a wiener yet?” Inappropriate to say about one of my best friends? Absolutely, but it got M laughing. I think that joke sealed mine and M’s friendship. P.S. They broke up and it was nasty and I somehow get in the middle. I’ve never been in the middle like this. I don’t like it.

Later that night, we’re all standing around the island in the kitchen and if you look straight over in that apartment, you can look into the bathroom at the toilet. I had to blow my nose and I saw that there was Kleenexes on the toilet. I do the practical thing and grab one, turn around and sit down to blow my nose. A does this double take and starts laughing because she thought I was peeing with the door open. Not that kind of girl, I keep my legs closed and I’m the only person that seems me naked.

Well those are some of the great stories from our relationship. Hope you enjoy them immensely.

Story Time 3: College Roommate Edition.


I had this roommate my senior year of college also named Megan. There was also Courtney but she didn’t move in until after this incident. Anyway, the way the apartment was set up was you went down this hallway and her room was on the left, bathroom on the right and my room at the end of the hall. I shared a wall with both her room and the bathroom. Trust me, knowing this makes this story make more sense.

During the December finals, Megan and I were studying in our apartment. I was about done and she had a final at 8 the next morning. Megan gets a text and told me that her and one of her friends were going out to a party and she was going to take a break by having a couple of drinks and then coming home. Like I did every other time this happened I told her to text or call me if she needed me to pick her up. As she’s leaving, I’m thinking “there’s no way I’m seeing her until after her final tomorrow.”

The next morning I wake up and do you remember that wall I shared with the bathroom? I could hear people showering and peeing all the time, it was almost annoying. I looked at the clock and it was like 7:30 and I could hear someone peeing and kind of thought, “hmmmm, that doesn’t sound like a girl peeing.” Being half asleep, I open my door and started to say “Hey Megan, how was the party?”. What came out was “Hey, Me……You are not Megan, sorry” and ran back into my room. Megan had brought back a 6 foot 3, husky black guy. Megan is white and about 5 foot 7, athletic white girl. So I was a little surprised. This guy had been peeing and when I walked out, I had seen his reflection in our mirror and it’s a great thing that the mirror wasn’t full length. Because I don’t want to see anyone’s junk. I should have known by the stream I heard that it was no girl that was peeing. Live and learn right?

So I’m back in my room and I’m collecting myself. Pretty soon, it’s like quarter to 8 and Megan has a final at 8 and we lived a mile away from school and it usually took about 10 minutes to get to school. So I text her asking if she was going to her final and all of a sudden I hear a string of curse words from the next room and then “Let’s go, Slim, I got a final to take hung over”.

I’m in the living room when she gets back and I start laughing and asked how the final went. She ended up taking the final with one eye open. And the guy? Some random guy she brought back. We talk for a while longer and she goes in her room to sleep off her hangover and she comes back out and she goes, “I think I stole this from the party, I know I asked that guy for water in something with a handle and he brought this mug and I think it was at the party” I looked at it and nope, it was my A&W mug. She looks at me, looks at the mug and looks back at me and goes “I’ll clean it for you later”

This is just one of many stories I have with her and some other roommates. I kind of miss having a roommate but it’s not bad living by myself either.

Went to the rodeo last night to get a donation and it was windy and kind of cold because of the wind. I usually love going to a rodeo but last night wasn’t that fun because it was cold and windy and you couldn’t hear the announcers. Anyway, such is life.