I a 20 something year old (okay I’m 27. I’m still at the age where it’s okay for me to reveal my age. When does that start? 30?) female who lives in South Western North Dakota and spent the last school year teaching Conversational English to Hungarian teenagers in Budapest. Before that, I had this problem of getting out of South Western North Dakota. That’s okay, I think. Dang oil activity makes it sketchy. I have a degree in English. The baby of 3 children. Deeply in love with my niece and nephew.

How I got the name of fusteratedreader…I had to do an internship to finish up college and I was bored without my friends (who all went home for the summer or were working 32 miles away in a tourist trap) or homework. So I started a blog. I chose fusteratedreader because I had (and still to this day kind of have) a reputation of being hard to please with a book or piece of literature. So I was frustrated. Then I was thinking and then I was frustrated on not knowing what to read after years of being told what to read. I realize that the title of the blog is spelled wrong. I didn’t realize it at first and now it’s a happy accident.

Blogging has become a happy place for me. It gets everything out of my mind and out into the open. Which is nice since I live alone and I don’t have a roommate to bounce ideas off of and be weird with. I love the blogging community. It’s just a lot of fun for me. The random thing is, I haven’t made the blog known to my family or a lot of my friends. This is something I want to be mine and if my family or some of my friends got the knowledge of it, it wouldn’t be as much fun. Trust me on that. Yup.

Anyway Here’s a little bit about me.

a knitter
a wanna-be crocheter and quilter.
an avid reader
a history lover
a cowboy culture admirer
a little bit awkward
a very amateur musician
someone who knows it’s my purpose to get married and have children

a fan of “The Wizard of Oz”, it kind of creeps me out I have posts about that, go read it.
whore-ish- unless whore-ish means like Betty White, then I totally want to be like her.
a fan of things changing drastically.

Jamie Fraser of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
being random
language, whether the English language (past or present) or non-English language. I speak a little German and a little Spanish and I want to become fluent in both and move to Russian and French. Crazy I know.

books-a first love of mine
real life
my awkwardness because it really is kind of funny.
Not usually about politics or tragedy, though it does seep in at times.

If you want something well written because I have a degree in English……keep waiting.

Hope this gives you an insight.


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  1. You sound like an awesome person! I too am 25. Not my favorite age but at least we’re not technically old yet. I would love to run a museum! I have a history degree, but I feel like no one would hire me based on that. Hmm
    Anyway, thanks for following my blog! Looking forward to your posts 🙂

    • Thanks! You’re right, we’re not too old yet. You could always end up like me and luck out and get a job at a museum. I’m not sure how I got it. Luck I guess. Not problem,you have a great blog

  2. Pingback: “The most awesome thing about being awesome is the aura of awesomeness around you which makes you feel more awesome.” ~Kaushal Rupani | Alicia Benton

  3. It’s not crazy to want to learn languages…! Because if that’s true, I’m nuts as well. I’m currently studying Russian and Polish, and in my humble opinion they’re really cool, so I’ totally recommand them.
    Languages sort of open a new world, don’t they? You can do a lot with English, but knowing more than that can give you a great insight in other things.

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