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I love fall.
I always have.
I always will

It’s not because I liked school, I mean that was a social perk in my life but it wasn’t for school. It was because I think, subconsciously, it was because of my dad.

My dad is a farmer. To people in the city or have no knowledge of farming he’s a rancher but he’s a farmer. Here’s a typical year in my dad’s life.

January-Early February start talking bull sale and have bulls trimmed.
Mid-February to End of March OMG BULL SALE- Sale is at the end of March and there’s a lot that goes into a bull sale.
Middle of March til when we get done calving
Usually April sometimes Seed
Summer Be out in the field for hours on end.
Fall-Harvest and bring home bales
November & December my dad’s more available for his favorite youngest daughter. Oh, wait, that’s me!

So this is the time where we can see the light of the end of harvest. Dad will start to be home more soon.

Now that I’m on my own, things are a little different and I still love fall. I mean it’s great to see my dad when I go home and not him sleeping or go out to the field and see him (though I do love going to the field, what can I say, I’m a farm kid). I love the weather. Being a NoDaker, I love me some nice, crisp, cool days.

Fall also means college basketball is on the way. WOOT WOOT! I love college basketball.

So therefore fall is me being happy.


Full Circle


So I have started the last Harry Potter book. I started the series when the first book was published. I find it kind of a funny story. I had bought the book because I thought it looked interesting. Yes, I bought my own books by the time I was 12, I always got money for birthdays and Christmas’ so I could spend it how I pleased or put it in savings. I was an independent, stubborn child.

So I read this book that I hadn’t heard of before and I really liked it.

Little did I know, right?

Saw the first movie when it was in theaters. It was in a small town theater so it was dirt cheap.

Now the last movie is out and I realize that I haven’t read the last book. I then realize that it’s been probably since my junior year of high school since I’ve read Harry Potter. I’ve been out of high school for a little over 5 years now if that gives you any indication on how long that is. I think that I just outgrew them. I know that’s kind of blasphemy but there’s just things that you outgrow. You can grow out of books.

I read the last book. It was good but my tastes have definitely changed. The movie theater that I help out at just had the movie for 2 weeks and because I get in for free and I get to stay when I work I’ve seen the movie about 3 times or so. By the time I got to the last time (last night) I was kind of bored with but I’m glad that this came full circle for me. Was well written and well directed. End of story.